Top 10 Best Indian Web Series To Watch In 2020 ( Updated)

As the entertainment industry is emerging with time, Indian web series has surely become one of the most alluring modes of pass time. Indian Entertainment Industry has come up with some of the best Indian web series that have been watched and rewatched by people of age groups. Thanks to the cheap internet!

In fact, there is something new and refreshing about these short series that makes it prominent for viewers. Be it romance, thriller, or horror, the diversity of these series is surely a treat for many. Thus, if you are recently bored with binging movies and want something short yet entertaining, then plunge into this list of 13 best Indian web series that is ruling the internet at present. So, without any further adieu let’s take a quick look into it.

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While the list focuses on different genres and styles, each of them is quite loved by the viewers, regardless of their area of interest. Here’s what the top 10 web series list includes

  1. Kota Factory
  2. Sacred Games
  3. TVF Pitchers
  4. Mirzapur
  5. Inside Edge
  6. Little Things
  7. Permanent Roommates
  8. The Family Man
  9. TVF Triplings
  10.  Hostel Daze

#1 Kota Factory

Kota factory-top 10 web series
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One of the finest upshots of TVF, Kota Factory focuses on a 16-year-old teenager, Vaibhav who arrives in Kota to take preparation for IIT exams. The series solely focuses on students’ life, his struggles, his ambitions and passion towards his dream.

Likewise, the leads of the series like Jeetu Bhaiya, have been loved by the viewers for its realistic character portrayal. Even the soundtracks were considered soothing and catchy by the viewers. Thus, without any doubt, Kota Factory should top your list of best web series Hindi to binge-watch this weekend.

Total No. Of Seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 9.2/10

Directed by: Raghav Subbu

#2 Sacred Games

best web series hindi-Sacred Games
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“Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai apun hi Bhagwan hai”

Who doesn’t know this line?

This Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Saif Ali Khan starrer have certainly changed the meaning of web series India. The Indian youth demanded something different and they delivered the same. Basically, the series focuses on the lives of inspector Sartaj Singh (played by Saif Ali Khan) and Gangster Gaitonde (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui). It is a mix and match of emotions, violence, and friendship with a notion of authenticity. Thus, the series is included under the top 10 web series to binge.

Total No. Of Seasons: 2

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10

Directed by: Anurag Kashyap, Neeraj Ghaywan, Vikramaditya Motwane

#3 TVF Pitchers

top web series -TVF Pitchers
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Yes, another TVF masterpiece. Well, you are going to see a lot of it here. This TVF series was surely way ahead of its times. Many compare it with the classic show Silicon Valley for its realistic and raw content. The story centres on 4 entrepreneurs Naveen Bansal, Yogendra Kumar, Saurabh Mandal, and Jitendra Maheshwari, who quit their jobs to join the startup industry. While the journey holds a lot of topsy-turvy, it’s a must-watch in the category of best Hindi web series.

Total No. Of Seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 9.2/10

Directed By: Amit Golani

#4 Mirzapur

Considered as one of the best Indian web series currently, this classic from Amazon prime Video has been cherished for its refreshing characters and their portrayals. The story features Guddu and Bablu, who become criminals to seek revenge from Kaleen Bhaiya and Munna for killing their loved ones. All the characters are profoundly loved by the viewers and the actors have done justice to their roles. The classic is categorized as one of the best web series to watch currently.

Total No. Of Seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 8.7/10

Directed by: Karan Anshuman, Gurmmeet Singh

#5 Inside Edge

Inside Edge focuses on the T20 cricket team called Mumbai Mavericks playing in Powerplay League that undergoes a 2-year ban for match-fixing and unlawful betting. The story features dedication with lots of twists and turns to keep yourself hooked to your places. All the characters are powerful and impressive in their respective domains.

Total No. Of Seasons: 2

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Directed by: Karan Anshuman

#6 Little Things

If you are in a mood to feel lovey-dovey lately, then Little things should be in your binge list for sure. The series features a couple, Dhruv and Kavya, who is in a live-in relationship. It is a fusion of love, responsibilities, problems in a relationship and the way the duo deals with them. Little things have got a lot of support and appreciation for the two leads and their performance. Thus, the series returned recently with a season 2 on Netflix.

