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List of Shows broadcast by Zee Tamil

Zee Tamil is one of the top entertainment channels in the Tamil State. Since its launch on October 12th, 2008, Zee Tamil has had its own set of viewers in Tamil Nadu. Due to its phenomenal entertaining factors and a combination of technology and innovation, Zee Tamil stands out from the Tamil entertainment television channels available today. Whether serials or reality shows, the channel has its way of mastering it with a unique and interactive packaging of programs. Broadcasting shows for all age categories have made Zee Tamil become the favourite channel of Tamil Nadu. Today, we will walk you through Zee Tamil’s current serials, former broadcasts and upcoming programs. 

Zee Tamil Current Schedule (Daily Schedule)

Zee Tamil Serials TimingsShow NameShows DaysRegular/Repeat/Old
01:00 am-01:30 amVidhya No.1Monday to SaturdayRepeat
01:30 am-02:00 amNinaithale InikkumMonday to SaturdayRepeat
02:00 am-02:30 amMaariMonday to SaturdayRepeat
02:30 am-03:00 amAmudhavum AnnalakshmiyumMonday to SaturdayRepeat
03:00 am-03:30 amThavamai ThavamirundhuMonday to SaturdayRepeat
03:30 am-04:00 amRajiniMonday to SaturdayRepeat
04:00 am-04:30 amPeranbuMonday to SaturdayRepeat
06:30 am-07:00 amArputham Tharum AlayangalMonday to SaturdayOthers
07:00 am-08:00 amOlimayamana EthirkaalamMonday to SaturdayOthers
08:00 am-09:00 amSembaruthiMonday to SaturdayOLD
09:00 am-09:30 amKannathil MuthamittalMonday to SaturdayRepeat
09:30 am-10:00 amThavamai ThavamirundhuMonday-SaturdayRepeat
10:00 am-10:30 amPeranbuMonday-SaturdayRepeat
10:30 am-11:00 amAmudhavum AnnalakshmiyumMonday-SaturdayRepeat
11:00 am-11:30 amMeenakshi PonnungaMonday-SaturdayRepeat
11:30 am-12:00 pmSeetha RamanMonday-SaturdayRepeat
12:00 pm-12:30 pmKarthigai DeepamMonday-SaturdayRepeat
12:30 pm-01:00 pmMaariMonday-SaturdayRepeat
01:00 pm-01:30 pmIndraMonday to SaturdayRegular
01:30 pm-02:15 pmKanaaMonday-SaturdayRegular
02:15 pm-03:00 pmDeivam Thantha Poove 2Monday-SaturdayRegular
03:00 pm-03:30 pmKannathil MuthamittalMonday-SaturdayRegular
03:30 pm-05:00 pmAmudhavum AnnalakshmiyumMonday to SaturdayRepeat
05:30 pm-06:00 pmDeivam Thantha Poove 2Monday to SaturdayRepeat
06:00 pm-06:30 pmThavamai ThavamirundhuMonday to SaturdayRegular
06:30 pm-07:00 pmPeranbuMonday to SaturdayRegular
07:00 pm-07:30 pmAmudhavum AnnalakshmiyumMonday to SaturdayRegular
07:30 pm-08:00 pmSeetha RamanMonday to SaturdayRegular
08:00 pm-08:30 pmMaariMonday to FridayRegular
08:30 pm-09:00 pmVidhya No.1Monday to FridayRegular
09:00 pm-09:30 pmKarthigai DeepamMonday to FridayRegular
09:30 pm-10:00 pmMeenakshi PonnungaMonday to SaturdayRegular
10:00 pm-10:30 pmNinaithale InikkumMonday to SaturdayRegular
10:30 pm-11:00 pmRajiniMonday to SaturdayRegular
08:00 pm-09:30 pmSaReGaMaPa Seniors Season 3Saturday-SundayRegular
06:00 pm-07:00 pmSuper JodiSundayRegular

