Crash Course (Amazon Prime Video) Web Series Cast, Story, Wiki, & More

Crash Course (Amazon Prime Video) Web Series Cast, Wiki & More: Crash Course is an Indian drama web series for students that was released on 5th August 2022 on Amazon Prime Video digital streaming platform. The story is based on two top training institutes, and it affects a group of young students who are preparing for their competitive exams. The series is directed by Vijay Maurya and created by Manish Hariprasad. Bhanu Uday, Pranay Pachauri, Annu Kapoor, and Udit Arora will play the main roles in the web series. Continue reading to know the Crash Course cast, characters, and real names, actresses’ names, availability, release date, and other necessary details related to the web series.

Crash Course
Genre Drama
No of Episodes 10

Crash Course Web Series Cast

Crash Course is produced and written by Manish Hariprasad. It is made under the banner of the Owlet Films. Let’s have a glance at the Crash Course cast with real names.

Bhanu Uday

Bhanu Uday

As: Shashank Batra

Pranay Pachauri

Pranay Pachauri

As: Ashutosh Kumar

Annu Kapoor

Annu Kapoor

As: Ratanraj Jindal

Udit Arora

Udit Arora

 As: Binny Agarwal

Bidita Bag

Bidita Bag

As: Antara Jaiswal

Riddhi Kumar

Riddhi Kumar

As: Shanaya Qazi

Secondary Cast

Real Name Role Name
Chirag Vohra Mayank Batra
Gaurav Sharma
Dheeraj Khandelwal
Hetal Gada Tejal Patel
Anushka Kaushik Vidhi Gupta
Mohit Solanki Anil Baid
Hridhu Haroon Sathya Srinivasan
Aryan Singh Rekesh Gulia
Bhavesh Balchandani Aviral Bharti
Anvesha Vij Nikki Kapoor
Siddharth Kak Arvind Batra
Vasuki Vidya Nair
Devas Dixit Arvind Batra
Aritra Dutta Banik Sujoy Chatterjee
Anurag Kumar Suraj Mishra
Madhav Agarwal
Boy 4 – Shah Hostel
Manisha Arora Seema
Amog Bhatnagar
Boy 5 – Shah Hostel
Maan Madan
Boy 7 – Shah Hostel
Ayush Prasad
Shah Hostel – Boy 2
Sunil Phatak RJ – HOD 1
Aryan Prasad
Shah Hostel – Boy 1
Chandrashekhar Ranbhor RJ – HOD 2
Rudra Singh Panther Boy 2
Vansh Taneja
Boy 3 – Shah Hostel
Pratham Tanwar
Boy 6 – Shah Hostel
Asif Syed RJ – HOD 3
Sawan Tiwari Panther Boy 3
Anupam Gahoi
Lalchand (LC Sir)
Shilpa Iyer Psychiatrist
Vikas Kumar
Chemistry Teacher
Aditya Pandey
Hostel Boy 2 – Kachori
Sonal Gaur Tiwari
Warden – Meerabai Hostel
Jayant Rawal Harsh Mehta
Sushil Bonthiyal Anil’s Father
Raunak Pandey
Hostel Boy 1 – Kachori
Reetik Raj
Hostel Boy 3 – Kachori
Pradeep Bajpai
Inspector Qureshi
Deepak Dutta Home Minister
Manoj Dutt
Mr. Wadia – Editor
Tapan Bhatt Mukul
Vishmay Kumar RJ Rakshak 1
Bhupendra Shahi RJ Rakshak 2
Mukesh Kumar Bansi Kaka
Priyadarshi Nishant AIR 1
Anshul Singh AIR 2
Ravi Pandey AIR 3
Lokesh Verma
Warden Shah Hostel
Teetu Verma
Warden Shah Hostel
Nilofar Gesawat Vidhi’s Mother
Poorvi Bhave Nikki’s Masi
Anjani Khanna Home Minister
Raynu Varmaa Chief Minister
Rita Sharma
Ratanraj Jindal’s Wife


Directed By
Vijay Maurya
Manish Hariprasad
Editor Chandrashekhar Prajapati
Manish Hariprasad, Raina Roy
Cinematography Nagaraj Rathinam
Music Av Prafullachandra
Manish Hariprasad, Raina Roy
Production companies
Owlet Films


Crash Course is a drama series that follows the lives of eight new students who come to study at two of the biggest competitor training institutes in the city. The rivalry between Arvind Batra and Ratanraj Jindal is an old one. They are the owners of the best institutes, eager to outdo the others to gain complete control of the education business in the city. Their uncompromising competition is like a game of chess. The pawns in this game are students and teachers. The eight core disciples – Anil, Sathya, Aviral, Rakesh, Vidhi, Shanaya, Tejal and Nikki – represent the half a million people who crowd Kota each year with their dreams and ambitions. 

Their college life is filled with fun and friendship at first, but slowly the pressure and competition build up. The series revolves around the journey of these students as they find friendship, their first love, heartbreak, pressure and lose the innocence of youth. To Know more, you need to watch the web series on Amazon Prime Video. 

Release Date & Availability

The first episode of the Crash Course web series was released on 5th August 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. To Watch all the episodes, you must buy a subscription plan for Amazon Prime Video.

Available On
Amazon Prime Video
Language Hindi
Release Date
5th August 2022
Running Time 45 Minute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is The Release Date of The Crash Course Web Series on Amazon Prime Video?

The first episode of the Crash Course web series was released on 5th August 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Who is the Star Cast of the Crash Course Web Series on Amazon Prime Video?

Bhanu Uday, Pranay Pachauri, Annu Kapoor, and Udit Arora will play the lead characters in the web series.

3. How to Watch Crash Course Web Series Online?

In order to watch all the episodes of Crash Course web series online, you need to visit the official website of the Amazon Prime Video. Besides, you can also download the Amazon Prime Video app from Play Store and then buy the premium plan to watch the web series.