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All KooKu Web Series List, Episodes, Release Date & More [Updated 2024]

KooKu is one of India’s most popular OTT platforms and is best known for releasing short films and web series of different genres, from comedy to romance to drama, in multiple languages. The best part of the KooKu app is that you can try a free trial before taking a premium membership. Here, we list all KooKu web series with their release date, cast & crew details, actress names & other things. 

KooKu web series List, Star Cast, Release Date

Web Series TitleStar CastRelease Date
ChutzPahShiv Kumar Verma, Musarrat Momin2019
ShemaleAbraham Khan, Garima Maurya6 January 2020
Wife for NightGarima Maurya, Ankit Baghel7 January 2020
Mere Pyare JijajiAgni Pawar, Sunil Bhargava10 January 2020
Office ScandalAyesha Kapoor, Sapan Chaudhary11 January 2020
CompromiseGarima Maurya, Suneet Gaur17 January 2020
Loyalty TestPooja Kashyap, Supriya Shukla29 January 2021
Baby SitterSupriya Shukla, Aditya Tinker7 February 2020
Woh TeacherRajsi Verma, Raghav Binani27 February 2020
Shaadi VivahDivyaa Singh, Nidhi Mahawan16 March 2020
Suno SasurjiKumari Simran, Pintu Kumar3 April 2020
You Me and My PadosanPooja, Rekha6 May 2020
Jassi King – The FAKRNidhi Mahawan, Rekha Mona Sarkar22 May 2020
BhootiyapaMahima Gupta, Rakhi Sharma4 June 2020
Golden HoleRekha Mona Sarkar, Bharti Koli12 June 2020
Bhootiyapa the ConclusionDeepak Chauhan, Ashraf Saif23 June 2020
TrishnaSaira Khan, Ajay Singh28 June 2020
LamheeRekha Mona Sarkar, Rajneesh Jaiswal26 July 2021
Bhaiya Ki BiwiVirender Anand, Mohan BaggaAugust 2020
Baby Sitter 2-Part 2Sonia Singh Rajput, Ranjeet Khanna6 September 2021
Rani Ka RajaSudha Chandran, Rani Chatterjee9 September 2020
My Girlfriend’s Love StoryAritaa Mishti Paul, Ashwani Roy18 September 2020
Jal Bin MachaliBaby Mahali, Ayushi Sharma25 September 2020
Late Night ProjectSonia Dhillon, Sana9 October 2020
Love LetterSharanya Jit Kaur, Angel Priya16 October 2020
The Story of My WifeHiral Radadiya, Saira Pereira22 November 2020
ChitthiYashpal Sharma, Shafaq Naaz25 October 2020
BehruPriyaAmreen Ansari, Kalyani Jha30 October 2020
AnamolySreejita De, Neetha ShettyNovember 2020
Mere Angane MainAnkita Dave9 January 2021
Gharelu PyaarAnkur Tyagi, Megha Saxena15 January 2021
BewafaiiRekha Mona Sarkar, Riya Singh Gheyar
Clash Of SwackkPallavi Vewele, Jyoti Sariwan2021
RasmalaiAyushi Sharma, Indraheet Kaur19 January 2021
Nayi NaveliShanaya Ans, Sweksha Sahu25 January 2021
PhotoshootPihu Jaiswal, Ranjeet Jha8 February 2021
Suno SahebjiMeena Ji, Uday Veer Singh14 February 2021
HumraazPriyanka Upadhyay, Lakshya Handa19 February 2021
The GiftPooja Kashyap, Aritaa Paul28 February 2021
Khule Aasman Ke NicheLeena, Sidharth Sharma7 March 2021
Lolita PG House Part -01Abha Paul, Shahbaz Khan14 March 2021
Lolita PG House Part – 02Abha Paul, Shahbaz Khan17 March 2021
Lolita PG House Part – 03Abha Paul, Shahbaz Khan21 March 2021
Sauteli SaheliLeena, Ruhi Sharma27 March 2021
RatriMahi Kaur, Deepti Tiwari9 April 2021
The Accidental Love StoryMegha Saxsena, Sidharth Sharma14 May 2021
Chicken Curry LawNeelam Bakshi, Ankita Singh21 May 2021
SocketwaliPallavi Roy, Priyanka Biswash13 June 2021
NymphLove Prit Kaur, Soniya20 June 2021
VasooliPooja Kashyap, Madhuri Kumari27 June 2021
RockyVinita Chauhan, Sanjeev Painter4 July 2021
PagletSonia Singh Rajput, Juhi Chatterji11 July 2021
Paglet 2Sonia Singh Rajput, Juhi Chatterji18 July 2021
Humara Pyaar ChamatkarJayati Thakkar, Pihu Jaiswal23 August 2021
Aao Kare Gutur GuInderjeet Kaur, Girish Thapar29 August 2021
Blind KothaRiya Singh Gheyar, Gaurav Singh11 September 2020
BubblePurBhavna Rokade, Pooja Joshi25 September 2021
BubblePur Part 2Neha Mondal, Kalpana Saini29 September 2021
BubblePur Part 3Neha Mondal, Kalpana Saini3 October 2021
BubblePur Part 4Neha Mondal, Kalpana Saini8 October 2021
BubblePur Part 5Neha Mondal, Kalpana Saini11 October 2021
BubblePur Part 6Pradeep Kabra, Asrani18 October 2021
Hum Aapke Fan HaiYogesh Bedi, Suhana Khan2021
ZaheenRakhi Sharma, Sapan Chaudhary2021
RishtaPriya Vishwanath, Ankit Baghel
Gulab JamunRajsi Verma, Ayesha Pathan8 May 2022
Gulab Jamun Part 2Rajsi Verma, Ayesha Pathan11 May 2022
Charulata Part 1Neha Kapoor, Sreyashi Mukherjee18 May 2022
Charulata Part 2Neha Kapoor, Sreyashi22 May 2022
SanvidaPihu Kanojiya, Gaurav Singh2 June 2022
Sanvida 2Pihu Kanojiya, Gaurav Singh9 June 2022
Chhupi NazarSreyashi Mukherjee, Ruks Khandagale20 June 2022
Chhupi Nazar Part – 2Sreyashi Mukherjee, Ruks Khandagale28 June 2022
Chhupi Nazar Part 3Sreyashi Mukherjee, Ruks Khandagale7 July 2022
Chhupi Nazar Part – 4Sreyashi Mukherjee, Ruks Khandagale19 July 2022
CourtshipSreyashi Mukherjee, Bhanu Suryam22 August 2022
Chull Room ServiceAyesha Pathan, Rekha Chaudhary26 October 2022
Chull Paani ChalkaAmbika Shukla, Shakespeare23 November 2022
Chull New ItemAlmas Heena, Gaurav Singh12 December 2022
What The F!!! Season 2Pooja Poddar, Ambika Shukla19 December 2022
Desire PapaAyesha Pathan, Vinod Tripathi2 February 2023
Chull – DhulaiRolly Singh, Rajsi Verma25 February 2023
Chull – LoveriaPooja Poddar, Rekha Chaudhary12 March 2023
SajaniAyesha Pathan, Deepti Tiwari17 May 2023
Golden SilverrRekha, Bharti KoliMay 2023
Chill PillSohail Khan, Maya Jaffer16 June 2023

