Best Ullu Original Web Series To Catch Up On

Online web streaming has become one of the modern-day pastimes. With Indian families tuning in to web series more than TV series, web content has become a series market. With minimal monthly and yearly subscriptions being offered by different OTT platforms, there is a plethora to choose from especially when it comes to films or web series. One such platform is Ullu. Ullu web series are not only coming up as some of the best but the video streaming platform is also becoming a favourite.

With a variety of different content like Romance, drama, action, horror, thriller, suspense, and comedy, Ullu original web series, is focused more on Regional audiences. But what attracts viewers to the Ullu platform is that its web series revolves more around the taboo of sexual wants and desires.

While the platform does have its side of erotic series, some of them are based on true incidents that question viewers whether keeping the topic of sex a taboo is a good idea or not.

While other platforms are more family-friendly, watching web series on this platform may require the use of headphones.

So, let’s check out some Ullu web series list for you to start on.

Best Ullu Web Series To Start Watching Right Now

This Ullu web series list is in no way exhaustive. While some are based on ratings, some are review based to give first-time users a look into the different genres available. here is the top Ullu Web Series List

  • Riti Riwaj – Water Wives
  • The Bull of Dalal Street
  • #MeToo
  • Halala
  • Khul Ja Sim Sim
  • Panchali
  • Bribe
  • Bambai 4X4
  • The Cottage
  • Tadap
  • Kirdaar
  • 26 January

Let’s talk one by one

Riti Riwaj – Water Wives

Actors: Vipul Gupta, Payal, Yugant Pandey, Ankita Bhattacharya

Based on a real-life concept ‘Riti Riwaj’ is considered a very controversial Ullu web series. In this latest web series, parts of India are suffering from water shortages where women are made to walk for miles just to bring back jugs of water.

The plot twists when men of these areas marry multiple women. Not only to satisfy their own desires but to help carry more water home.

While there is a more controversial web series, this one actually pushes this unusual tradition into the faces of viewers showing that people can adapt to change when required.

The Bull of Dalal Street: 

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Director: Deepak Pandey

Actors: Mohammed Iqbal Khan, Ashmit Patel

The desi version of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ with a twist. The Bull of Dulal Street is loosely based on the scam that happened in Mumbai Dalal street on the Stock Exchange.

The story of two brothers who come to Mumbai with the hopes of making it big. From living on the streets to becoming the biggest stockbrokers in Mumbai, this series is a watch not only for its storyline but also for the heartthrobs playing the two brothers – Mohammed Iqbal Khan and Ashmit Patel.

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Ullu Web Series Metoo
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Director: Harsh Warrdhan

Actors: Sandeep Goyat, Gyan Prakash, Manish Jhanjholia

Loosely based on the 2018 #MeToo issue. This Ullu web series deals with the death of a Bollywood actress in an event with the note #MeToo in her purse. The story continues with the main male lead trying to figure out what happened to her and the plight of actresses in the industry. With harassment and severe mistreatment following their every step, women in the entertainment industry don’t have a fighting chance to make their dreams a reality.

While this Ullu original web series does deal with a controversial topic, it is important especially with the number of harassment cases coming up from working women. Which is why this series comes in at #2 in the Ullu web series list.


Director: Deepak Pandey

Actors: Ravi Bhatia, Shafaq Naaz, Eijaz Khan,

Another good series in the Ullu web series list – Halala deals with a controversial topic of Triple Talaq and the ordeals women face.

The series deals with the story of Afza and Rahil, a happily married couple. But they face major struggles when in a fit of anger Rahil gives Afza triple talaq. Once he realizes his mistake, Rahil tries to right the wrong. But according to Islam a divorced husband and wife cannot marry one another until the woman marries another man and consummates the marriage.

So, what will Rahil and Afza do? Who will they turn to? Watch this Ullu original web series to find out.

Khul Ja Sim Sim: 

Ullu Adult Web Series Khul Ja Sim Sim
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Khul Ja Sim Sim

Director: Ravikant Singh

Actors: Devesh Siwal, Nikita Chopta, Meena Naithani, Kundan Kumar

Khul Ja Sim Sim is a popular Indian adult web series that is based on a newlywed couple. The series starts from the day Simran marries her husband and finds out her husband’s ‘deficiencies’.

But in an attempt to satisfy herself Simran starts experimenting with herself and also with her husband.

This show casts a shadow into the sexual frustrations women face after marriage and how they try to release it.