Zee Tamil Regular TV Shows with Synopsis 2023

In the below part, we highlighted the current Zee Tamil show timing and Zee Tamil schedules. Have a glance:


Genre: Family Drama

Star Cast: Fouzil Hidhayah, Akshay Kamal, Premi Venkat, Akhila Krishnan, Kavya

Director: Rajiv K. Prasanth

Show Timing: Monday- Saturday at 01:00 pm-01:30 pm

A brave and bold-natured girl named Indira fights for women’s empowerment. She lives in a happy family with her parents and sister. Indira and her sister have a strong bonding between them. Her sister gets married and faces many problems in her in-law’s house. One day she plans to protect her sister from her in-law’s house. Her mother-in-law is very greedy.  Eventually, Indira falls in love with a man.


Genre: Family Drama

Star Cast: Dharshana Ashokan, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Keerthana, Ananya, Sundaram

Director: Not Known

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 01:30 pm-02:15 pm

Kanaa is the story of Anbarasi, who dreams of being an athlete and is very proficient, but her parents don’t support her dream and fix her marriage without her consent. So she elopes from her house, participates in a 400 m running race, and wins. What will happen next? To know that, watch this Zee Tamil serial. 

Deivam Thantha Poove 2

Zee Tamil TV show Deivam Thantha Poove

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Nishma Chengappa, Amruth Kalam, Satvik Dev,  Sridhar Subramaniyam, Harsha Nair

Director: Prathap Mani

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 02:15 pm-03:00 pm

This Zee Tamil serial starts with Mithra belongs to a poor background. She struggles hard to settle the loan money from her father. But, she faces many challenges to live in a new place. One day, she met Dr Ramakrishnan and asked for her. Will Dr. Ramakrishnan help her?

Kannathil Muthamittal

Kannathil Muthamittal

Genre: Drama, Romance

Star Cast: Manishajith, Padine Kumar, Divya Padmini, Santhosh, Manush

Director: V.M. Senthil Kumar

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 03:00 pm-03:30 pm

Subathra and Madhiazhagan’s marriage is more than 5 years. But nobody in Madhiazhagan hasn’t accepted their marriage. Will they be able to convince their family? To know that, you must watch all episodes of this one of the most popular Zee Tamil shows. 

Thavamai Thavamirundhu

Genre: Family drama

Star Cast: Pasanga Sivakumar, Anitha Nair, Sandhya Ramachandran, Britto Mano, Mahesh  

Director:  Prathap Mani

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 06:00 pm-06:30 pm

It starts with a couple, Markandeyan and Seetha. Revathi, Raja, Ravi, and Mala are their children. They have different personalities that affect their parents to embarrassment. Finally, the couple decided to leave the house and start a new life in another place. Check out this Zee Tamil serial timing to watch all the upcoming episodes. 


Zee Tamil serial Peranbu

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Vaishnavi Arulmozhi, Shamitha Shreekumar, Vimal Venkatesan, Oorvambu Lakshmi,  Akshitha Ashok

Director: Bashir,  RK Swami, Durga Saravanan

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 6:30 pm-7:00 pm

Peranbu is one of the most popular Zee Tamil shows broadcast on the same channel. The plot of the TV series revolves around Vanathi, who gets married to Karthik under unexpected circumstances. Vanathi’s mother understands the discomfort between the newlyweds. Will she be able to solve the problem?

Amudhavum Annalakshmiyum

Amudhavum Annalakshmiyum Zee Tamil

Genre: Family

Star Cast: Kanmani Manoharan, Rajashree, Arun Padmanabhan, Raj Kapoor, Ravi Prakash

Director: S. Jeevarajan

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 7:00 pm-7:30 pm

Amudhavum Annalakshmiyum is another Zee Tamil new serial and starts with an uneducated and straightforward girl Amudha” wishes her marriage life to be only with a teacher, hoping that he would be able to help Amudha to achieve her dream of getting educated. Soon she met Senthil- a school teacher, and wants to marry him. 

