Top New and Upcoming Web Series 2021

Here we will be discussing the choices of the upcoming web series as well as new web series 2021 that have made the buzz for its awesome storyline and precise characters.

Since the last decennary, web series has given out several kinky, erotic, unusual, and clever content that has glued audiences to binging new web series to take a short break from their usual routine

However, the public nowadays is more interested in the releases of OTT platforms like Hotstar, Ullu, Tvf, Viu, Voot, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. as they provide them with variety and engaging entertainment.

Audiences across India eagerly wait for new and hot web series that can be watched online to kill their boredom. Keeping that in mind, the list for such classics can be never-ending.

Latest Web Series
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So, let’s dig in without any further adieu.

Top New Web Series 2021

As mentioned, there are a number of web series that you can binge watch in your free time for     entertainment. Mentioned below is the new web series list that you can watch and enjoy.

#1. Tandav

Tandav comes first in the list of latest web series due to the superb acting and the stir it created in the market when it was released on January 2021. Created, directed and produced by Ali Abbas Zafar, and the music composed by A.R. Rahman, this masterpiece of a series created a controversy as it dealt with Indian politics and the unrest it creates when power hungry people get involved in it.

Available in Amazon Prime Video, this series tells the story of the struggle between a father and his son in political scenario. The leader of one of the political premiere parties Devki Nandan Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia) is reluctant to give up his throne of the PM while his son Samar Pratap Singh thinks he is ready to inherit it.

Many of the close associates of Devki also consider themselves fit for the power of the throne of PM, but a chair with that power never comes easily.

A parallel story runs depicting an idealist, Shiva Shekhar played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub who becomes an overnight anchor as he shines in a political party. Now, he wants to bring the change, shake the pillars of power and in the process gets the taste of power.

The storytelling is excellent and the cast does a wonderful  job to make the characters come alive throughout the series.

If you are looking to binge watch a political thriller, Tandav is the series you need to watch.

#2. Bombay Begums

Bombay Begums, an Indian drama web series and makes it to this list of latest Indian web series   appearing in Netflix and depicts five ambitious women from different walks of life who fight with their surroundings and their dreams, desires, and disappointments. Set in present day Mumbai this series marks the comeback of Pooja Bhatt in  alead role.

Directed by Alankrita Shrivastava, Bornila Chattrejee, Bombay Begums depicts the life of five strong women who move along with their lives while fighting with the patriarchal society and try to live by their own rules.

The cast ensembles names like Pooja Bhatt, Shahana Goswami, Amruta Subhash, Plobita Borthakur, Aadhya Anand in the lead roles. 

Rani, played by Pooja Bhatt, is the CEO of a bank makes all the good that she can to hide the bank’s problems. The other characters also does their respective duties to find a better life for themselves. The series explores the life of these five women and how they get involved in drug abuse, blackmail, broken dreams, and aspirations of these characters.

If you are looking to watch a great series that showcases woman power, Bombay Begums is the series that you need to watch.

#3. The Married Woman

Streaming currently on ZEE5 and ALT Balaji, the married woman is an Indian Hindi language, romantic latest hindi web series. Directed by Sahir Raza and produced by Juggernaut Productions, this web series is based on Manju Kapoor’s book by the same title.

Set in the backdrop of the 90s, this series is a portrayal of two women Aastha and Peeplika, where Astha is a dutiful housewife and a mother. Peeplika is a character who has never been impressed by normal routines and is an unconventional artist.

Astha meets Peeplika as she embarks on her own journey of self-discovery. Astha gets free from the society pressures and restrictions when she finds an intense connection with Peeplika that she always longed for. The backdrop is equally interesting as all these happens amidst the Babri Masjid Riots and horrifies the nation.

The cast ensembles Ridhi Dogra as Astha, Suhaas Ahuja as Hemant, Monica Dogra as Peeplika, Imaad Shah as Ajiaz, Nadira Babbar as Hemant’s mother. This series is a great drama, realistic and romantic at the same time and is a perfect watch for those who loves to watch such series.

#4. Maharani (web series)

Created by Subhash Kapoor and directed by Karan Sharma, the Maharani makes it to the new web series list because of the great role play by the actors. This series depicts of the tussle that follows with the chair of CM of Bihar. This fictional story is a perfect depiction of what power can do to people and their relationships.

Ṭhis fictional story is a depiction of Bheema, the chief minister of Bihar and Rani Bharti, his wife, played by Huma Quereshi.  

Rani Bharti is a usual housewife who cares only for her husband and family. Eventually, Bheema retires from the post of CM and when every other associates were looking forward for the post of CM, Bheema announces her wife to be the future successor of the throne.

This political multi-series, set in the 90s, is partly inspired by the fodder scam of Lalu Prasad Yadav when he made Rabri Devi the successor of the throne of Bihar.

