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12 Best South Indian Horror Movies To Feel You Scared

Horror is a genre that helps us to forget the real world for some moments. In today’s era, there are so many top OTT platforms where you can watch good horror web series and movies. In the rest of the content, we have discussed the 12 Best South Indian Horror Movies that might steal your sleep. Read on…

South Indian horror movies list

Here we have prepared a South horror movie list that you can watch during the COVID-19 pandemic and refresh your mind. Check out:

  1. Maya (2015)
  2. Aval (2017)
  3. Zero (2016)
  4. Kanchana 2 (2015)
  5. Raju Gari Gadhi (2015)
  6. Pisaasu (2014)
  7. Mangala (2011)
  8. U Turn (2016)
  9. Arundhati (2009)
  10. Ouija (2015)
  11. Charulatha (2012)
  12. Ezra (2017)

So, let’s start and understand every possible information about these best South horror movies of all time. For instance, plot, IMDb rating, and cast & crew. 

#1. Maya (2015)

 Rating: 7.6/10 IMDb

Available On: Sun Nxt

It’s a good horror movie full of emotion. The movie is about an actress spending a whole night in a theater alone in order to solve a murder mystery. Over time, some unnatural activities happen. Will the actress survive? For that, go and watch the movie on Sun Nxt. When the movie was released it was quite appreciated by the audiences and became one of the best South horror movies of all time. 

 Directed By: Ashwin Saravanan

Written By: Ashwin Saravanan

Produced By: S.R. Prakashbabu

Cast: Aari Arujunan, Nayanthara, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Amzath Khan

#2. Aval (2017)

Rating: 6.8/10 IMDb

Available On: Netflix

It’s an intense horror movie that will keep you hooked till the climax. Aval shows the story of two middle-class families who face several difficulties to deal with a revenge-seeking ghost. Andrea Jeremiah and Siddharth play the lead characters in the movie. 

Directed By: Milind Rau

Written By: Rahul Ramchandani, Siddharth, Chandan Arora

Produced By: Siddharth

Cast: Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah, Prakash Belawadi, Avinash Raghudevan

#3. Zero (2016)

Rating: 6.3/10 IMDb

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Zero is one of the best South Indian horror-comedy movies. The movie is about a newly married couple. But the funny thing is that over time one of them gets possessed. And they believe that a spirit did all these things. You can watch this South horror-comedy movie on Amazon Prime Video. 

Directed By: Shiv Mohaa

Written By: Shiv Mohaa

Produced By: Balaji Kapa

Cast: J.D. Chakravarthi, Ashwin Kakumanu, Ravi Raghavendra, Swetha Nair

#4. Kanchana 2 (2015)

Rating: 5.6/10 IMDb

Available On: Sun Nxt

This movie is the sequel of the versatile actor, director Raghava Lawrence’s super hit horror movie Munni 2. This South horror comedy movie revolves around a TV channel’s team. They visit a bungalow to shoot a horror show.  But they discover that the place is actually haunted. This south horror movie is full of sentiments, thrills, and scares. 

Directed By: Lawrence Raghavendra

Written By: Lawrence Raghavendra

Produced By: Bellamkonda Suresh

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Lawrence Raghavendra, V. Jayaprakash, Kovai Sarala

#5. Raju Gari Gadhi (2015)

Rating: 5.1/10 IMDb

Available On: Hotstar

This is one of the Best South Indian horror movies that we include in the list. A TV channel’s management decides to host a reality show in a haunted bungalow. Seven people participated in the reality show. The movie is full of surprises and surely gives you some horror feelings. We recommend you to watch the movie on Hotstar. 

Directed By: Omkar

Written By: Omkar

Cast: Chethan Cheenu, Ashwin Babu, Dhanraj, Dhanya Balakrishna

#6. Pisaasu (2014)

Rating: 7.5/10 IMDb

Available On: Hotstar

This film is slightly different from the normal horror genre movies. The movie starts with a young girl who accidentally died in a car accident. She becomes a ghost and searches for the guy who was answerable for her death. This South Indian horror movie was highly appreciated by the viewers at that time. 

