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List of Shows broadcast by Star Maa

Star Maa is one of India’s popular and high TRP-rated Telugu entertainment channels. The channel was launched as Maa TV in April 2002 by The Walt Disney Company India. In 2017 Maa TV was rebranded as Star Maa. One can watch popular reality shows, serials, entertainment, comedy, and family drama programs in Telugu languages on this channel. Star Maa shows like Guppedantha Manasu, Intinti Gruhalakshmi, and Janaki Kalaganaledu were highly appreciated by the audiences. This article has prepared a complete list of Star Maa’s current serials, former broadcasts, and upcoming programs. So know your favorite Star Maa serial Timing and don’t miss a single episode. 

Star Maa Current Schedule

TimingShow NameShow DaysFirst Episode Date
12:00 pm-12:30 pmPaape Maa JeevanajyothiMonday to Saturday26 April 2021
12:30 pm-01:00 pmGuppedantha ManasuMonday to Saturday7 December 2020
01:00 pm-01:30 pmMaguva O MaguvaMonday to Saturday19 February 2024
01:30 pm-02:00 pmPaluke BangaramayenaMonday to Saturday21 August 2023
02:00 pm-02:30 pmMadhura NagariloMonday to Saturday14 March 2023
02:30 pm-03:00 pmVantalakkaMonday to Saturday6 June 2022
03:00 pm-03:30 pmKumkuma PuvvuMonday to Saturday18 July 2016
03:30 pm-04:00 pmMalliMonday to Saturday28 February 2022
06:00 pm-06:30 pmEto Vellipoindi ManasuMonday to Saturday22 January 2024
06:30 pm-07:00 pmMaamagaruMonday to Saturday11 September 2023
07:00 pm-07:30 pmNuvvu Nenu PremaMonday to Saturday16 May 2022
07:30 pm-08:00 pmBrahmamudiMonday to Saturday24 January 2023
08:00 pm-08:30 pmNaga PanchamiMonday to Saturday27 March 2023
08:30 pm-09:00 pmKrishna Mukunda MurariMonday to Saturday7 November 2022
09:00 pm-09:30 pmGundeninda GudigantaluMonday to Friday2 October 2023
09:30 pm-10:00 pmSatyabhamaMonday to Friday18 December 2023
10:00 pm-10:30 pmOorvasivo RakshasivoMonday to Friday18 December 2023
09:00 pm-10:30 pmSuper SingerSaturday & Sunday16 December 2023

Star Maa Current TV Shows with Synopsis 2024

Here’s detailed information about Star Maa’s new serials in 2024. So, go through them and watch your favorite serials, and shows, as per your time. 

Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Seethakanth, Raksha Nimbargi

Director: Not Known

Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu is a Star Maa new serial that starts with Seetakant, a businessman in his 40s. He doesn’t like women. All the women in the office are afraid of him. But they want a young girl of today’s generation will come into his life and show love to this Seetakant. Will that little girl come into Seetakant’s life?


Genre: Drama, Family

Star Cast: Suhasini, Darshan K Raju, Kiran Mai, and Raghava P Venkat

Director: Not Known

The story revolves around Ganga, a confident, educated middle-class girl with many dreams. She wants to support her parents after marriage but faces challenges from her miserly, patriarchal mamagaru (father-in-law) Chengayya.

Nuvvu Nennu Prema

Genre: Romantic Family Drama

Star Cast: Pavithra B Naik, Swaminathan Anantharaman, Madhubala Vijaykumar

Director: Rajeev K Prasad

This Star Maa new show is the story of a girl who wants to enjoy her life. On the other hand, a boy just wants to earn money at any cost. What will happen when they cross each other’s path? 


Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Maanas Nagulapalli, Deepika Rangaraju, Srikar Krishna, Kiran Kanth, Hamida Khatoon

Director:  Yet to Update

This serial is the official remake of the Bengali serial Gaatchora.  The show opens on the occasion of Bengal’s famous Jagatdhatri Puja. This year, the responsibility for the whole decoration of the Puja has been given to the second daughter. They are three sisters, living with their parents.