KooKu Series Details 

Check out the section below to learn about the best KooKu web series. Read on…


It is a story of a small-town girl looking to make it in the film industry but getting into trouble due to her careless decisions.

2. Shemale

We include Shemale in the most-watched KooKu web series list. A man who longs to feel like a woman becomes one, and his fiancee looks for a way to make him a man again.

3. Wife for Night

The KooKu app web series explores the story of a married couple where the husband is not happy physically with his wife, and he chooses an extramarital option. The series has 1 season and 2 episodes.

4. Mere Pyare Jijaji

This is one of the top KooKu web series about a jealous sister pledging to lure her brother-in-law by taking advantage of her beauty.

5. Office Scandal

The best KooKu web series starts with an arrogant Boss who goes on a Rampage, firing his Employees; they Decide to plot him up and Avenge their fired Colleagues.

6. Compromise

A personal secretary is being offered a big fat bribe in exchange for sleeping with the local MLA to get a contract approved. Will she give in is her choice. What will she do next? To find out, watch the KooKu web series. 

7. Loyalty Test

The plot of this KooKu series revolves around a couple who decided to test their partner’s loyalty in the relationship. But some unexpected things happen. Will the couple again be together?

8. Baby Sitter

A thrilling story of betrayal. Double-dealing of friendship. The suspense kills, and the thrilling twist will make you reconsider trust. The KooKu web series consists of 2 seasons. 

9. Woh Teacher

The plot of the KooKu series shows the relationship between a student named Samar and his teacher Vidya. Vidya, facing hardships in her love life, takes up this challenge and starts teaching him. While teaching him, Vidya seduces him, and they both start a relationship that inspires Samar to focus on his studies; he not only passes with flying colours but is also tops in the college. 