Seetha Raman

Genre: Romance, Drama

Star Cast: Priyanka Nalkari, Jay D’Souza, Reshma Pasupuleti, Rekha Krishnappa, Akshitha Bopaiah

Director: Not Known

Show Timing: Monday- Saturday at 07:30 pm-08:00 pm

Seetha Raman is a Zee Tamil new show, and the serial plot revolves around Seetha, who gets married to Ram.  But Seetha has faced rejection largely from society and Raman’s Family simply because of her looks. The story tells how Seetha is determined to win over her husband despite all odds.


Genre: Supernatural, Conspiracy

Star Cast: Ashika Padukone, Adarsh HS, Sona Heiden, Shiva Subramanian, Abitha

Director: V. Sadhasivam

Show Timing: Monday-Friday at 8:00 pm-8:30 pm

This Zee Tamil TV serial is the official remake of the Zee Bangla series Trinayani and starts with a small-town girl named Maari. Due to certain circumstances, she had to marry Surya. After marriage, Maari realizes that her husband treated her like a slave.

Vidhya No.1

Genre: Family Drama

Star Cast: Tejaswini Gowda, Niharika Harshu, Ilavarasan, Azhagu, Niharikka Ranjith

Director: Siva Sekar (Ep 46–present)

Show Timing: Monday-Friday at 8:30 pm-9:00 pm

Vedavalli is a successful entrepreneur who believes education matters a lot. Therefore she wants her daughter-in-law to be educated. What will happen then? For this, watch all TV series episodes on the Zee Tamil channel.  

 Karthigai Deepam

Genre: Musical Drama

Star Cast: Karthik Raj, Arthika, Rajesh, Tamil Selvi, Meera Krishna

Director: V. Sathasivam

Show Timing: Monday -Friday at 09:00 pm-09:30 pm

Deepa is a young, talented girl who started a journey to prove herself and create an identity for herself as a singer. She has dark-skinned and faces intolerance because of her skin colour. She is always glad that her complexion resembles Lord Karthikeyan’s. But Her life takes a turn after marriage when she tries to make a career in music and meets a lot of problems.

Meenakshi Ponnunga

Genre: Drama

Star Cast: Mokshitha Pai, Archana, Aryan, Gayathri Yuvraj, Pranika Dhakshu, Sasilaya

Director: Muthukumaraswamy

Show Timing: Monday-Friday at 09:30 pm-10:00 pm

This Zee Tamil new serial starts with Meenakshi giving birth to three daughters, Yamuna, Shakthi, and Durga. But her husband desperately wanted a son, so he married Pushpa. On the other hand, Meenakshi and her three daughters run a mass named Meenakshi Mess in a village. 

Ninaithale Inikkum

Ninaithale Inikkum tamil serial

Genre: Drama, Family

Star Cast: Swathi Sharma, Anand Selvan, Suresh Krishnamurthy, Hema Srikanth, Bala Subramanian

Director: N. Priyan

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 10:00 pm-10:30 pm

Ninaithale Inikkum is the official remake of the Zee Bangla TV series Mithai. It starts with a naughty woman Bommi whose father is dead. On the other side, Bommi’s mother has a serious stomach problem.  Bommi’s uncle Azhagesan is innocent, but her aunt Sakunthala is cruel to Bommi. Sakunthala wants her brother Thavamani to marry Bommi, but he is a criminal. Check out this Zee Tamil show timing to watch all the upcoming episodes. 


Zee Tamil TV show Rajini

Genre: Soap Opera

Star Cast: Shreya Anchan, Arun Crizer, Srilekha Parthasarathy, Poppy Master, Andrews Jesudoss

Director: S.S. Saravanan (Dec 2021–June 2022), Y.V. Ramana Moorthy (July 2022–present)

Show Timing: Monday-Saturday at 10:30 pm-11:00 pm

Per the title, Rajini is the story of a bold and determined lady Rajini. She takes care of her whole family as a single lady. But things turned around when her love was forgiving to her sister. Keep an eye on the Zee TV schedule to watch the upcoming episodes. 