Naga Panchami

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Darshini Gowda, Prithvi Prince Shetty, Meka Rama, Krishna, Priyanka Shivanna

Director: Yet to Update

Naga Panchami is the story of a girl named Radha who forgets grudges and spreads love. She saves the snakes from being killed. Stay tuned to the Star Maa channel to watch all episodes of the serial.

Krishna Mukunda Murari

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Yashmi Gowda, Prerana Kambam, Gagan Chinnappa

Director: Yet to Update

The plot of the Star Maa TV series revolves around IPS Murari marrying Krishna, an aspiring doctor. He is in love with his senior doctor. Now, what will happen when his first love Mukunda comes their way? 

Gundeninda Gudigantalu

Genre: Romance, Drama, Family

Star Cast: Vishnukanth, Amulya Gowda

Director: Jai R V

The Star Maa show centers on the unexpected marriage of Meena, the eldest daughter of a lower-class family, and Balu, an eccentric taxi driver struggling with alcoholism. They slowly understand each other. Their journey to self-improvement and togetherness, despite external pressures, is a testament to the enduring power of love.


Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Debjani Modak, Niranjan BS, Keerthi Jai Dhanush

Director: Not Known

The Star Maa new serial starts with a boy who pulls his friend Chunni into college. The heroine breaks his cheek and says If another donkey like you behaves like this with your sister or your sister, can you tolerate it? 

Oorvasivo Rakshasivo

Genre: Drama, Romance

Star Cast: Ayesha Zeenath, Pragathi Mahavadi, Vinay Sindya

Director: Not Known

The Oorvasivo Rakshasivo serial starts in a Yort. In the meantime, one boy sees Durga and tries to get closer to her. However, there are many twists in the story. To find out, stay tuned to the Star Maa channel.

Paape Maa Jeevanajyothi

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Jyothi, Priyatham, Sahasra, Preeti Nigam, JL Srinivas

Director: V Madhav, Vasavi Kanth

The plot of the serial revolves around a mother Jyothi, and her daughter, Jeevana. When Jeevana was just 2 years old, she got kidnapped and raised by Mallika with a new name Kutti. Later Mallika passes away due to cancer and tells the truth to Kutti about her birth mother.

Guppedantha Manasu

Genre: Drama, Family, Romance

Star Cast: Mukesh Gowda, Raksha Gowda, Sai Kiran, Jyothi Rai, Madhavi Vootla

Director: Kapuganti Rajendra, Anil Anand,  Kumar Pantham

Guppedantha Manasu is one of the most popular Star Maa TV shows and starts with a young, brilliant, and dynamic Managing Director and Professor at a college Rishendra. His childhood love Jagathi left him in childhood to make a career. They met after years of separation. What will happen then?

Yeda Loyallo Indradanussu

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Swathy Nithyanand, Ek Nadh Paruchuri

Director: Not Known

The Star Maa show starts with a Telugu medium teacher who gets a job opportunity in an English media school. The remaining story shows her struggle in that English medium school. 

Paluke Bangaramayana

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Nikhil Nair, Sandhya Ramachandran, Baby Sridevi, Shwetha B

Director: Not Known

The plot of the Star Maa serial revolves around a girl named Swaragini who completely loses her confidence. One day, a man named Abhishek enters her life and encourages her to achieve her goals. 

Madhura Nagarilo

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Keerthi Keshav Bhat, Jabardasth Sathipandu, Gajuwaka Venu Kshatriya, Ankita Amar

Director: Yet to Update

Madhura Nagarilo serial showcases the love story between a famous rockstar, Rudraksh Khurana, and a gynaecologist, Dr Preesha Srinivasan who fall in love after raising their respective siblings’ son together.