10. Shaadi Vivah

We put Shaadi Vivah in the choices  KooKu web series list. Anahita and Manisha are con women who find Rich guys, marry them, and escape with all their money. This has become their way of living now. They won’t be able to continue this for long because SSP Tirlochan and Inspector Nimrat have made plans to encounter both of them. Who will win? 

11. Suno Sasurji

The KooKu web series showcases the journey of an Important Husband, a Perverted Sasurji, and a Turned-on Wife. When Desires arise, will the sanctity of relations prevail, or will they give in to their lust remains to be seen?

12. You Me and My Padosan

The plot of the KooKu series revolves around a guy who never takes a relationship seriously but makes physical relationships with many girls. The twist begins when one girl gets pregnant and forces him to marry. 

13. Jassi King – The FAKR

Jassi King is a famous musician, and girls are crazy about him. Things take a turn when a new girl enters his life. What will happen next? To find out, watch this KooKu app web series. 

14. Bhootiyapa

The KooKu web series starts with a Ghost trapped in a Haunted house for raping a Married Woman who can only break the spell by committing the same crime. He goes on a Rampage, and it almost seems there is no stopping him.

15. Golden Hole

A Woman deprived of love from her husband lands in a golden hole. She has various experiences here. Initially, she gets access to money and pleasure but faces many problems very soon.

16. Bhootiyapa the Conclusion

The top KooKu web series starts at a Bhootiyapa house, and the Story’s Characters start seeing some unusual Activities in the Bhootiyapa House. What happens next? 

17. Trishna

The plot of the web series revolves around a young girl who looks victim at first sight. But in reality, she is the main culprit. To find out what happens next? Watch the best KooKu web series. 

18. Lamhee

Jethalal is a very hardworking businessman who gets married to Alka. Alka has a lot of expectations from this marriage, and her desire for romance remains unfulfilled until Jethalal’s younger brother – Pannalal, comes into the picture. 

19. Bhaiya Ki Biwi

The plot of the KooKu web series starts with a happy family. The youngster decides to spend a good time with his brother and family. Things take a different turn as he gets a new opportunity. All limits get crossed as he ignores moral values and decides to go as his mind wishes.

20. Rani Ka Raja

The KooKu app web series starts with a man. Due to family pressure, he hires a hooker who pretends to be his wife. But the twist begins when his old enemy comes into the picture and finds the details of the hooker. 

21. My Girlfriend’s Love Story

A girl meets an unknown man and starts feeling for him. She wants to trace him but doesn’t know how to find him. But when she knows everything about him, she gets shocked. 

22. Jal Bin Machali

Juhi is My Love, but Viren fears taking the First Step. It’s not about them being Together. Viren just Can’t let her Cry though Viren takes the First Step, which may lead to the End of his being with her. 

23. Late Night Project

When mutual understanding leads to an unwanted relationship and consent is compromised, projects must be done only at Night. It’s called the Late Night Project. The KooKu series has 2 seasons. 

24. Love Letter

We put Love Letter at the top KooKu web series list showcasing a youngster’s life. He gets trapped when he is unable to differentiate between friendship and love. His feelings cost him very much girls take on him. 

25. The Story of My Wife

To Spicy up the Relationship, Kaamya started an Activity that her Husband, Siddharth, never imagined. Let’s see how this new activity opens up new doors in the Married Life of Kaamya and Siddharth.

26. Chitthi

The plot of this KooKu web series revolves around Ravi Asthana, who receives a CHITTHI from his past, which gets delivered to him after 25 years, and how it shudders his entire life.

27. BehruPriya

The KooKu app web series starts with a widow named Priya. One day, Anil lives at the house as a guest. Slowly, she discovers many things about Priya, which he takes advantage of. What will Priya do next? To find out, watch this top KooKu web series. 

28. Anamoly

A thrilling story of Abhishek, who is trapped in the labyrinth of his Karma and re-living the GUILT of a heinous crime he committed, repeatedly, a punishment given by the BOSS. Can Abhishek Break free from this Chakravyuh and end his sufferings, or will he be Trapped in this Chakravyuh?

29. Mere Angane Main

We put Mere Angane Main in the best KooKu web series list. A husband is unhappy with his wife and has an extra-marital affair with his wife’s friend. But Density has some other plans for him. 