Director: Deepak Pandey

Actors: Upen Chauhan, Anupriya Goenka, Samridh Bawa, Aman Verma

Another Ullu original web series, Panchali is based on the epic Mahabharata. In this show, Panchali is supposed to marry all the brothers of a family, based on an age-old tradition. But the youngest does not want to be a part of this ridiculous belief.

What entails is a series where Panchali tries to win over the 5th brother through greed, manipulation, and jealousy.

With steamy scenes and lustful episodes, Panchali comes in at #5 at Ullu web series list.


Director: Deepak Pandey

Actors: Hemant Chaudhury, Dev Vyas, Harshita Gaur, Megha Gupta

A great Ullu web series, Bribe is a series that uncovers the disgusting elements that exist in our society and the misuse of their powers.

The series involves the story of a widow who to sustain her family goes to get the government office to get her widow’s pension sanctioned.

But the story takes a disgusting twist when the sanctioning officer demands her to sleep with him as a form of bribe. And it just isn’t a one time offer. She has to do it over and over again to get what is rightfully hers.

This Ullu tv series shows the inhumane treatment that women are meted just to get their place in society and what is rightfully theirs. This is why this show comes in at #6 in the Ullu web series list.

Bambai 4X4:

Ullu Web Series Bambai-4X4.
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Bambai 4X4.

Director: Rajeev Mendiratta

Actors: Rahul Bagga, Sukesh Anand, Aman Jaitly, Anuradha Mukherjee

What happens when a newly married couple land up in Mumbai and have to share a 4×4 kholi with the husband’s brother? A funny comedy series that’s what. This Ullu tv series is a funny adult comedy that highlights the space issues in Mumbai and how people cope with it.

While this series does border on the mature adult side, it is hilarious to watch a frustrated man get blocked from being with his wife by not only his brother but also his neighbours.

The Cottage: 

Director: Jehangir Irroni

Actors: Rushad Rana, Shweta Khanduri, Neha Chowdhury

A short Ullu tv series, the Cottage has a simple story. A woman, or rather a ghost, gets a man to give her a lift to her cottage in the middle of nowhere. And there she seduces him. While there is more to the story, it is better if you watch it for yourself. As it is only 1 episode no spoilers should be given.

But this short Ullu tv series deserves its spot in the sun.

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Ullu Original Web Series Tadap
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Director: Deepak Pandey

Actors: Indraneil Sengupta, Param Singh, Shiny Dixit

Number 9 in the list is Tadap. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Othello, the story revolves around a love triangle between a couple from a small town. When they move to Calcutta to get away from the small town mentality, but what happens when a divorced young businessman joins the plot.

While this Ullu tv series sounds a bit dry, the story is gripping and the characters are neither in the light or dark but the grey section. They each face issues and have to deal with problems that make it a sensible story.

Which is why Tadap comes in at #9 in the Ullu tv series list.


Director: Harman

Actors: Harbhajan Mann, Nishawn Bhullar, Mani Kapoor

Another good Ullu web series that grabbed attention. Kirdaar is a story of two boys who want to leave their mediocre lives behind and realize their big dream – a play. But more than the actual play, the web series deals with the struggle that goes into setting up one.

But what happens when the leader of the group goes missing after he falls for a girl?

Watch this series to know about the hard work and dedication required to make dreams come true and what actually goes on in the minds of people in tough situations.

Because of the epic story and the amazing acting, Kirdaar comes in the top 10 Ullu web series list.

26 January:  

Director: Deepak Pandey

Actors: Mrunal Jain, Madhurima Tuli

If you love patriotic movies or stories, then this Ullu web series is for you. The series is a mixture of Romance, Patriotism, Suspense & Thriller.

The series revolves around the love story of Ved and Insiya. Ved is an Anti-Terrorist Squad officer and loves both his Nation and his girlfriend. But what happens when he finds out that she is a suspected terrorist? What will he choose – his love for his motherland or his love for her? To get to know what happens next, watch the series.

Final Thoughts: Ullu Web Series/ Ullu TV Series

With the number of OTT platforms popping up everywhere, it doesn’t wonder as to how one is competing with the other. But there is a slight difference. While some platforms believe in keeping things PG, Ullu takes a different aspect.

According to the Indian mentality, talking about sexual wants and needs is taboo. No one discusses it, no one talks about it, but it happens.

But Ullu begs to differ.

With their steamy stories, amazing scripts, and huge cast list, Ullu has been churning out one web series after another that is not only rich with content but also jumps into the nitty-gritty of relationships which includes sex. So, while these series may not exactly be PG or family-friendly, they do put forward the message that talking about taboo issues is ok, that asking questions is ok, and doing that by creating amazing storylines and web series.

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