Genre: Romantic Drama

Star Cast: Dhiraviam Rajakumaran, Shirin Sree, Nizhalgal Ravi, Mounika

Director: Lakshmi Dinesh Painuru

Murali is a Kind-Hearted Man, the owner of a mic shop. He falls in love with a beautiful girl Mahalakxmi, who belongs to a Rich family. Fate got them together then they fell in love with each other. For love, Mahalakxmi trimmed all her connections with her family and stayed with her husband, Murali. They encounter various problems in their relationship and how to overcome the situation.

Kumkuma Puvvu

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Haritha Thota, Princy B Krishnan, Vaishu Sundar / Akshita Satyanarayan,  Tanishka

Director: Ashok Rao B

Kumkuma Puvvu is one of the longest-running Star Maa shows. It’s the story of Jayanthi and her illegitimate daughter Amrutha. They were separated at Amrutha’s birth, with Jayanthi misled into believing her daughter had died while the girl is raised by a butcher, Manikyam, who treats her unkindly.

Malli Nindu Jabili

Genre: Family Drama

Star Cast: Pawon Sae, Bhavana Lasya, Deepa Jagadish, Jayasri Raj, Nanda Kishore

Director: R K Malineni

Aravind is a young journalist who is in love with a simple tribal love girl named Malli. After 7 years of relationship, Aravind decided to wed Malini. What will happen then? To know that watch all episodes of the Star Maa serial. 

Renuka Yellamma

Genre: Mythological Drama

Star Cast: Sharvari, Chandrakala Mohan, Tarak Ponnappa, Tejaswini Shekar, Laksha Shetty

Director: Yet to Update

Centuries ago, the earth was facing the anger of the devil Karthavereya Arjuna. When the Sudarshan Chakra was filled with ego, Lord Sri Vishnu swore to him to take birth as a human being on the earth, saying I will be your end. From there, this story begins. Sudarshana Chakra takes rebirth in the form of Kartaviryarjuna in Bhuloka. And for Sri Vishnu God, Parvathy rebirth as Renuka, the daughter of Renu Maharaja.

Aadivaram with Star Maa Parivaram – Star Wars

Genre: Reality, Celebrities, Comedy, Casual Viewing

Host: Sreemukhi

It’s a Star Maa Musical game show where your favorite Maa families play musical games and challenge each other for cash prizes. 

Super Singer

Genre: Reality, Musical

Host: Sreemukhi

Judges: Shwetha Mohan, Rahul Sipligunj, Mangli, Anantha Siram

It’s a Star Maa singing reality show where the hosts and judges are in search of the next singing sensation. 