SaReGaMaPa – Season 3

Genre: Singing

Host: Archana Chandhoke

Show Timing: Saturday-Sunday at 08:00 pm-09:30 pm

There will be many rounds of performances to shortlist the top contestants for the finale. On each round of the show, four judges and jury members from various musical backgrounds weigh in with their points to judge every performance.

Super Jodi

Genre: Game Show

Host: RJ Vijay, Kiki Vijay

Show Timing: Sunday at 06:00 pm-07:00 pm

Super Jodi is a new Zee Tamil reality show where ten real-life celebrity couples are set to perform multiple tasks and challenges. The reality show also showcases the emotional connection between the couple.

Zee Tamil Previously Broadcasted Shows With Main Cast

Drama Series

YearShow NameGenreMain CastAvailability
2008-2009Avalukendru Oru ManamDrama
2009-2011Sollathaan NinaikkirenDramaCharulata, Ravi Raghavendra
2010Yathumagi NindraiDramaKathadi Ramamurthy, Jaya Lakshmi, Swarnamalya, Neeraja
2011-2013ThulasiSoap opera
2012-2014Puguntha VeeduSoap operaSelvi Thiyagarajan, T. G. Thyagarajan, Sindhu Shyam,Shamitha,SrikaranYouTube
2012-2013Merku Mambalathil Oru KaadhalSoap operaVicky Krish, Haripriya VigneshkumarYouTube
2012-2013My Name Is MangammaDramaAneesh Menon, Delhi Kumar, Maheswari, Ram Mogan, Yogi BabuYouTube
2013-2014Mamiyar ThevaiSoap operaYuvarani , Srithika , Mahalakshmi, Subhalekha Sudhakar, SoniaYouTube
2013-2014Nalla NeramSoap opera, DramaS. Kavitha, Balasingh, Vasuvikiram, Shamily Sukumar, Kutty RameshYouTube
2013Ramani Vs RamaniSitcomVasuki Anand, Prithvi Raj, Poovilangu Mohan, Mythily, GnanamYouTube
2014AnandhamDramaSukanya, Delhi Kumar, Brinda Das, Sri Priya/Jaya Prabha , Kamalesh PKYouTube
2014Azhagana RatchaseeDrama
2014GayathriFamilyNeema, Vijay, Veenu,Varalakshmi, AkhilaYouTube
2014-2015Nenjathai KilladheSoap opera, DramaS. P. B. Charan , Gayathiri , Shampavi, Renuka, Kutty
2014-2015Oru Kai OsaiDramaBhuvaneswari, Sujitha, Saakshi Siva, Mahalakshmi, RishiYouTube
2014Pava MannippuDramaSairam, Nithya Ravindran, SantoshiYouTube
2014-2015Siva RagasiyamDramaShamily Sukumar, Sairam, Ajay Kapoor, Nanthini, Kutty RameshYouTube
2014-2015Thiru MangalyamDramaAjay Ratnam, Sreevani, Mahalakshmi, Sridhar, GouthamiYouTube
2014-2015UyirmeiSoap opera, MedicalAmala, Srithika, Vineeth, Praveen, Gibran OsmanYouTube
2015-2016Annakodiyum Aindhu PengalumSoap operaSathish, Deepa, Lakshmi / Kavitha, Vibhu Raman, Shruthi Raj
2015-2017Lakshmi VandhachuSoap operaVani Bhojan, Saran Rajesh, Benito Franklin Alex, Nathan Shyam, Haripriya Vigneshkumar
2015-2017Mella Thirandhathu KadhavuSoap opera, RomanceSanthosh, Sreethu Nair , Anu, K K Menon, SofiaYouTube
2015-2016PriyasakiSoap operaMithra Kurian, Nikhila Rao , Arnav , Ashwin Kumar , Arun Kumar RajanYouTube
2016-2017Darling DarlingSoap opera,Comedy, RomanceRamji, V. J. Chitra , Vasanth Gopinath, Nandhini, Sri Vidhya ShankarYouTube
2016-2018Thalayanai PookalSoap operaNisha Ganesh , Shreekumar, Neelima Rani , Sandra Amy, Delhi KumarYouTube
2017-2019Azhagiya Tamil MagalSoap operaSheela Rajkumar , Puvi Arasu , Subalakshmi Rangan, Anju Aravind , Seetha Anil