Total No. Of Seasons: 2

IMDB Rating: 8.7/10

Directed by:  Ajay Bhuyan, Ruchir Arun

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#7 Permanent Roommates

Yet another TVF classic, Permanent Roommates have stolen our hearts for an oh-so-cute duo Mikesh and Tanya. The top web series is considered as one of the most popular and well-accepted among viewers for its rom-com impression. It centres the long-distance turned live-in relationship of Mikesh and Tanya, who checks if they are just as incredible after the swap. You can surely add this to your list of best web series to watch this weekend.

Total No. Of Seasons: 2

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10

Directed by: Sameer Saxena, Deepak Kumar Mishra

#8 The Family Man

Starring  Manoj “Srikant Tiwari” Bajpayee, as the head of an undercover anti-terrorism agency, the family man is one of the best Hindi web series by Amazon Prime that has been well received by the viewers for its originality and innovation. The story focuses on Srikant who is a married middle-class man and works for the National Investigation Agency. His life embraces a chaotic blend of work, family, and marriage. Manoj Bajpayee in the lead has done absolute justice to the role. There is no doubt that this should be included in your watchlist of top 10 web series for a binge-watch.

Total No. Of Seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

Directed by: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K

#9 TVF Triplings

Triplings is a top web series that concentrates on three siblings that go off on a road trip to pay a visit to their parents. The series centres on emotions, sibling bonds, and uniqueness to deliver a different yet astounding classic. All the leads have played their role realistically and they have been certainly praised by the audience for the same. If you want something refreshing to add in your watchlist, TVF Triplings should definitely be on the list.

Total No. Of Seasons: 2

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

Directed by:

#10 Hostel Daze


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Number 10 in the list of top 10 web series is Hostel Daze. Created by Amazon Prime Video, Hostel Daze focuses on the hostel life of 4 engineering students and the chaotic events that take place inside it. The series features college life and dating as well. Viewers watched it for the fortunate representation of their engineering days and thus it has surely been watched for its authenticity and fun factor. Find out what happens in the life of the four when they take a rollercoaster ride of the campus.

Total No. Of Seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10

Directed by: Raghav Subbu

Bonus( Best Web Series Hindi)

#11 Flames

Presented by the Timeliners, Flames is one of the best web series Hindi that is centred on teenage romance. It’s a story of a topper Rajat who falls for Ishita, a new tuition girl. The series can be quite promising and would surely give you a throwback to your teen days. While the audience has gone gaga over the duo, we heart the chemistry between them as well. Add it to your watchlist so that you can get those butterflies in the stomach like old times.

Total No. Of Seasons: 2

IMDB Rating: 9.3/10

Directed by: Apoorv Singh Karki

#12 Made In Heaven

Now, this is something a bit different from the ones mentioned here. Made in Heaven is a top web series that concentrates on the lives of Tara and Karan, a Delhi-based wedding planner duo. Plunge into their lives where tradition meets modernization to present the reality of weddings. The series has been praised for its realistic and authentic representation and considered as one of the best Indian web series at present.

Total No. Of Seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Directed by: Nitya Mehra Zoya Akhtar Prashant Nair Alankrita Shrivastava

#13 Bang Baaja Baaraat

If you have watched the violent side of Ali Fazal, then soothe your eyes with his charming side in one of the best Indian web series. Bang Baaja Baaraat is a story of two people from different backgrounds who fall in love and inform their family three days before getting married. This web series India is surely a treat to the eyes of viewers and has gained a lot of fan following for its unique yet fun story.

Total No. Of Seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 8/10

Directed by: Anand Tiwari 

Final thoughts about Best Indian Web Series/ Top 10 Web Series

So, these were some of the best Indian web series that have vowed the Indian audience with their originality and innovation. No matter what you choose, each one of the stated above can rock your weekend with different emotions and sentiments. Thus, grab a bowl of popcorn and your cosy spot with any of the above and have a chilled weekend.

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