Star Maa Previously Broadcasted Shows with Cast

Drama Series

YearShow NameGenreMain CastAvailability
2002Athagaru Kotha Kodalu
2003Yevarigola Vaaride
2004-2007DeivamDramaNishma Chengappa, Uma Maheshwari, Jay Srinivas Kumar, Devi Teju, Gayathri PriyaYouTube
2006-2008Radha MadhuDramaKalyan Prasad Thoram, Mounika, Alapati Lakshmi, Radha Kumari
2006-2007Sambarala RambabuFamily, RomanceChalam, Sharada, S. V. Ranga Rao, Gummadi, Chandra Mohan,Relangi
2007-2008Ammamma.comComedyJayalalitha, Ravi Kiran, Arun Kumar, Sridhar, Shiva Narayana, Rajini
2007-2008Narada LeelaluDrama
2007-2008YuvaSoap OperaMonali, Vishwa, Karuna, Vasu, Krishnudu, and Rashmi. Sabiha
2007-2008Maro ChanakyuduSoap Opera
2007-2008Puttaadi BommaDramaAruna Mucherla, Suthi Veerabhadra Rao, Suthi-Veerabhadra-Rao, Nidhi Alias SrinidhiYouTube
2007RamayanamEpicSivaji Raja, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Vasu Inturi, Sivannarayana Naripeddi, JhansiYouTube
2007-2008Swamiye Saranam AyyappaDrama, MythologyKaushik Babu, Devan, Aishwariyaa Bhaskaran,Sukanya, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy
2008Jeevana TarangaluDramaDisney Plus Hotstar
2009Shri Shrimathi KalyanamSoap operaMeena, Yuvarani, Saakshi Siva, Sindhu Shyam, Delhi Kumar
2009-2017Chinnari PellikuthuruSoap operaSuraj Kumar Jha, Siddharth Sengupta, Usha Dixit, Shailesh Pandey, Purnendu Shekhar
2010ArundathiDramaSurya Teja, Shwetha Chengappa
2010Mr. Mallanna
2010-2011Rani Gaari KathaSoap operaKrishna Kumari, Naga Chaitanya
2010-2011SindhuramSoap operaManish Khanna, Rose Khan, Sonali Joshi,Jaanvi Sangwan, Kajal ChauhanYouTube
2010-2012AttarilluSoap operaMuskaan Uppal, Shyam Mashalkar, Karan Thakur, Shruti Bapna, Jayati Bhatia
2010-2012Vasantha KokilaDramaMahhi Vij , Mishal Raheja/ Shabbir Ahluwalia, Swati Chitnis , Chinmayee SurveYouTube
2010-2011AmruthamSitcomGiri Babu, Nidhi Alias Srinidhi, Raja Ravindra, Prabhakar Podakandla, Sameera Sherief, Selva Raj
2010Edi NijamHorror
2011-2013Anna ChellaluDramaAayam Mehta, Tarun Anand, Yash Dasgupta, Winy Tripathi, Sonal Jha
2011-2012EdureethaSitcomGangaraju Gunnam, Ramesh Prayaga, Surya Teja, Sindhura, Shiva ParvathiYouTube
2011Maa Pasalapudi KathaluDramaChinnikrishna Mahapatro, Vamsi Paidipally, Surya Teja, Anjana Sowmya
2011Pelli PandiriDramaKalyan Prasad, Uday Bhaskar, Prabhakar, Niharika,YouTube
Crime Fiction
Shivaji Satam, Dinesh Phadnis, Ashutosh Gowariker, Dayanand Shetty, Narendra GuptaYouTube, Sony LIV
2011Ganesh VasanthDrama
2011-2013Naadhi AadajanmeDramaGiaa Manek, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rucha Hasabnis, Rupal Patel, Mohammad Nazim
2011Seethakoka ChilukaSoap opera
2011Sri Shanidevuni MahimaluSoap operaDaya Shankar Pandey, Ratan Rangwani, S Kumar Bhagat, Archana Taide
2011Adagaka Ichina ManasuDramaJyothi, Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, Gangaraju Gunnam,Shirisha,Uday Bhaskar
2012-2015KanchanagangaDramaPrithvi, Kalyan Prasad, Chaya Singh, Preethi Nigam, Manjula Paritala
2012-2013AbhinandanaSoap operaTasneem Mehta, Sandeep Bhatt, Madhura Rapsang, Vikas Tiwari, Anil Nagpal