2017-2020Devathaiyai KandenSoap operaEshwar Raghunathan, Krithika Laddu,Mahalakshmi, Sulakshana , Rishi KeshavYouTube
2017-2019Mullum MalarumSoap operaMunish Raja, Dharsha Gupta, Tejaswini Shekar, Vijay Krishnaraj / Narasimha RajaYouTube
2017-2020Niram Maaratha PookalSoap operaMohammed Azeem, Dhakshayini, Geethanjali, Swapna, Navin Victor
2017-2021Poove PoochudavaSoap operaReshma Muralidharan, Karthick Vasu, Dinesh Gopalsamy, Eshwar Raghunathan, Monisha ArshakYouTube
2017-2019Rekka Katti Parakkudhu ManasuSoap operaSiddharth Kumaran, Sameera Sherief, Syed Anwar Ahmed, Sai Swetha \ Nirajani Ashok, VadivukkarasiYouTube
2017-2022SembaruthiSoap operaShabana Shajahan , Priya Raman , Karthik Raj, Oorvambu Lakshmi , Sanjay Kumar AsraniYouTube, Zee 5
2017-2021Yaaradi Nee MohiniSupernatural, ThrillerShreekumar, Nachathira, Chaitra Reddy, Yamuna Chinnadurai, Fathima BabuYouTube, Zee 5
2018-2021Oru Oorla Oru RajakumariDramaAshwini Radhakrishna, Puvi Arasu, Swathi Royal, Vishnukanth, S.KavithaYouTube, Zee 5
2018Sri Vishnu DasavatharamDramaAvit Shetty, Amith Kashyap, Veena Ponnappa, Harsha Nair, Archana JoisYouTube
2019-2022Gokulathil SeethaiSoap operaAsha Gowda, Nanda Gopal , Nalini , Gayathri , Devi TejuZee 5
2019-2020Kandukondain KandukondainSoap operaVishnu Unnikrishnan, Krishnapriya K Nair, Seema, Anu Sulash, Amritha VarnanYouTube
2019-2020NachiyarpuramSoap operaDinesh Gopalsamy, Rachitha Mahalakshmi , Vadivukkarasi , Girish ,Premi VenkatYouTube
2019-2020Piriyadha Varam VendumDramaVimal Venkatesan, Madhumitha H, Priyanka Shivanna, Mamilla Shailaja Priya, Akhila Krishnan
2019-2021Raja MagalSoap operaIraa Agarwal , Riyas, Vimal Venkatesan, Sathya Sai Krishnan, Vanaja
2019-2021Sathya 1DramaAyesha, Vishnu, Indran, Santhosh, Shalini Sundar / Preethi Pritu / Sandhya Dhaiyan
2019-2023Rettai RojaDramaShivani Narayanan, Akshay Kamal, Tamil Selvi, Meera Krishna, Seetha Anil
2020-2022Endrendrum PunnagaiDramaNakshatra Srinivas, Kavitha, Nithin Iyer, Deepak Kumar, VishnukanthYouTube, Zee 5
2020-2021Neethane Enthan PonvasanthamSoap operaJai Akash, Dharshana Ashokan, David Solomon Raja, Nivashini Divya, SoniaZee 5
2020-2021SuryavamsamSoap opera, FamilyNikitha Rajesh, Aashish Chakravarthi, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Nithya Raj, RajeshYouTube
2020-2022Thirumathi HitlerDrama, Romance, ComedyKeerthana Podhuval, Amit Bhargav , Ambika , Manjula Paritala , Sowmya Rao NadigYouTube, Zee 5
2021-2022Anbe SivamSoap operaVikram Shri, Raksha Holla, Anshita, Hadeed Kavin, Sabitha AnandYouTube, Zee 5
2021-2022Chithiram PesuthadiDramaDeepika Rangaraju, Shiv Sathish, Baboos Baburaj, Jayashree / Caroline Hiltrud, Sherin Janu / Navya NarayananYouTube, Zee 5
2021-2022Oru Oorla Rendu RajakumariDramaAshwini Radhakrishna, Puviarasu, Sahasraa, Meghna Mrithika, Swathi RoyalZee 5
2021-2022Pudhu Pudhu ArthangalDrama, FamilyDevayani Rajakumaran , VJ Parvathy, Abhishek Shankar , Niyaz Khan, Dindigul I. LeoniZee 5
2021-2022Sathya 2DramaAyesha, Vishnu,Sandhya Dhaiyan, Anbalaya Prabhakaran, YuvashreeYouTube, Zee 5