Directed By: Mysskin, 

Written By: Tamizhachi Thangapandian, Mysskin

Produced By: Bala

Cast: Prayaga Martin, Raj Kumar, Naga, Vinodhini Vaidynathan

#7. Mangala (2011)

Best South Indian Horror Movies

Rating: 5.4/10 IMDb

Available On: Sun Nxt

The movie starts with a popular movie star. Everything seems good but one day she unknowingly becomes the reason for the death of one of her die-hard fans. Now, the fan becomes a spirit and wants to take revenge on the movie star. The 1st half of the movie is quite chilling. But the 2nd half is full of scary moments. You can watch this South Indian horror movie on Sun Nxt

Directed By: Tulasi Ram

Written By: Unknown

Produced By: Unknown

Cast: Pradeep Singh Rawat, Charmme Kaur

#8. U Turn (2016)

Rating: 7.5/10 IMDb

Available On: Netflix

The horror film starts with a young lady who is a journalist. She explored and took interviews of the casual people who don’t follow the traffic rules. But one day, she becomes the suspect of a murder. U Turn movie gives a hard-hitting message and it’s a new type of horror movie. Later the film was released in four other languages. 

Directed By: Pawan Kumar

Written By: Pawan Kumar

Produced By: Pawan Kumar

Cast: Krishna Hebbale, Shraddha Srinath, Roger Narayan, Dileep Raj

#9. Arundhati (2009)

Rating: 7.4/10 IMDb

Available On: YouTube, Sun Nxt

Anushka Shetty, the versatile actress plays the lead character in the Arundhati movie. The movie starts with Arundhati wanting to kill a magician after knowing that the magician killed her grandmother Jejamma. Besides the scary scenes, this best horror movie has won several awards and was quite appreciated by the viewers due to its special graphics effects. The movie was first released in Telugu languages, later it was released in many other languages, including Tamil and Hindi. You can watch this South Indian horror movie on YouTube and Sun Nxt. 

Directed By: Kodi Ramakrishna

Written By: M. Shyam Prasad Reddy, Ramana Chintapally

Produced By: Narravula Gopi Krishna, M. Shyam Prasad Reddy 

Cast: Divya Nagesh, Anushka Shetty, Aachi Manorama, Sonu Sood

#10. Ouija (2015)

Rating: 6.9/10 IMDb

Available On: Amazon Prime Video

The movie starts with three software professionals and a young man who wants to be a big movie star. Now, one day four of them decide to make a short horror film. For their first shoot, they used an Ouija board. Things become worse and they feel a spirit’s presence who wants to kill them. 

Directed By: Rajkumar Gunduloori

Written By: Naveen Krishna, Padmavathi Rajakakarlapudi

Produced By: Vikram Raju

Cast: Gayathri Iyer, Bharat, Kadambari Jethwani, Shraddha Das

#11. Charulatha (2012)

Rating: 5.3/10 IMDb

Available On: Hotstar

Charulatha is the story of twins. Priyamani is in a twin role. Now, the twist begins when they both fall in love with the same person. The atmosphere of the film really scares you. On top of this, the climax is very scary and emotional as well. 

Directed By: Ponkumaran

Produced By: Ramesh Krishnamoorthy, B.S. Dwarakish

Cast: Skanda Ashok, Saranya Ponvannan, Priyamani

#12. Ezra (2017)

Rating: 6.7/10 IMDb

Available on: Hotstar

A newly married couple buys an antique box and after that, they feel the presence of supernatural powers. Later they discover that the antique box contains the spirit of Abraham Ezra who wants revenge. You can watch this best South Indian Horror movie on Hotstar. 

Directed By: Jay. k

Written By: Jai Krishna, Manu Gopal, Jay.k

Produced By: Prasanth Kumar, Mukesh R. Mehta, C.V. Sarathi

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand

Conclusion: Best South Indian Horror Movies

That’s it. In this guide, we have prepared a list of the 12 best South Indian Horror movies that you can watch alone or with your family members in the night and enjoy the scary environments.

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