30. Gharelu Pyaar

The Family Girl caught her with a Boy. She has been asked to marry that Boy. The girl objected, but still, nothing happened. Finally, The Story takes a new turn and unfolds the Truth that no one expected.

31. Bewafaii

Jethalal is a very hardworking businessman who gets him married to Alka. Alka has a lot of expectations from this marriage, but her desire for romance remains unfulfilled until Jethalal’s younger brother – Pannalal, comes into the picture. 

32. Clash Of Swackk

When Two Girl Friends find competitors in Each Other. One wants to prove that she is a better lover than the other. They appoint one of their common friends as an Umpire in the Game of Hard Lovers. They challenge each other, leading to an unexpected spicy ending in the competition. 

33. Rasmalai

The Story of Office Politics with the flavour of love and romance. Many girls fall into the trap of Gameplay of the Boss. But who is the Main conspirator behind all this? To know this, watch the KooKu series. 

34. Nayi Naveli

The plot of the KooKu app web series revolves around the life of two happy couples. Small issues bring them under stress. Their relationship gets affected due to the challenges. Can they find a solution to solve the issue?

35. Photoshoot

Nandini is a young widow with a lovely figure and a knack for taking her selfie. Piyush is hatching a plan to take advantage of her and has some juicy plans.

36. Suno Sahebji

We include Suno Sahebji in the top-rated KooKu web series list. It starts with Kunal visiting the village to care for his grandfather, where he meets Aaya. Slowly, Kunal realizes that his Dadaji and Aaya are extremely close to each other.  What will Kunal do after knowing the secret?

37. Humraaz

Rohit – Rekha and Mukul – Soni are two young couples who get together in a resort by chance and mix their past with their present life. Romance and Sensuality are at their peak. 

38. The Gift

The Gift is an enticing story of a couple who, after a few years of married life, uncover the Truth about each other. These romantic angles will Turn your mind upside down. 

39. Khule Aasman Ke Niche

The KooKu web series starts with a village girl named Ritu who gets complete satisfaction only in the open field. But after her marriage to Vinod, who lives in a city, the situation changes for Ritu. 

40. Lolita PG House 

Lolita is a lonely woman whose husband has left her, and she has to start a PG to pay Bank EMI and loans. But doing business is not easy for a single woman. To succeed, Lolita uses her attractive looks and curvy figure to seduce all those who come to trouble her. The KooKu series consists of 3 seasons. 

41. Sauteli Saheli

Two Girls wish to get married, but due to pressure from their family and society, they plan to consult a doctor for a gender change operation to go through operation; the doctor has some strange conditions.

42. Ratri

Paakhi gets a job and shifted to Mumbai where she leaves alone. But some unnatural activities happen in the flat. The solution that she finds is extremely sensuous, and Paakhi thinks that she is safe now. But something interesting is in store for her. 

43. The Accidental Love Story

A Rich man, Rohit, is a hot pick for girls for his wealth and property. The twist comes when Rohit meets with an accident, and the life around him changes drastically. Will Rohit survive the foul play by others for his wealth? To know that, watch the top KooKu web series. 

44. Chicken Curry Law

It is the saying, never deceive the one who loves you like crazy. Once the love ends, revenge is the next step.

45. Socketwali

Vijay uses an escort service disguised as an E-commerce site. One day his wife finds out the truth accidentally. Now Vijay has some tough tasks on his hand, controlling the situation.

46. Nymph

The plot of the KooKu app web series starts with Hezal, who can’t control her kinky feelings. It would be interesting to see how Hazel come on top of all her trouble with her sickness, which made her a Nymph. 

47. Vasooli

The KooKu web series showcases the Story where Vasooli becomes the Main thing in Life. Everyone wants something from someone, but here Everyone believes Vasooli is the only way to out and Twist in that Vasooli will make your time worthwhile

48. Rocky

Life of Two lovers fighting with each other where life made them each other. The Story of Rocky and his love with the Blend of Twist.

49. Paglet

Funny but spicy story of young Vaishali, who follows her husband’s every word. All hell breaks loose when Vaishali starts following the theory of physical need and love, as her husband explains. Extremely funny but fully loaded with sensuality. This best KooKu web series has 2 parts. 

50. Humara Pyaar Chamatkar

The twisted story of an online therapist whose modus operandi is very distinct. It starts with a consultation and ends in fear—a thrilling story of changing a couple’s life.

51. Aao Kare Gutur Gu

Kahani hai tin dost aur unke Pyaar ki. Love aur Romance me jab twist aata hai tab dekhte hai kaun dost kiska sath nibhata hai.

