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10 Best Web Series For Students In Hindi You Must Watch

We never forget our school and college life memories, no matter how old we are. After all, it’s the time when we first fall in love, fight with friends, make silly mistakes that give us life lessons and get other life-changing experiences. 

So, do you miss your students and want to go to the flashback to see your student life? Then you have just reached the right place. Here are the 10 best web series for students that you can watch.

 List of Best Series for Students 

  1. Hostel Daze
  2. Flames
  3. Girls Hostel
  4. ImMature
  5. Kota Factory
  6. Engineering Girls
  7. College Romance
  8. Mismatched
  9. Laakhon Mein Ek
  10.  Class of 2020

#1. Hostel Daze

It’s an adult comedy-drama-based web series created by Abhishek Yadav and Saurabh Khanna. It has 2 seasons and each season consist of 9 episodes. The duration of each episode is approximately 30 minutes.  This best school web series shows the lifestyle of four friends in the first year. Series like Hostel Daze shows the hostel life of the students.

Cast & Crew:

Directed By- Sangram Naiksatam, Raghav Subbu, Amir Musanna

Produced By-Ishan Verma, Arun Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey, Shiv Pillai

Cast- Adarsh Gourav, Shubham Gaur, Ayushi Gupta, Nikhil Vijay, Ahsaas Channa, Sahil Verma

#2. Flames

web series like flames

As the name suggests, this best web series for students bring you back to the innocent school days romance- especially the romance in the tuition. Tanya Maniktaka and Ritvik Sahore play the lead character. Web series like Flames remind you about your first crush.

Cast & Crew:

Directed By- Apoorv Singh Karki

Produced By- Sameer Saxena, Akansh Gaur, Arun Kumar, Puneet Waddan, Mohammad Sabir Ali

Cast- Tanya Maniktala, Ritvik Sahore, Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, Sunakshi Grover, Sachin Kathuria

#3. Girls Hostel

Series like Girls Hostel take you back to the golden days of senior-junior bonds, romance, and the inimitable hostel life. Though there are a few adult screens in the web series, still it will help audiences to memorize their student life.

Cast & Crew:

Directed By-Chaitanya Kumbhakonum

Produced By- Shivani Sinha, Smruti Choudhury, Shreyansh Pandey, Prerna Sharma

Cast- Srishti Shrivastava, Ahsaas Channa, Trupti Khamkar, Parul Gulati, Gagan Arora

#4. ImMature

Web series like ImMature show that bad boys love intelligent girls. The boys decide to change their attitude so that the girls start loving them. It’s an amazing story and we recommend you to watch it and remember your first crush. 

Cast & Crew:

Directed By-Prem Mistry

Produced By-Anokh Singh, Archna Dosija, Amritpal Singh, Satish Ranjan Michael

Cast-Rashmi Agdekar, Omkar Kulkarni, Chinamay Chandraunshush, Visshesh Tiwari

#5. Kota Factory

This best web series for students is based on Kota’s uncanny attempt in order to churn out toppers for the engineering entrance exam. Kota Factory represents the current situation of engineering. It’s the 1st Black & White web series that shows the difficulties faced by the IIT-JEE students in their daily lifestyle.

Cast & Crew:

Directed By- Raghav Subbu

Produced By- Shivani Sinha, Arun Kumar, Prajesh Mishra, Shreyansh Pandey

Cast- Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar

#6. Engineering Girls

best web series for students

This web series represents the misadventures and engineering lifestyle of girls. The web series shows the commercial as well as the drama scene. This is one of the best-recommended web series where you will see a nostalgia trip. 

Cast & Crew:

Directed By-Kunal Aneja, Apoorv Singh Karki, Himali Shah

Produced By- Shreyansh Pandey, Arun Kumar, Arunabh Kumar, Akansh Gaur, Vijay Koshy, Puneet Waddan

Cast- Barkha Singh, Sejal Kumar, Abhinav Anand, Kritika Avasthi, Abhishek Kapoor

#7. College Romance

This college life web series on Netflix starts with three best friends, Naira, Karan, and Trippy. They fall in love with three different people. College Romance is the perfect example of how college love takes off as well as how quickly and equally make a crash landing. If you watch this best web series for students, surely it will take you to your college life and remind your first crush.

Cast & Crew:

Directed By- Apoorv Singh Karki, Simarpreet Singh

Produced By-  Shreyansh Pandey, Arun Kumar, Arunabh Kumar, Akansh Gaur

Cast- Manjot Singh, Keshav Sadhna, Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora, Shiva Kumar

#8. Mismatched

best series for students

This high school web series is a romantic web series where two opposite character students are fall in love with each other. The love story is about the Prajakta, a tech wizard and a boy. Mismatched shows the love story in Jaipur where two students came to complete a three-month app development course.

Cast & Crew:

Directed By- Akarsh Khurana, Nipun Dharmadhikari

Produced By- Amish Shah, Pashan Jal, Sanaya Irani Zohrabi, Salona Bains Joshi

Cast- Prajakta Koli, Muskkaan Jaferi, Devyani Shorey, Rannvijay Singh, Taaruk Raina

#9. Laakhon Mein Ek

The story is about an average student, name Aakash who struggles hard to get admission to IITs.  This best web series for students shows the hard-working of someone who works hard and prepares for IIT entrance. It has 2 seasons. The first one is focused on Ritvik Sahore and the 2nd season is focused on Shweta Tripathi.

Cast & Crew:

Directed By- Abhishek Sengupta

Produced By- Ruby Thakur, Kreeti Gogia, Shruti Rao, Tihany Sengupta, Mohammad Mubashshir

Cast- Biswa Kalyan Rath, Sandeep Mehta, Rupesh Tillu, Shweta Tripathi

#10. Class of 2020

college life web series

The web series starts with Rohan Mehra and Joyita Chatterjee. It was created by Vikas Kapoor. This is among one of the best web series that highlight the students’ attraction towards drugs, and sex. 

Cast & Crew:

Directed By-Aarambhh M Singh, Baljit Singh Chaddha

Cast-Chetna Pandey, Pallavi Mukherjee, Rohan Mehra, Karan Singh Thakur

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We never forget our student life. It’s the time when we have feelings for someone. We quickly fall in love with strangers. It reminds us of our fights and silly mistakes. So, do you miss your student life? If so, then there are the 10 best web series for students that you can watch with your friends.