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Top 20 Latest And Must-Watch Telugu Movies On Amazon Prime

Tollywood is a bigger industry than Kollywood and Telugu movies are popular due to their intriguing storylines and amazing actors. Some Telugu films became so popular that the movie makers considered dubbing them to Hindi and other languages later. If you are a movie buff, then taking Amazon Prime membership can be a prudent decision. An Amazon Prime membership will let you enjoy many new movies in the comfort of your home. Now you can watch many Telugu movies on Amazon Prime.

In this article, we will talk about the latest Telugu movies that you can watch in Amazon Prime.

Latest Telugu Movies On Amazon Prime

1)Hit 2020

The Homicide Intervention team is a massive success in the thriller genre. This movie shows exceptional acting skills from Vishwak Sen. Also, in this movie even Sailesh Kolanu has made a praiseworthy debut. The story revolves around a tough cop and his mission to trace the whereabouts of a missing girl called Preethi. If you like jaw-dropping thrillers that will keep you fixed on the edge of your seat, then you must watch this movie. If you are searching for amazon prime new Telugu movies, then you will find this on the top of your search result.


amazon prime latest telugu movies Evaru

This spine chilling thriller from Adivi Sesh has a lot of similarity from the 2016 Spanish film Invisible Guest. However, the remake called Badla was more entertaining but still is a movie worth watching. If you have Amazon Prime membership and if you are searching for, then this will catch your attention. If you want to watch Telugu movies on amazon prime, then you must consider watching this entertaining movie. Hence, watch Evaru now on Amazon Prime to have fantastic entertainment.

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3) Madha

new telugu movies on amazon prime

This is a Hit Telugu movie with an intriguing storyline. The psychological thriller amazed the audience with the fantastic plot. Critics appreciated the film, and the lead actor and actress did an excellent job. The story is regarding a proofreader called Nisha who begins dating the cinematographer Arjun. Madha has an intriguing storyline, and as a result, throughout the movie, you will keep wondering where the story is leading to. This female-centric movie will offer you an extraordinary level of excitement that many other films of this genre will fail to provide.

4) Katamarayudu

This action romance film which has Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles Katamarayudu has an exciting storyline. This Telugu movie got a lot of accolades from the critics.

5) Jaanu

In 2020 February the romantic drama film Jaanu was released. The storyline revolves around a school reunion which reunites two former lovers who had a split due to misunderstandings. Sharwanand played the lead role of Ram, a travel photographer and the movie narrates his love saga. The Jaanu movie received several accolades from the critics. If you search for the latest Telugu movies in amazon prime, then you will find this movie name at the top.

6) O Pitha Katha

latest telugu movies in amazon prime "O-Pitha-Katha"

This Telugu thriller drama was released in March 2020. The story revolves around the principal character Venkata Lakshmi who goes missing during the vacations. The funny twists in the second half of the movie make O Pitha Katha an entertaining watch. Now you can binge-watch this drama thriller on Amazon Prime. If you browse through the list of good Telugu movies on amazon prime, then you must find this movie on top.

7) 3 Monkeys

This Telugu language comedy-drama film will keep you entertained throughout the movie. The film 3 Monkeys revolves around three friends who get into trouble after meeting Karunya Chowdary.

8) Penguin

This mystery thriller by Eashvar Karthic will keep you glued to the movie screen. This movie was released in the amazon prime video on June 19th 2020. If you are looking for Amazon prime latest Telugu movies, then watching this entertaining movie can be a great idea.

9)Palasa 1978

Telugu Movie Palasa-1978

This Telugu action movie has Thiruveer in the lead role. He has done fantastic work in the lead role. The story of this movie revolves around a political battle between low caste and high caste. The strong script of this movie makes it amazing and worth watching. The Palasa 1978 movie received a lot of appreciation from the critics. If you want to watch new Telugu movies on amazon prime then seeing this movie can be a prudent decision

10) Anukunnadi Okkati Ayyandhi Okati

This Telugu comedy film revolves on four modern girls who go to Goa and later lands up in a lot of troubles. You can now watch Anukunnadi Okkati Ayyandhi Okati in Amazon Prime