2012-2014Chigurakulalo ChilakammaShraddha Musale, Suzanne Bernert, Krystle D Souza, Manasvi Vyas, Indu Verma.
2012-2013Choopulu Kalisina SubhavelaDramaAshok Saroj, Sabiir Ali, Lalit Mohan, Hrishikesh Gandhi, Gul Khan
2012-2015Hara Hara MahadevaMythologyMohit Raina , Mouni Roy, Sonarika Bhadoria /Puja Banerjee / Suhasi Goradia DhamiYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2012-2018Kodala Kodala Koduku PellamaSoap operaAshish Vidyarthi, Bharatwaj, Sammeta Gandhi, Raksha Holla, Shravani DivyaDisney Plus Hotstar
2012-2016Pellante Noorella PantaSoap operaHina Khan, Karan Mehra, Vishal Singh, Shivangi Joshi, Ashnoor KaurDisney Plus Hotstar
2013-2017Ashta ChammaDramaMadhusudan, G S Hari, Anchor Mrudula,Kalyan Prasad,Chaitra RaiDisney Plus Hotstar
2013-2015Puttinti PattucheeraDramaVikram Singh Chauhan, Shivani Surve, Shashank Vyas, Vineet Kumar, Shilpa Tulaskar, Smita BansalDisney Plus Hotstar
2013-2016Sasirekha ParinayamDramaMeghana Lokesh, Pratap, Priya, MaheswariDisney Plus Hotstar
2013-2017Eetaram IllaluDramaDeepika Singh , Anas Rashid, Neelu Vaghela, Ashok Lokhande ,Rakesh KukretiDisney Plus Hotstar
2013-2015MahabharathamEpicSaurabh Raaj Jain , Shaheer Sheikh , Pooja Sharma, Aham Sharma , Arpit RankaYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2013NannaDramedyNutan Prasad, Master Vamsi Mohan, Naveen, Anitha Chowdary, Preeti Amin/SwathiYouTube
2014-2017RamulammaDramaShirisha, K. SreevaniDisney Plus Hotstar
2014-2016SeethamaalakshmiSoap operaNagendra Babu, Chakri, P. L. Narayana, Hari,Sakshi Ranga RaoDisney Plus Hotstar
2015Seethakoka Chilaka
2015-2016Manasupalike MounageethamDrama, RomanceDivyanka Tripathi Dahiya, Karan Patel , Aditi Bhatia , Ruhanika Dhawan , Abhishek Verma
2016-2020KoilammaDrama, RomanceTejaswini Gowda, Maanas Nagulapalli, Sai Kiran, LahariDisney Plus Hotstar
2016-2017KongumudiDrama, RomanceDisney Plus Hotstar
2016-2020Lakshmi KalyanamDrama, RomanceDeepika, Sathiya Sai, Yuvarani, Ashwin Kumar , Shyam,KumaresanYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2016-2017MalleswariDramedyShambhavy Gurumoorthy, Meena KumariDisney Plus Hotstar
2016-2017Raaja RaniDramaAlya Manasa, Sanjeev , Sridevi Ashok , Auditor Sridhar , Rajya LakshmiYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2016Thali Kattu SubhavelaDramaDisney Plus Hotstar
2016-2017Janaki RamuduMythology, RamayanaVaishnavi Gowda, Vijay Suriya, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Rajesh Dhruva, Aishwarya SalimathDisney Plus Hotstar
2016-2017Kodalu Diddina KapuramSoap operaKrutika Desai Khan, Karam Rajpal , Ekta Kaul , Suchita Trivedi , Ananya KhareDisney Plus Hotstar
2016-2017Maa Inti MahalakshmiMythology,Shraddha Arya, Sudeep Sahir, Aadesh Chaudhary, Nisha Rawal, Abhishek Tiwari/Anuj ThakurYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2016PremayuddhamDrama, Romance, ComedyNakuul Mehta , Surbhi Chandna, Kunal Jaisingh, Shrenu Parikh,Leenesh Mattoo
2016-2017Ye Maaya ChesaveDramaVikram Singh Chauhan, Shivani Surve, Shashank Vyas, Vineet Kumar, Shilpa Tulaskar, Smita BansalDisney Plus Hotstar