Dubbed Series

Show NameGenreMain CastAvailability
Chinna Poove Mella PesuDrama, RomanceShraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar/Shakti Arora, Paras Kalnawat, Baseer AliYouTube, Zee 5
Chinna MarumagalDramaRubina Dilaik , Avinash Sachdev, Abhinav Shukla, Gopi Desai, Keerti Gaekwad KelkarYouTube
CIDCrime Fiction, Suspense, ThrillerShivaji Satam, Dinesh Phadnis, Ashutosh Gowariker, Dayanand Shetty, Narendra GuptaYouTube
Crime PatrolReality, Documentary, CrimeDiwakar Pundir, Shakti Anand, Sakshi Tanwar, Anup Soni, Sanjeev TyagiYouTube
Devi ParasakthiEpicRati Pandey, Tarun Khanna, Kanishka Soni, Kanan Malhotra, Vinit Kakar
Fear FilesHorror, ThrillerZee 5
Iniya Iru MalargalDrama, RomanceSriti Jha , Shabir Ahluwalia , Mugdha Chaphekar, Mehul Kajaria / Rushad RanaYouTube, Zee 5
Jodha AkbarHistoryRajat Tokas , Paridhi Sharma , Smiley Suri /Lavina Tandon , Ashwini kaleskarYouTube, Zee 5
Kaadhalukku SalaamIndian soap operaSurbhi Jyoti, Harshaali Malhotra, Sanam Ahmed Khan, Karan Singh Grover / Raqesh BapatYouTube
Kaatrukkenna VeliIndian soap operaAjay Devgn, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sajid Khan, Ankita Lokhande, Karanvir BohraYouTube
MahabharathamEpicNitish Bharadwaj, Kewal Shah, Mukesh Khanna, Gajendra Chauhan, Praveen KumarYouTube
MahamayiDramaArchana Jois, Nalini, Manasa JoshiYouTube
MapillaiSoap operaRavi Dubey, Nia Sharma, Achint Kaur, Shiny Doshi, Mouli GangulyYouTube
MarumanamSoap operaKratika Sengar, Gurmeet Choudhary, Shweta Munshi, Vineet Raina / Sarwar AhujaYouTube
Moondru MugamDramaSuzane George
NaagaraniFantasyDeepika Das, Deekshith Shetty, Shilpa Ravi, Karishma Amin, BK RaghavendraYouTube
Naanum Oru PennDramaRajshree Thakur, Sharad Kelkar, Raqesh Bapat, Mohan Bhandari, Pratichi Mishra
Puratchiyalar Dr. AmbedkarDramaAayudh Bhanushali, Atharva Karve, Prasad Jawade, Jagannath Nivangune, Narayani Mahesh Varne
Radha KalyanamDramaKruttika Ravindra, Amith Kashyap, Chandan Kumar, Seetha KoteYouTube
Sivanum NaanumComedyYashpal Sharma/Rajesh Kumar, Disha Savla, Himanshu Soni, Mithilesh Chaturvedi
ThamaraiSoap operaMitali Nag , Kinshuk Mahajan, Virendra Saxena , Shahbaz Khan, Yash SinhaYouTube
Thenali Raaman
Historical Biopic
Krishna Bharadwaj, Pankaj Berry, Manav Gohil, Tarun Khanna, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Sonia SharmaYouTube
Veera MarthandanMythologyDevdatta Nage , Gauri Sukhtankar, Bageshree Nimbalkar , Surabhi Hande , Isha KeskarYouTube
Inya Iru MalargalDramaNaina Singh, Kaurwakee Vasistha, Mrunal Thakur, Ruchi Savarn, Sriti JhaYouTube, Zee 5
Veera ShivajiHistorical dramaParas Arora , Amol Kolhe, Shilpa Tulaskar , Palak Jain , Sonia Sharma

