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Top 10 Tamil Serials List in Recent Time

We all love to watch television serials. Of course, the Hindi serials are mostly watched by viewers around the country, but the regional serials are also popular in their state as well as a business well. As per a report, in recent times the Tamil serials are making amazing progress in capturing viewers’ attention. In this guide, we are going to discuss the top 10 best Tamil serials that have become very popular in recent times. 

Top 10 Tamil Serials List

Have a glance at the undermentioned section as here we have prepared a list of top Tamil serials. 

  1. Vamsam
  2. Kula Deivam
  3. Vani Rani
  4. Nandhini
  5. Chandralekha
  6. Deivamagal
  7. Saravanan Meenatchi
  8. Nadhaswaram
  9. Keladi Kanmani
  10. Deivam Thandha Veedu

#1. Vamasam

Writers: Aishwaryan

Directed by: C.J.Bhaskar (1-117), K.Rajeev Prasad (117-245), Arulrai (246-925), V.Sadhasivam (925-1088), A.P.Rajendran (1089-1135), A.B.Nakeeran (1136-1195), Sulaiman K Babu (1196-1265), Suki Moorthy (1265-1338)

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 1338

We include Vamasam in the top 10 serials in the Tamil list. It’s a Tamil daily soap broadcasted on Sun TV from Monday to Saturday. The serial started in 2013 and the last episode was aired on 18 Nov 2017. There’s a total of 1338 episodes. The story of this television is based on the lifestyle of Shakthi who searches for her relatives. In this serial, Ramya Krishnan has a double role. 


  • Ramya Krishnan as Archana Ponnurangam and Shakthi Sarath Narayanan
  • Sakthi Saravanan as Madhan Kumaraswamy and Sudhan
  • Sai Kiran as ACP Ponnurangam Pandiyan and Singapour Sivaraj Pandiyan
  • Sandhya as Bhoomika Madhan and Devika
  • Urvashi as Sundari

#2. Kula Deivam

Writers: Baskar Sakthi, Arumugam.karu

Directed By: Thirumurugan

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 897

We include Kula Deivam in our top 10 Tamil serials list. It was started in 2015 and aired on Sun TV. The last episode was broadcast on 13th April 2018. A total of 897 episodes are there. The TV serial shows the story of a couple Sundram and Gnanambal who live with their children and grandchildren. Now, when the different generations clash with each other, a problem arises. 


  • T. S. B. K. Moulee as Sundaram/Arunachalam
  • Metti Oli’ Shanthi as Mangala Sundari
  • Sateesh Kumar as Keshavan
  • Vadivukkarasi as Gnanambal Sundaram
  • Pavithran as Rohit or Chinna Gopi or Chinna Manmadhan
  • Revathy Shankar as Mangaleshwari

#3. Vaani Rani

top Tamil serials

Writers: Pa.Raghavan

Directed By: O.N Rathnam (Episodes 1-477 & 891-1447), V.C Ravi (Episodes 478-493), A. Ramachanthiran (Episodes 494-1447), R. Aravindraj (Episodes 1448-1520), CJ Baskar (Episodes 1521-1743)

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 1743

Vani Rani is another best Tamil serial that was broadcast on Sun TV from 2013 to Dec 2018. The serial shows the lifestyle of two sisters Vani and Rani who lost their parents at an early age. However, their uncle takes care of them. Vani wants to be a lawyer and to fulfill her dream Rani sacrifices her education. 


  • Vani Bhoominathan as Vani
  • Rani Saaminathan as Rani
  • Babloo Prithiveeraj as Saaminathan aka Saami
  • Venu Arvind as Bhoominathan aka Bhoomi
  • Delna Davis as Anupriya “Anu” Bhoominathan

#4. Nandhini

Writers: Sundar C

Directed By: Raj Kapoor

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 975

Nandhini is one of the best Tamil serials ever made.  It was aired on Sun TV. The story starts with Rathnavel who falls in love with a mysterious girl Parvathy. They get married and have two children. Later Parvathy transforms her into a transgender. 


  • Nithya Ram as Nandini
  • Khusbhu Sundar as Parvathy Rathnavel
  • Rahul Ravi as Rajashekar
  • Malavika Wales as Janaki Arun

#5. Chandralekha

Writers: Prasanna, Ezhilselvan, Bala Thangam

Directed By: A.P. Rajendran, K.J. Thangapandiyan, R. Nandhakumar, A.B. Nakeeran

Seasons: 8

Episodes: 2039 ( As per 24th Nov 2021)

Chandralekha Tamil TV serial aired on Sun TV in 2014. The serial shows the story of two girls, Chandra and Lekha. After their birth, they are switch and end up living with each other’s families. This is one of the top Tamil serials of all time. 