11) V

This Telugu thriller is about a cop and a serial killer. The story revolves around the principal character Nani who kills every person who was involved in his wife’s murder. He leaves the letter V besides the corpse. You can watch this movie soo on Amazon prime from September 5th. If you are searching for superhit Telugu movies on amazon prime, then this movie will catch your attention

12) Sarileru Neekevvaru


This movie is regarding a brave Army major superior and his secret mission. Mahesh Babu has portrayed the role of the daring military officer and has amazed the Tolly audience with his impeccable acting skills. This movie has performed well in the Box office. The lead actress also did a good job and had fit into the skin of the character. If you want to watch the latest Telugu movies in amazon prime, then you can watch this to enjoy a thrilling experience

13) F2: Fun and Frustration

You can now watch this comedy-drama film on your favourite device on Amazon Prime. The story is about two chauvinistic men and their attempt to control their wives. Finally, they both realize their mistake and try to get back their loves. The movie is quite hilarious and will make you laugh through the amusement. This movie received a good response from the Tollywood audiences and made one hundred and twenty-seven crores.

14) Sammohanam

This Telugu language romantic movie is about Vijay, who hates movies because he finds everything fake in film. However, later he falls in love with a young actress. You can watch this entertaining movie on Amazon prime. Mohan Krishna Indraganti directed this movie, and it got a good response in the Box office. If you want to watch Telugu movies in amazon prime, then you may choose to watch this entertaining movie.

15) Sita

The Telugu language romantic comedy movie is directed by Teja and received accolades from the critics. The story revolves around the principal characters Ram and Sita and their love saga.Ram, who was an innocent boy, was always in search of his Sita since childhood. Sita was a manipulative woman in the beginning, but she eventually transforms into a caring lady. Later Sita reconciles with Ram, and they marry.

16) RX100


If you are looking for good Telugu movies on amazon prime, then you must watch RX100. This movie revolves around Indu, a nymphomaniac who manipulates Shiva for her benefits. Shiva, who is a reputed name in the Telugu movies, fails to find acting and drama in the real world. As a result of betrayal in love, Shiva ends up being frustrated. Finally, Shiva dies out of frustration.

17) Bharat Ane Ninu

This Telugu political action film performed well at the Box office and received numerous accolades from the critics. The film is regarding the lead character Bharat, who decides to return to India after the demise of his father. Bharat’s father was a chief minister, and later Bharat chooses to change the system by becoming the next Prime Minister. However, in this process, he ends up making many enemies. Mahesh Babu has impressed the audience will his excellent acting skills and portrayed the role of Bharat efficiently. If you want to watch an entertaining movie on Amazon Prime, then you may consider watching Bharat Ane Ninu

18) Aruvam

This movie is regarding a school teacher who is accused of murdering the alias of food adulteration mafias. Later, her beau saves her, and he unveils the mystery behind the shocking incidents. This supernatural thriller movie performed well in the Box office, and the lead characters of this movie impressed the audiences with their impeccable acting skills. If you want to watch amazon prime new Telugu movies, then watching this movie can be a great thought.

19) Kolaiyuthir Kaalam

This Telugu movie is a remake of the English movie Hush. The story revolves around a deaf and mute girl and her quest to survive. Kolaiyuthir Kaalam failed to perform well at the box office.

20)KGF: Chapter 1

KGF: Chapter 1 is one of the few Telugu movies that received massive success in the box office. The movie was so successful that the makers of the film decided to release another sequel, called KGF Chapter 2. You can now watch KGF Chapter 1 on Amazon Prime. In October 2020, KGF Chapter 2 will be released on Amazon Prime. This movie is regarding Rocky, who was originally from a poor background but later he gets involved with the gold mafia. If you want to watch an entertaining film in the Amazon prime, then you can consider watching this movie.

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The Final Words: Latest Telugu Movies On Amazon Prime

The above list gives you an idea of the best Telugu movie that you can watch on Amazon Prime, which is also considered as the king of entertainment. Your eyes will light up upon discovering the latest Telugu movies in Amazon Prime. In short, it can be said that, if you want to enjoy thousands of Telugu movies at the comfort of your home, then taking the prime Membership can be a prudent decision.

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