52. Blind Kotha

The KooKu series starts with a couple who loves each other like crazy, but the wife lives a duelled life with the dark truth that she is a prostitute working in a blind kotha.

53. BubblePur

The series is set in a village where people don’t know what happens in the outside world. With the arrival of 3 friends in the village, the entire fun rocketed to the next level. The top KooKu web series has 6 parts. 

54. Hum Aapke Fan Hai

Rahul’s only dream is to meet his dream film star, Roxy. One day, his dreams come true. But destiny has some other plans for him. 

55. Zaheen

Purvi gets married to Shambhu but Rajeev, her boyfriend asks her to spend her first night with him because she had made a promise to Rajeev. With whom will Purvi choose to spend her first night? To find out, watch the KooKu app web series.

56. Rishta

Rishta is one of the best web series we include in the KooKu list. It’s the story of a husband who is not happy with his wife. One day, a stranger enters into their house and a new story begins. 

57. Gulab Jamun

A story of Gulab Jamun and how this Gulab jamun is served with the blend of Love Potion. When own family becomes a Competition in Life, it takes a new twist and Turns with Each Gulab Jamun. Let’s See who wins. The series has 2 parts. 

58. Charulata

Jab Rishto me na Rahe Sacchai , Tab Na rhi woh joh thi – na rha woh Joh tha…Har Pal Badalte Rishto ke kadi se judi Kahani he yeh “Charulata” ki. The KooKu series consists of 2 parts. 

59. Sanvida

The KooKu web series starts with a couple trying to get a baby. But every time, the pregnancy test result is negative. The husband decided to get intimate with the maid. The maid agrees to sell her baby to the couple for Rs 5 lakh. 

60. Chhupi Nazar

The web series starts with a girl who tries her luck by tricking people. One day, one of her clients requested her to make a video of them together. But in reality, the client wants to make the video publicly. When she knows everything, she decides to take revenge. The top KooKu web series has 4 parts. 

61. Courtship

Pyaar se Mile Dil Jab Shaadi ke Bandhan koh nibha nahi paate he aur Khudkoh Court ke Darwaje pe Khada Paate he. Kahani bhi tab Rang badalti he jab Na woh Soch paae aur nahi uunki Kismat. Ab Dekhna yeh he ki Kaun Jeetata he Aakhir me.

62. Chull -Room Service

It’s another best series in the most-watched KooKu web series list. It starts with a married couple. They are unhappy with their married life as the girl marries the man only because he is rich. The husband always wanted a physical relationship with his wife, but she wasn’t ready.

63. Chull Paani Chalka

Time has arrived with new Characters and their game of Chull. It’s Time to Enjoy the Chull – Paani Chalka. The KooKu series has 2 parts. 

64. What The F!!! Season 2

Women love to spend time with Vihaan. That’s why he asks his friends to keep others busy so that he can spend some quality time with his lovers. But what happens next will shock you? To know that, watch all episodes of Season 2 on the Kooku digital streaming app.

65. Desire Papa

Desires ki iis Anokhi duniya me Jab Khud ke Desires pure karane k lie Jab ek koh dusara Mil jaata he tab Lagata he Desire Papa ka Tadaka aur ho jaati he sabki Life Rangeen. The best KooKu web series consists of 2 parts. 

66. Chull – Dhulai

 The plot of the web series revolves around a lonely woman who wants love. One day, she meets a stranger and feels for him. 

67. Chull – Loveria

The top KooKu web series starts with a married couple whose husband doesn’t have a romance with his wife. One day, he got a magical bikini, and after wearing it, his wife was ready to have physical relations with him.

68. Sajani

Jab Pati apni Patni se Pyaar kare aur Biwi kisi aur se Pyaar kare tab Relationship Leti he Turn. Ghar ki Nok jhok bhari Zindagi se Pyaar ki Rang Badalati Galiyo me Saajan ki “Sajani” ki he yah Kahani. The KooKu series has 3 parts. 

69. Golden Silverr

A Woman deprived of love from her husband lands in a Golden Hole. She has various experiences here. Initially, she gets access to money and pleasure, but very soon she faces a series of problems.

70. Chill Pill

The plot of the web series revolves around a woman who lives in a remote area. She along with her husband started to have relationship drama. She also takes pills prescribed by an alleged doctor. Slowly, she becomes addicted to it. What will happen next?


That’s it. In this article, we have prepared a list of all KooKu web series including their release date, cast, and story. However, these are adult web series so watch the KooKu series only if your age is above 18.

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