  • Naagasree GS as Lekha Sabarinathan
  • Shwetha Bandekar as Chandrakanta Azhageshan a.k.a “Chandra”
  • Sandhya Jagarlamudi as Brindha Suryakumar a.k.a Bhavani
  • Arun Kumar Rajan (2014-Present) as Sabarinathan a.k.a Sabari

#6. Deivamagal

best tamil serial Deivamagal

Writers: C. U. Muthuselvan, V. K. Amirtharaj, Nandhan Sridharan

Directed By: S. Kumaran

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 1466

This show was broadcast on Sun TV from Monday to Friday. This serial gained the highest TRP ranking consistently for five years. The story shows the lifestyle of Prakash and his wife Sathyapriya. They fight together against their enemies and overcome all the challenges. 


  • Vani Bhojan as Sathyapriya “Sathya” Prakash
  • Rekha Krishnappa as Gayathri
  • Krishna as “Prakash” Chidambaram

#7. Saravanan Meenatchi

Writers: Priya Thampi

Directed By: Azhagar (Season 1), Praveen Bennett (Season 2-3)

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 1800

It’s a romantic Tamil TV serial aired on STAR Vijay. The story tells us the love story between the titular characters. In the story, Saravanan is a city boy and on the other hand, Meenatchi is a village girl. They fail in love with each other. 


  • Sreeja Chandran as Meenatchi
  • Stalin Muthu as Thamizharasan “Thamizh”
  • Mirchi Senthil as RJ Saravanan
  • Rajasekar as Rajasekar
  • Ramya Ramakrishna as Soundarya

#8. Nadhaswaram

top 10 serials in tamil

 Writers: Thirumurugan

Directed By: Thirumurugan

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 1356

Nadhaswaram was an extremely popular show and aired on Sun TV from 2010 to 2015. After that, it was replaced by Kula Deivam. When it was running, this TV serial gain huge TRP. The show includes many new actors who proved their acting skills. It’s a family-oriented TV show and we include it in our top Tamil serials list. 


  • T. S. B. K. Mouli as Chokkalingam
  • Thirumurugan as Gopikrishnan Chokkalingam
  • Poovilangu Mohan as Mayilvahanam
  • Srithika as Malarkodi Gopikrishnan
  • Jeyanthi Narayanan as Meenakshi Chokkalingam

#9. Keladi Kanmani

Writers: Ezhilarvardan, C. U. Muthuselvan

Directed By: O. N. Rathnam (1-332), P. Selvam (333-767)

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 767

Till now, this Tamil serial has had two seasons. The first season shows the lifestyle of Maya- a mentally ill woman who is raised by her single mother. After her mom died, Maya got married. Season 2 shows Maya’s journey from a mental illness to becoming a normal person. 


  • Sadhana as Bhavani: Maya’s mother
  • Sai Priyanka Ruth as Priyanka: Yugi’s younger sister
  • Krithika Krishnan as Maya Yugendran
  • M. Ramachanthiran as Nandakumar: Maya and Vaishu’s father, Bhavani’s ex-husband
  • Sukkiran as Pachaimuthu: Malathi’s husband and Yugi’s brother-in-law

#10. Deivam Thandha Veedu

Writers: S.Ashok Kumar

Directed By: Nagiya Suseendaran, Susheel Mokashi, G. Jayakumar

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 1000 and still running…

The show has now its third season. Deivam Thandha Veedu is a family serial and focuses on the characters of the Chakravarthy family in Chennai who have strong social respect. This serial shows how the Chakravarthy family’s life effect when two cousins having opposite personalities get married. This is one of the top Tamil serials that won a few national awards. 


  • Sudha Chandran as Chitradevi Devaraj Chakravarthy
  • Meghna Vincent as Seetha Ramkumar Chakravarthy
  • Sravan Rajesh as Ramkumar Chakravarthy
  • Venkat Renganathan as Ravikumar Chakravarthy

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Wrap Up…

Tamil TV serials slowly gained huge popularity after every passing day. The Tamil serials are full of drama, thriller, emotion, and exceptional endings. So, if you love to watch Tamil serials, then have a look at these top Tamil serials and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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