2017-2020AgnisakshiDramaVaishnavi Gowda, Vijay Suriya, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Rajesh Dhruva, Aishwarya SalimathDisney Plus Hotstar
2017-2023Karthika DeepamDramaPavan Siddartha, Gagana Reddy, Shoba Shetty, Sowjanya Gandi, Archana AnanthDisney Plus Hotstar
2017Kutumba GauravamDramaN. T. Rama Rao, Savitri , Rajanala , Padmanabham, VangaraDisney Plus Hotstar
2017Naanaku PremathoDramaRajeev RavichandraDisney Plus Hotstar
2017Ok JaanuRomantic, ComedySiddharth Varma Adduri, Krutika Singh Rathore, Priya, Sri Lakshmi, LathaDisney Plus Hotstar
2017-2018Pavitra BandhamRomantic, ComedyShalini Arora, Shailley Kaushik, Yamini Thakur, Hritu Dudani, Latha RaoYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2017-2018SundarakandaSoap operaSimran , Sujitha , Rishi / Sai Kiran, Manjula VijayakumarYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2017ThulasidhalamSoap operaDisney Plus Hotstar
2017-2018Uyyala JampalaRomantic, ComedyKajal Aggarwal, Raashi Khanna, Rakul Preet Singh, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada
2017ChandrakanthaSoap operaKritika Kamra , Gaurav Khanna, Sudesh Berry, Ankit Arora ,Iris MaityYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2017DurgaDramaAli Raza Namdar, Vinny Arora, Sidharth Malhotra, Bhuvnesh Mann, Diyali ChauhanYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2017Kundanapu BommaSoap operaRajshri Rani, Sahil Mehta , Neha Yadav , Ankur Verma, Srishti JainDisney Plus Hotstar
2018-2019BharyaSoap operaSonu Satheesh Kumar / Mridula Vijay, Sajan Surya, Arun G Raghavan, Ronson Vincent / Ashwanth ThilakDisney Plus Hotstar
2018-2019JyothiRomantic, ComedyDisney Plus Hotstar
2018-2019Kante Koothurne KanaliDramaChandramouli Miryala, RK Malineni,Meenakshi Bhujang, Pawan Kumar, Selva RajDisney Plus Hotstar
2018-2020Kathalo Rajakumari
Madhusudhan, Ashika Gopal Padukone, Anusha Reddy, Anil Allam , NiharikaDisney Plus Hotstar
Disney Plus Hotstar
2018-2019Manasuna Manasai
Vasireddy Rajesh, SR Shekhar, Tejas Gowda, Madhumitha H. Madhumitha, Anvesh CheboluYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
Priyanka Jain, Baby Sahruda , Shivakumar Marihal, Anil Allam ,Sakshi ShivaYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2018Neeli Kalavalu
Disney Plus Hotstar
2018-2019ShambhaviDramaDisney Plus Hotstar
2018-2019AvekalluSupernatural, Thriller, Drama, RomanceMonalisa, Niyati Fatnani, Harsh Rajput, Ritu Chaudhary, Sumit KaulDisney Plus Hotstar
2018-2019Geetha GovindamRomance, DramaAvinash Sachdev , Shrenu Parikh, Manish Wadhwa, Geetanjali Tikekar , Samir SharmaYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2018Kaala Bhairava RahasyamThrillerRahul Sharma, Sargun Kaur Luthra, Chhavi Pandey, Puja Joshi, Mohammed Iqbal KhanYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2018Sri Subrahmanya CharithamMythologyMaster Anirudh, Pavan Madhukar , Sasindhar Pushpalingam , Priya Prince, Raksha HollaDisney Plus Hotstar
2019-2021Aame KathaDramaSirisha Sougandh, Navya Swamy, Ravi Krishna, Meghana Kushi, Chalapathi RaoDisney Plus Hotstar
2019-2021Bangaru PanjaramThrillerLikhita Murthy, Satya Galidevara, Durga Gadhe, Krushna Reddy, Selva RajDisney Plus Hotstar
