8 Best Horror shows on MX Player That You Should Watch

MX Player is a free OTT streaming platform in India. This platform provides some interesting TV shows, web series, and movies with all the genres like thriller, horror, comedy, action, and many more. Recently, the horror web series is also very popular. If you are looking for the best horror shows on MX Player then this guide will help you.

Some MX Player’s best horror web series fall into the categories of romantic horror, anthropological horror based on the haunted locations, and even paranormal and mythical creatures. With so many options to choose from, you should pursue the list of some of the best horror web series on MX Player. 

List of the Best Horror Shows on MX Player

MX Player has several old and new horror web series that are well worth watching again and again. Here we have provided a list of the best horror series on MX Player that you must be scared of. 

  1. Detective Boomrah (2022)
  2. Chupkotha (2018)
  3. Saaya (2020)
  4. Tantra (2017)
  5. Kamini (2019)
  6. CarToon (2017)
  7. Bhootiyagiri (2020)
  8. Taranath Tantrik (2019)

In the under-mentioned section, you can check the list of the best horror web series on MX Player. 

#1. Detective Boomrah (2022)

best horror web series on mx player

Rating: 8.4/10 IMDb

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Drama

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 3

Detective Boomrah is premiered on 21st January 2022. When a strange man mysteriously appears from a heritage hotel and then suddenly disappears, Detective Boomrah and his partner must confront supernatural phenomena at the hotel to solve the case.

Directed By: Anant Rai, Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai, Puneet Sharma

Written By:  Puneet Sharma, Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai

Produced By: Puneet Sharma, Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai

Cast: Abhishek Sonpaliya, Puneet Sharma, Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai, Manisha Sharma, Raghav Jhingran, Priyanka Sarkar.

#2. Chupkotha (2018)

Rating: 5.7/10 IMDb

Genre: Horror

Season(s): 2

Episodes: 6

Chupkotha is an Indian Bengali horror web series that was released on 24th August 2018. It is one of the best horror web series on MX Player. The story revolves around a missing child in the town of Kurseong. Journalist Shivangi is caught up in many mysteries in her personal and professional life. Is this all a coincidence or is there some extraordinary connection? The series has two seasons with 6 episodes. The second season was released on 5th April 2019. 

Directed By: Rick Basu

Written By: Reetarshi Dutta

Cast: Prasun Gain, Farhan Imroze, Parno Mittra, Mahi Singh, Shataf Figar, Mainak Banerjee

#3. Saaya (2020)


Rating: 8.2/10 IMDB

Genre: Horror, Drama

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 4

Saaya is an Indian Hindi language horror web series that was released on 9th July 2021. The story is about a couple who lost their child in an accident. Every time they adopt a child from an orphanage something strange happens and they lose. To know the reason behind it, watch this web series on the MX Player OTT platform. 

Directed By: Sagar Kumar

Written By: Sagar Kumar

Produced By: Mishti Basu

Cast:  Sagar Kumar, Pooja Kashyap, Vivaan Mudgal, Mishti Basu, Hridhaan Gala, Rajeshree

#4. Tantra (2017)

Rating: 5.3/10 IMDb

Genre:  Horror, Thriller, Mystery

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 33

Tantra is one of the best horror series on MX Player that aired on 23rd November 2017. The series is based on Black Magic. Family feuds and power struggles lead to the use of black magic. Tantra is a supernatural thriller, a power struggle in a world of demons and black magic. 

Directed By: Rajesh Ranshinge

Written By: Rajesh Ranshinge

Produced By: Siddharth Kumar Tewary

Cast: Meghan Jadhav, Sujay Reu, Samiksha Singh, Nayan Bhatt, Sargun Kumar Luthra, Kanan Malhotra.

#5. Kamini (2019)

MX Player Horror web Series

Rating: 4.3/10 Imdb

Genre: Horror

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 8

Kamini is another best horror web series on MX Player that was released on 27th September 2019. It is a Bengali horror web series but is dubbed in Hindi. The villagers disappeared into the darkness of the night. Was it the work of a mystical magician or was there some other mystery?

Directed By: Rick Basu

Written By: Rohini Ghosh

Cast: Saurav Das, Kharaj Mukherjee, Barkha Bisht, Manasi Sinha, Trina Saha, Ankita Roy

#6. CarToon (2017)

Rating: 5.8/10 IMDb

Genre: Horror, Suspense, Thriller

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 8

CarToon is another MX Player horror web Series that was released on 26th September 2017. It is a Bengali horror web series but is dubbed in Hindi and is also available on MX Player OTT platform. Cartoonist Aritra’s life is turned upside down when mysterious things start to happen in her new apartment. Chaos ensues when a paranormal activist suddenly dies. 

Directed By: Sourav Chakraborty

Written By: Sourav Chakraborty

Cast: Mainak Banerjee, Payel Sarkar, Arun Mukherjee, Sandip Chakraborty

#7. Bhootiyagiri (2020)


Rating: 5.5/10 IMDb

Genre: Comedy, Horror, 

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 5

Bhootiyagiri is a comedy horror web series that was released on 14th May 2020. The series reveals the story of Dilawar Rana who was imprisoned. Even in prison Dilawar remained the number one man and found the right opportunity to start a successful business. Impressed by the opening of the prison, Dilawar is released from prison, but only to be arrested. It is one of the best horror web series on MX Player. 

Directed By: Vishwajoy Mukherjee

Written By: Tarun Dudeja, Parijat Joshi

Produced By: Anand Tiwari, Amritpal singh Bindra

Cast: Eisha Chopra, Sujata Sehgal, Sumeet Vyas, Mohan Kapur, Pranay Manchanda

#8. Taranath Tantrik (2019)

Rating: 5.4/10 IMDb

Genre: Horror

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 10

Taranath Tantrik is one of the best horror shows on MX Player that aired on 18th January 2019. This is a Bengali horror series but is dubbed in Hindi. The story is about the series of short stories written by veteran Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. The series is about when a writer and his friend meet the titular tantra and are immediately drawn to the richness of his experiences and the way he tells his stories.

Directed By: Qaushiq Mukherjee

Written by: Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Produced by: Hina Saiyada

Cast: Kaushik Roy, Gautam Moita, Shweta Chaudhuri.


That’s it. Here we have compiled a list of the best horror web series on MX Player that you should watch. Apart from the web series, you can also watch all the movies and TV shows of all the genres.

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