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Bengali Movie Download: Top 7 Sites for Bengali Movies

Bengali movies are regional movies from West Bengal. The film industry of West Bengal has produced many quality movies and is continuing to do so; the result is the number of people wanting to watch Bengali language films has increased considerably in the past few decades. However, every region does not have theatres showing Bengali movies. So, as always, the internet has come to the rescue. Today, where everything, every piece of information about anything, is just a click away, Bengali movie downloading has become quite easy. The internet is huge storage for Bengali movies, and you just got to know where and how to download them. So, you can watch your favourite Bengali movies at the convenience and comfort of your own home.

As mentioned, Bengali movies have gained much popularity and attraction over the past few decades all over India. With more than 150 films produced yearly, the Bengali film industry is well-known and has a huge fan base. And now, with the internet, people can watch these excellent movies wherever and whenever they want. All you need to know is where to watch them.

So, keeping these factors in mind, we have come up with the top 7 Bengali movie download sites where you can watch your favourite movie. You can also access these sites to download and watch the movies later.

Here is the Top 7 Bengali Movie Download Site List

  • ZEE 5

Bengali movie downloading has never been easier. Many websites offer quality Bengali movies that you can download and watch at your convenience. Mentioned below are the top 7 of them.


hungama bengali movie download

Hungama is one of the top Bengali movie download websites. With thousands of content regularly updated, this website is a rich source of Bengali movies. Apart from Bengali, you’ll also find movies in other languages on Hungama.

Searching for your favourite movie is made easy on this platform. You can even download a movie and watch it later. Hungama has a separate section for Bengali movies and provides relevant information about the movie we choose to watch. It will show its cast, runtime, release year and small synopsis to get a fair idea of what to watch.

Hungama classifies Bengali movies into several categories like Action, Horror, Comedy, etc., so you can choose what to watch easily. You can even rate a movie on Hungama. The quality of the movies offered here is simply great. Not just the content quality but the quality of the video on the watch, too, is equally amazing.

The best part is the money that it charges. It’s just Rs. 99 per month, much lower than other sites charge and much lower than you need to pay in theatres.

So, by spending just Rs. 99 per month, you get a library of movies you can watch at your convenience. As you can see, the charge is not much; with that, you get to watch all popular Bengali movies with a single click.

Hungama is one platform where downloading a movie is completely legal; here, you can watch your favourite Bengali movies and videos without worrying about copyright violation.

So, Hungama is surely one of the most popular Bengali movie download sites.


Eros Now

Nothing can be a better option than Eros Now if you want to download and watch Bengali movies. Launched in 2012, Eros Now has become a huge success over the years and here, you get to watch a whole library of movies and TV shows.

It has content in every Indian language; of course, Bengali is one of them. This content-rich platform has a quick search panel to search for your favourite Bengali movies easily. And when you hover over a particular movie, it shows its details, like the year in which the movie was released, cast, director and a small synopsis.

You can access Eros Now from both desktop and mobile. And you can access Eros Now from both Android and iPhone. Eros Now has three filters included; Language, Genre, and Decade, so you can watch exactly what you want.

Apart from that, there are Eros Now originals, i.e., movies and TV shows you can only watch on this platform.

So, be it an oldie or a brand-new Bengali movie, the list of films you can watch on Eros Now is endless. You can get an Eros Now subscription at a monthly rate of just Rs.49 per month, much less than you need to pay in theatres. You can also opt for quarterly or yearly subscriptions.

Here also, you can download your favourite Bengali movie and save it to watch later. So, Eros Now is definitely on the Bengali movie download sites list.


hotstar bengali movie download website

Launched in 2015 and now with over 200  million users, Hotstar is correctly named ‘Indian Netflix.’  And here, you can watch your favourite Bengali movies. The quality and quantity of Bengali movies offered here at Hotstar are unmatched.

Hotstar provides video content in several regional languages, Bengali being one of them. You can watch movies, TV shows, and even sports on Hotstar. The best news is you can watch some of the content for free. However, to watch all the content, you must pay a subscription amount.

It has a separate segment meant for kids. So, you can enjoy the brightest movies with your kids as well. Hotstar has got a quick search panel for your convenience. Hotstar, like the other platforms, provides the movie details like the year released, languages available and a short synopsis. In addition, you can also watch movie trailers and songs, and once you select a movie, an array of similar movies get displayed, which surely is a plus point for the viewers.

Bengali movies are segregated in a separate section in Hotstar, and the platform is available on both desktops and mobiles. Further, you can access Hotstar from both your Android and iPhone.