2019-2021GorintakuDramaActress Kavyashree, Rithu Chowdary, Nikhil Maliyakkal, Lohith Kumar, Sameera Sherief, Anju AsraniYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2019Kanulu Moosina NeevayeDramaSankarabharanam Rajyalakshmi, Subhalekha SudhakarDisney Plus Hotstar
2019-2022Manasichi ChooduDrama, RomanceKeerthi Bhat, Mahesh Babu Kalidasu, Maanas Nagulapalli, Chatrapathi Sekhar, SrinivasDisney Plus Hotstar
2019-2021Savitramma Gari AbbayiDramaChandan Kumar, Baladitya, Ayesha, Nisha Shashidhar, Haritha
2019-2020Siri Siri MuvvaluDramaMarina Abraham, Vamsee Aloor, SanaDisney Plus Hotstar
2019-2022VadinammaDramaSujitha Dhanush, Prabhakar, Sravan Rajesh Dutta, Maheshwari, RajDisney Plus Hotstar
2019Radha KrishnaMythologySumedh Mudgalkar, Mallika Singh, Himanshu Soni, Shivya Pathania, Tarun KhannaYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2020-2022Chelleli KapuramDramaSirisha, Madhusudhan, Jaya Harika, Naveena , Sri PriyaDisney Plus Hotstar
2020Chitti TalliFamilyAahana Barfi, Suraj Holalu, Baswaraj, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Karuna BhushanDisney Plus Hotstar
2020-2022Devatha – Anubandhala AlayamDramaArjun Ambati, Vyshnavee Rami Reddy, SuhasiniDisney Plus Hotstar
2020House of HungamaSitcomSuma Kanakala, Sruthi , Hemanth, Raghava, Udaya SreeDisney Plus Hotstar
2020-2022KasthuriSoap operaEaswari Rao/ Niya, Jayakrishnan , Swapna Treasa / Kavitha SolairajanDisney Plus Hotstar
2020-2021Neevalle NeevalleDramaVinay Rai, Sadha, Tanishaa Mukerji, Raju Sundaram, KrishDisney Plus Hotstar
2020Daiva Shree GanpatiMythologyAdwait Kulkarni , Ajinkya Thakur, Bhagyashree Mote , Pankaj Vishnu, Divesh MedgeDisney Plus Hotstar
2020-2021Jin MayajalamDrama, Fantasy, RomanceVikram Singh Chauhan, Aditi Sharma , Shehzada Dhami , Shruti Sharma , Smita BansalDisney Plus Hotstar
2020-2021Mahalo KokilaSoap opera, FamilyMonisha Arshak, Surya Darshan, Pragathi, Neelima Rani, Gayathri YuvraajDisney Plus Hotstar
2020-2021Manasu Mata VinadhuSoap operaSharanya Turadi , Amit Bhargav , Nisha Krishnan , Ashwanth Thilak, Anuradha
2020-2021Shree KrishnaMythologySarvadaman D. Banerjee, Swapnil Joshi, Ashok Kumar Balkrishnan, Deepak Deulkar, Pinky ParikhYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2021Ammaku Teliyani KoilammaDrama, Crime, ThrillerKavya Shree, Nikhil Maliyakkal, Manju Bhargavi, Ashwini Gowda, Rachana GowdaYouTube, Disney Plus Hotstar
2021RudramadeviHistoricalAnanya Dwivedi , Anand , Rathi Arumugam, Amrita Gowri Raj ,Sridhar Rao
2021-2022Srimathi SrinivasDramaAshwin, Chandan Kumar, Ankita Amar, Sri Charan, Usha SriDisney Plus Hotstar
2022Rakhi PoornimaDramaLikitha Murthy, Madhu Babu, Suraj LokreDisney Plus Hotstar
2022-2023Chirugali VecheneAction, Drama, Romance, ThrillerPavithra Janani, Vinoth Babu, Sudar Sam, Shaurya Shashank Ramesh, Supergood KannanDisney Plus Hotstar
2022-2023Pallakilo PellikuthuruFamily DramaSravan Kumar, Aditi Tripathi, Manjula Paritala, Devgudi sri Prasanthi, Vijaya KumariDisney Plus Hotstar
2022-2023Avunu Valliddaru Ishta PaddaruDramaShreya Rani Reddy, Vasanthi Krishnan, Siddhardh VarmaDisney Plus Hotstar

