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10 Best Alt Balaji Web Series to Binge Watch

ALT Balaji is part of the leading production company Balaji Telefilms, which is owned by Ekta Kapoor. ALT Balaji is an amazing and famous online video streaming service that we all know. It offers a lot of amazing and latest movies, web series, and TV shows with various categories like thriller, drama, romance, suspense, comedy, and more. 

In our busy lives, we all want to spend some quality time with our family members. In this dire situation, it is important to give them time to improve and refresh their spirits to get back to work. If you could just spend some time watching some of the best web series that would be great. ALT Balaji is also one of the famous platforms for the best web series. In this article, we will cover the 10 best Alt Balaji web series that you should watch without any hassle. 

Best Alt Balaji Web Series List

ALT Balaji is one of the leading OTT streaming platforms in India with a wide range of options to offer in the native web series category. It produces web series and movies in Hindi. In the ALT Balaji app, there are various of the best videos, movies, shows, and web series available. Here we are going to provide the best web series on ALT Balaji OTT platform that you should check out.

  1. Haq Se (2018)
  2. Bose: Dead / Alive (2017)
  3. Broken but Beautiful (2018)
  4. Apaharan (2018)
  5. Barrish (2019)
  6. Cartel (2021)
  7. The Test Case (2018)
  8. Home (2018)
  9. Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat (2017)
  10. Virgin Bhasskar 2 (2020)

#1. Haq Se (2018)

Best Alt Balaji Web Series

Rating: 8.2/10 IMDb

Genre: Drama

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 20

Haq Se is the best series to watch on ALT Balaji OTT platform that was released on 2nd February 2018. The series revolves around four sisters with their passionate dreams, all longing for one thing: achievement. It is a modern tale of dreams, set against the backdrop of Kashmir’s breathtaking beauty and terrifying joy. It is one of the best Hindi drama web series on ALT Balaji. 

Directed by: Ken Ghosh

Written by: Renuka Kunzru, Devika Bhagat

Produced by: Karan Raj Kohli, Viraj Kanpur

Cast: Nikkesha, Surveen Chawla, Aanchal Sharma, Rajeev Khandelwal, Parul Gulati, Simone Singh. 

#2. Bose: Dead / Alive (2017)

Rating: 8.7/10 IMDb

Genre: History, Mystery

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 9

Bose: Dead / Alive is an Indian historical drama web series that is based on the 2012 book India’s Biggest Cover-up by activist Anuj Dhar. It is one of the best Alt Balaji web series that was released on 20th November 2019. After his overloaded Japanese plane crashes in Japanese-occupied Formosa, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is presumed dead. However, his family in Calcutta received a telegram from Mahatma Gandhi not to perform his final rites. He then begins to speculate about his death and the other characters point out that he also disappeared in the past, all of which points to his possible return.

Directed by: Pulkit

Written by: Reshu Nath

Produced by: Suman Sengupta, Indranil Chakraborty

Cast: Naveen Kasturia, Anna Ador, Rajkummar Rao, Edward Sonnenblick, Alexx O’Nell.

#3. Broken but Beautiful (2018)

Broken but Beautiful

Rating: 8.6/10 IMDb

Genre: Romance, Drama

Season(s): 3

Episodes: 31

Broken but Beautiful is one of the best series to watch on ALT Balaji that premiered on 27th November 2018. There are three seasons with 31 episodes. The series revolves around love, heartbreak, and endless romance between two people. The first two seasons were about the story of Veer and Sameera. The third season presents new stories of Agastya Rao and Rumi Desai, two people from different worlds. It is an Indian Hindi language romantic drama web series created by Ekta Kapoor. 

Directed by: Priyanka Ghose, Santosh Singh, Harsh Dedhia

Written by: Rajat Arora, Reshu Nath

Produced by: Muraj Khetani, Niraj Kishore Kothari, Sarita A Tanwar, Ashwin Varde

Cast: Harleen Sethi, Sheetal Thakur, Sonia Rathee, Nikhil Sabhrawai, Vikrant Massy, Siddharth Shukla, 

#4. Apaharan (2018)

Rating: 8.4/10 IMDb

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Action

Season(s): 2

Episodes: 23

Apaharan is another best series on ALT Balaji that aired on 14th December 2018. The story is about Rudra Srivastava, a senior police inspector in Uttarakhand, who is tricked into kidnapping a young girl named Anusha at the request of her mother. The plot starts as a simple plan to extort money in exchange for Anusha. The series revolves around crime, thriller, mystery, and suspense with action and comedy. Apharan is based in the ’70s with a touch of nostalgia and great suspense and mysticism. The story follows police officer “Rudra” who is falsely accused and sentenced to 3 years in prison. The plot is related to the mystery of the murder of a kidnapped girl. 

Directed by: Siddharth Sen Gupta

Written by: Varun Badola, Mohinder Pratap Singh

Produced by: Jyoti Sagar, Siddharth Sen Gupta

Cast: Mahie Gill, Nidhi Singh, Arunoday Singh, Pawan Chopra, Varun Badola, Ujjawal Chopra. 