Earlier, you couldn’t download movies on Hotstar, but now due to requests made by the users, they are allowed to do that as well. So, you can just download your favourite Bengali movie and watch it later.

Hotstar provides its viewers with thousands of quality Bengali movies, making it a top Bengali movie download site.


Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular platforms for Bengali movie downloads. With a worldwide viewership of over 112 Million, Amazon Prime offers movies with the best quality you can get on a digital platform.

Amazon Prime Video offers video content in different languages, including Bengali. It has a huge collection of Bengali movies. So, if you want to watch videos of high quality, then Amazon Prime is surely the platform to opt for. However, this digital platform does not offer any free content. You can watch videos on Amazon Prime only after subscribing.

Amazon Prime is available on both desktops and mobiles. You can access Amazon Prime on both Android and iPhone. Amazon Prime hosts thousands of movies and shows, some of which are Originals, meaning you get to watch those only on this platform.

Like other platforms, Amazon Prime allows a user to download and watch a movie later. It has video content in different languages and has a separate section for Bengali movies. So, looking for your favourite Bengali movie won’t be a problem.

As mentioned, Amazon Prime hosts videos of the highest quality and is surely one of the best Bengali movie download sites.


hoichoi bengali movie download website

Hoichoi is a digital platform meant exclusively for Bengali content. Here, you can get to watch Bengali movies and shows. The collection of Bengali movies and Web series on Hoichoi is large, and when you log into Hoichoi, you’ll find that the site hosts thousands of them.

You get them all here, from age-old classics by directors like Satyajit Ray to Rituporno Ghosh to more modern flicks. It hosts quality Bengali movies and has a huge collection to offer. So, with Hoichoi, you are never out of choice.

It has several shows on the list as well. Hoichoi Originals, as they are called, are TV shows produced by Hoichoi, and you can watch them there. You can also listen to Bengali songs on Hoichoi, making it your one-stop entertainment platform for Bengali content.

It has a quick search panel that makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Apart from that, the content can be filtered by genre. If you are new to Bengali movies, they also have things sorted out for you. You get a nice go on Bengali movies with their Popular, Must Watch, and Classics suggestions.

Launched in 2017, Hoichoi has become extremely popular among the top Bengali movie download websites.

You can access Hoichoi on almost every OS, including Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire, and of course, it also has a desktop version.


zee 5

ZEE 5 is another digital platform that you can use for Bengali movies download. It is an Indian video content platform with content in 12 languages, including Bengali. ZEE 5 offers its viewers high-quality Bengali movies to watch.

It hosts hundreds of quality Bengali movies, and you can easily search for what you want to watch using its easy search option. Bengali movies are segregated in a separate section in ZEE 5. Not only that, but you can also watch News, Videos, Live TV, and Music as well.

The best part is its easy Download option. It has a download icon beside the movie; you just need to click that icon and choose the path on your system. It offers videos of different qualities, and the file size increases with the movie’s quality.

ZEE 5 also hosts ZEE 5 Originals which are movies and shows produced by them. To access ZEE 5 and watch Bengali movies, you must first subscribe to its plans. After that, you’ll get a library of movies and shows.

So, ZEE 5 is surely one of the top Bengali movie download sites to look out for if you are looking for quality Bengali movies.


When looking for Bengali movie download sites, as listed above, there are several platforms where you can download and watch movies by paying a subscription amount. But in Baby Torrent, you can download and watch movies and shows for free.

It has a rich collection of Bengali movies, and you can even select the download quality. So, you can download high-quality or even Ultra HD movies for the best watch.

These factors have led people to download and watch their favourite Bengali movies from Baby Torrent. Baby Torrent has content in every language and a separate section for Bengali movies, making it a top Bengali movie download website.

Disclaimer: Baby Torrent is a torrenting website. We do not encourage or accept any action leading to the violation of copyrights. The information shared above is solely for education, and we are not responsible for any action leading to infringement of copyrights.


Final Thoughts About Bengali Movie Download Site

Bengali movies reflect the culture and ethos and are a good entertainment source. The Bengali film industry is centuries old and has produced several quality films and continues to do so. So, people have a lot of interest in Bengali movies, and with the internet stepping in, Bengali movie download has never been easier. Now, you can download and watch your favourite Bengali movies anytime and anywhere.

The list above is comprehensive; you can opt for any of these for quality movie downloads. The list of Bengali movie download websites can, however, include more and you can add those in the comments below.

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