Reality/ Non-Fiction Shows

Show NameGenreWinnerRunner Up
50-50 It’s My Game ShowGame show
70MM Movie MastersMovie-based quiz show
100% Luck
AashaAIDS awareness program
Airtel Brain of AndhraGame show
Airtel LakshadhikariHousie show
Ali TalkiesFilm-based talk show
Andamaina Jeevitam(1-2)Talk show
Atha KodalluFocusing on a very curious relation
Bethala KathaluAnchor based programme
Bhale Chance Le (Season 1)Traditional Snake and Ladders game
Bhale Chance Le (Season 2)Traditional Snake and Ladders game
Bigg Boss 1Game showSiva Balaji
Bigg Boss 2Game showKaushal MandaGeetha Madhuri
Bigg Boss 3Game showRahul SipligunjSreemukhi
Bigg Boss 4Game showAbijeet DuddalaAkhil Sarthak
Bigg Boss 5Game showVJ SunnyShanmukh Jaswanth
Bigg Boss 6Game showSrihan and L. V. RevanthShrihan
Cera Comedy ShowComedy show
ChallengeDance reality show
ColorsAnchor based program
Comedy Stars (Seasons 1, 2, & 3)Comedy show
Dancee PlusDance reality showSanket SahadevTejaswini and Maheswari
Dum Dum Diga DigaDance reality show
Dupes Babio DupesAnchor introduces dupes
F3 (2019)
Ishmart Jodi (Seasons 1 and 2)Reality
Lady boss
Love U ZindagiTalk show
Maa MahalakshmiGame show
Maa PunyakshetraluProgram about the holy temples in the state of A.P
Maa TalkiesComedy talk show
Maa Voori VantaCookery show
Mana Gramadevathalu
Mana Punya Kshetralu
Mast JabardasthSong based program
Mathuga GammathugaAnchor based show
Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu (Seasons 1–3)Game show
Modern MahalakshmiWomen Game Show
Moguds PellamsGame show
Neethone DanceDance show
Nee Kongu Bangaram Ganu
Nede Choodandi
PadalavayondiMusic reality show
Pandaga ChesukoComedy show
Pelli Choopulu
PellipustakamCelebrity couples talk show
Rangam (Season 1 and 2)Dance reality show
Rela Re Rela (Seasons 1–3)music talent show
Reserve Gear Raju
SanjeeviniHealth Program
Saundarya RekhaPrivate slot on beauty tips
Songu Bhala
Sreerastu Shubhamastu
Star Maa Paarivar league (Season 1–3)
Start Music (Season 1, 2, 3 & 4)Music
Sixth Sense (Seasons 1–4)Reality game
Samsaram Oka Chadarangam(Seasons 1–8)
Sell me the Answer
Super Singer (Seasons 1–10)Season 1: Nikhil Mathew
Season 2: Ajeesh
Season 3: Saicharan
Season 4: Diwakar
Season 5: Anand Aravindakshan
Season 6: Senthil Ganesh
Season 7: Murugan
Season 8: Sridhar Sena
Season 1: Anitha V. Karthikeyan (Runner-up & Viewer’s Choice)
Sowmya Mahadevan (Jury’s Choice)
Season 2: Ravi ( Runner-up)
Renu (3rd Place)
Season 3: Santosh Hariharan (Runner-up)
Sathya Prakash (3rd place & Judge’s Choice)
Season 4: Syed Subahan (First runner-up and Judge’s Choice)
Sarath Santosh (Second runner-up), Sonia (Third runner-up)
Season 5: Fareedha (First runner-up)
Rajaganapathy (Second runner-up & Judges’ Choice)
Season 6: Rakshitha (First runner-up)
Malavika (Second runner-up)
Season 7: Vikram (First runner-up)
Punya & Sam Vishal ( Second runner-up)
Season 8: Bharat K Rajesh (First runner-up)
Abhilash Venkatachalam (Second runner-up)
Super Singer Junior
Swara Sagaram
Top of the Tops
The Great Telugu Laughter ChallengeStand-up comedy show
U R Under RestSMS-based game show
Wife Chethilo LifeFun-filled game show


Here, we have prepared a list of Star Maa’s current serials in 2024, former shows, and upcoming programs. You can watch the series and serials anytime on Disney Plus Hotstar digital streaming platform. However, for that, you have to take a premium membership of Disney Plus Hotstar.

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