#5. Barrish (2019)

best alt balaji series to watch

Rating: 7.9/10 IMDb

Genre: Romance, Drama

Season(s): 2

Episodes: 40

Barrish is one of the ALT Balaji best web series that was released on 25th April 2019. The story is about Anuj and Gauravi are two different strangers who came from two different backgrounds, both culturally and economically. After his father’s death, Anuj left school to take care of his siblings and the family business. After too much hard work he managed to build his own business empire. On the other hand, Gauravi grew up in a middle class family that prioritized education. The unexpected marriage arranged by their two families unites them in a transactional relationship. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love, however, when the rain decided to write their fate.

Directed by: Nandita Mehta

Written by: Aayush Agarwal

Produced by: Nandita Mehta, Bhairavi Raichura

Cast: Manit Joura, Asha Negi, Sharman Joshi, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Priya Banerjee

#6. Cartel (2021)

Rating: 8.0/10 IMDb

Genre: Drama, Action

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 14

Cartel is an Indian Hindi language action drama web series that premiered on 20th August 2021. It is one of the best Alt Balaji web series produced by Ekta Kapoor. The Cartel revolves around five gangsters who run the city with their underworld business. And the reason Mumbai has not faced gang violence in the last 15 years is because of the understanding Rani Mai has shared with other gang leaders; Anna, Angre, Khan, Gajraj, and a mysterious film producer. Their illegal business will be separated from the assigned area on the condition that no one will interfere with anyone else’s business. 

Directed by: Ankkitha Maithy

Written by: Monish Talpade, Sambit Mishra

Produced by: Sunil Manchanda

Cast: Rithvik Dhanjani, Jitendra Joshi, Deepak Sampat, Tanuj Virwani, Priyanka Zemse

#7. The Test Case (2018)

The Test Case

Rating: 8.4/10

Genre: Drama, Action

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 11

The Test Case is one of the best ALT Balaji series to watch anytime. This is an Indian web series that aired on 26th January 2018. The story of the web series is inspired by the 1997 American film G.I.Jane. This web series is about captain Shikha Sharma preparing to become the Indian Army’s first female test pilot in a combat role and will do her utmost to get into the male-dominated academy. Will she eventually become the first female combat officer in the Indian Army? For this, you need to watch this series. 

Directed by: Nagesh kukunoor, Vinay Waikul

Written by: Ishita Moitra

Produced by: Akshay Mhatre, Shefali Bandyopadhyay, Shravan Reddy

Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Anup Soni, Nimrat Kaur, Rahul Dev, Akshay Oberoi.

#8. Home (2018)

Rating: 8.1/10

Genre: Drama, 

Season(s): 1

Episodes: 12

Home is another ALT Balaji best series that aired on 29th August 2019. The story is based on a middle-class Sethi family. They stick to their values ​​and find happiness in the little things. They manage with limited resources, but their love for each other is reflected in their eyes. Your home is your biggest and proudest possession. But their world came crashing down when the authorities gave them an expulsion notice. What will they do to save their home? Will they be able to save their home or will their efforts be in vain? Home is a story about the struggle of ordinary people to find a place to live.

Directed by: Habib Faisal, Samir Khurana

Written by: Neeraj Udhwani

Produced by: Kalyan Guha, Ronald Dmello, Rupali Guha

Cast: Annu Kapoor, Himani Shivpuri, Amol Parashar, Chetna Pande, Parikshit Sahni, Supriya Pilgaonkar.

#9. Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat (2017)

alt balaji best web series

Rating: 7.3/10

Genre: Romance, Drama

Season(s): 3

Episodes: 42

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat is one of the best Alt Balaji web series that premiered on 21st April 2017. It is an Indian Hindi romantic web series on ALT Balaji. The story is about two opposite people falling in love with each other. Karan Khana is a superstar and recovering alcoholic who meets his new advisor, Dr. Tripurasundari Nagrajan begins a detox journey to Mahabaleshwar, but fails. The story changes, when they attend a marriage ceremony and discover that opposites are truly attractive. The show explores the romance between Karan and Tipsy’s different personalities. 

 Directed by: Muzammil Desai

Written by: Reshu Nath

Produced by: Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor

Cast: Sakshi Tanwar, Ram Kapoor, Tanvi Vyas, Shweta Kawatra.

#10. Virgin Bhasskar 2 (2020)

Rating: 7.7/10 IMDb

Genre: Comedy

Season(s): 2

Episodes: 13

Virgin Bhasskar 2 is another best ALT Balaji series to watch at any time. It is an Indian Hindi language comedy web series that was released on 29 August 2020.  The story is about the Bhasskar’s life’s turned upside down after he accepts Pakhi’s contract to co-write. Heartbroken, after several attempts to return to his love Vidhi, he decides to leave it all behind – hitchhiking on the freeway, with no money and no purpose, and no pressure to fall in love. Bhasskar is finally released. 

Directed by: Sangieta Rao

Written by: Manish Kumar, Ajaydeep Singh

Produced by: Laxman Singh Rathore

Cast: Himanshu Arora, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Anant V Joshi, Dherendra Kumar Tiwari


Here, we have compiled the ALT Balaji best series list to bring you the perfect combination of ALT Balaji best web series from every genre. From thriller to romance, drama to comedy, ALT Balaji covers all the web series. We hope you enjoyed the list of the best Alt Balaji web series which are mentioned above. 

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