Reality/Non-Scripted Shows

Show NameGenreWinnerRunner Up
Aaha Enna PoruthamReality
Aaha Maamiyar Oho MarumagalReality
Aayirathil Oruvan (Seasons 1 and 2)Reality
Anjarai PettiReality
Athirshta LakshmiReality
Chutti ChampionsReality
Comedy KhiladisReality
Dance Jodi DanceDance showSeason 1: Meesha & Jeevan
Season 2: Ruth & Rinish Raj
Season 4: Vaishnavi & Avinash
Season 1: Yuthan & Nancy
Season 2: Krishnamoorthy & Raveena
Season 4: Dominic & Preetha
Dance Jodi Dance 2Dance showRuth & Rinish RajKrishnamoorthy & Raveena (Second runner-up), Deva & Deeshika (Third runner-up)
Dance Jodi Dance JuniorsDance showNowfal & DarshanSantosh & Dhanush (Second runner-up), Rajesh & Dheeraj (Third runner-up)
Dance Tamizha DanceDance show
Dance Tamizha Dance Little MastersDance show
Dancing KhilladiesDance showPuviarasu & PreethaVaratha & Ramya (1st runner-up)
Karthik & Deashika (2nd runner-up)
En AutographReality
Genes (Seasons 1, 2, and 3)game show
Home Minister
Jil Jung Juk
Junior SeniorTalentSangi Mangi Sangam
Junior Super Star (Seasons 1 and 2)Talent showSeason 1: Ashwanth Ashokkumar
Season 2: Bhavass
Season 4: Elantamizh
Junior Super Star 3.0Talent show
Konjam Coffee Niraya CinemaTalk Show
Lucka Kicka Season 1 & 2
Mr & Mrs Khiladis (Seasons 1 and 2)Game showYuvaraj & Gayathri
Nanben DaComedy talk show
amma Veetu Mahalakshmi
Nil Kavani Sel
Petta Rap
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge Tamil 2009Singing
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors (Seasons 1 and 2)SingingSeason 1: Varsha
Season 2: Aslam
Season 1: Rockstar Ramani Ammal
Season 2: Karthick & Sukanya
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs (Seasons 1 and 2)Singing showVishwa PrasadDisathana (1st Runner up), Rakthash (2nd Runner up)
Simply KushbooTalk show
Super Mom (Seasons 1, 2, &3)Talent show
Sundays with Anil and KarkyTalk show
Survivor (Season 1)Reality show
Solvathellam Unmai (Seasons 1 and 2)Reality show
Solla Thudikkuthu ManasuReality show
Top 10
Weekend with StarsTalk show
Why This KolaveriGame show
Zee Dance LeagueDance show
Zee Super Famil
Zee Super Talents
Tamizha Tamizha


As a television channel, Zee Tamil is transforming Tamil entertainment with its reality shows, game shows, comedy, travelogues, cookery shows, serials, family strife-based reality shows, movies, music, and much more. In this article, we have assembled a list of the Zee Tamil current shows, Zee Tamil former programs and upcoming shows. However, the show timing depends on the channel preference. Besides, one can watch these drama series, reality shows, and dubbed series on the Zee 5 OTT platform

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