This cleverly crafted series clearly depicts what happens when a CM retires from his throne. As every associate look forward to get the throne, Bheema, announces his wife to be the rightful successor of the throne. This decision creates a lot of tussle and unrest follows. If you are interested in watching political drama, Maharani is the right choice for you.

#5. 1962: The War in the Hills

This Indian Hindi language web series is a war drama streaming on Disney + Hotstar. Written and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, this series is dramatic portrayal of the 1962 Sino-Indian war. This series excellently portrayed the real war fought in the Galwan valley and Re Zangla where 125 Indian soldiers fought with 3000 Chinese soldiers from People’s Liberation Army.

This new web series premiered on 26th February 2021 and the reviews were mostly mixed. The critics mostly were about its long run time and not so good visual effects.

This series is a fictional depiction of the actual war, one of the fiercest ones fought, where a handful of Indian soldiers fought to the last bullet against 3000 Chinese army.

Led by Major Suraj Pratap Singh, this battle is one of the fiercest ever fought where the Indian Army showed extreme valor and strength to defeat the Chinese battalion.

This show is a remarkable depiction of war and we would suggest not to go by the critics and watch it yourself if you are a lover of war drama.

#6. Jeet Ki Zid

Jeet ki Zid, directed by Vishal Mangalorkar, premiered on ZEE5 on January 2021 is a military drama based on the life of a retired Indian Army special forced officer Major Deependra Singh Senger played by Amit Sadh.

The series revolves around the life of the Major Deep Singh who get himself hurt in the Kargil war and paralyzed the waist below. But his relentless attitude and fighting spirit helped him get back to his normal life.

The series depicts the three phases of the life of Major Deep Singh, once when he loses his elder brother Rajat (1987), when he joined the Special Forces training center in 1996, and when he was posted in Jammu and Kashmir in 1999.

 The series coming in 7 episodes is a must watch for all those who are fans of war drama. 

#7. Saat Kadam

Directed by Mohit Jha, Saat Kadam is an Indian Sports drama film and revolves around the relationship between a father and his son. The series stars Amit Sadh, Deeksha Seth, Ronit Roy, Nirvaan Sen, among others. If you are a lover of sports, you can watch this series.

#8. Mai Hero Bol Raha Hoon

Streaming on ZEE5 and ALT Balaji, Mai Hero Bol Raha Hoon is an Indian, Hindi language series depicting the lives of gangsters.

The lead role is played by Parth Sammthan and Patralekha Paul plays an aspiring actress. The series depicts the Mumbai underworld of the 80s-90s and revolves around the life of Hero, the character played by Parth Sammthan.

The story revolves around the life of Nawab who was forced to leave Bareiley and in the turn of events, got involved in the Mumbai underworld. Nawab who will later be known as Hero finds his mentor in Lala (Arsalan Goni) and he introduces Nawab to the illegal world of gun bazaars, extortion, killings and shootouts.

#9. OK Computer

Premiering on Disney+Hotstar, and directed by Pooja Shetty and Neil Padegar, OK Computer is an absurdist philosophical science fiction comedy.

This fictional story sees a future India in the year of 2031 with drone superhighways and towering smart holograms. It is in this situation, that Saajan Kundu is called out of his retirement to solve a crime involving a self-driving taxi and an anonymous human victim.

#10. Live Telecast

Directed by Venkat Prabhu, Live telecast is an Indian Tamil language horror thriller. Featuring Kajal Aggarwal and Vaibhab Reddy among others this series is set in the year 2005.

The story is about a Jennifer Matthew (Kajal Agarwal) and what happens when she and her production team chooses to reside in a house for a night for shooting. They soon find out that the house is haunted and get stuck in paranormal phenomenon.

#11. Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream

Directed by Prashant Raj and Pratik Patra and produced by Dopamine Media and Entertainment is an Indian language documentary that shows the life of the students in the IIT.

This three part series probes into the lives of IIT and its students. Released on 15th May 2021 this series is available on Netflix.

#12. Nail Polish

Nail Polish is another crime-legal thriller new webseries that manages to maintain its turns and twists with minimal moves. Famous, most-admired sports coach Veer Singh is involved in a cruel rape-and-murder case – he is suspected of killing two children. But, what looks to be an open-and-shut case, going by the testimony, converts into a dismal story of past injury, split characters, and incredible retrieval.

Famous, well-heeled attorney Sid Jaisingh springs up from a surprising source. Government advocate Amit Kumar keeps rolling out live witnesses after eyewitnesses that the defense advocate gets busy batting away. Judge Bhusan controls, keeping an open mind. Meantime, a severe episode forces Veer Singh to the edge, and it makes a question how to regard sanity and ‘madness’, and whether Veer is innocent, or a cold-blooded killer?

#13. The Test Case (Season 2)

The Test Case is a ZEE5 web series that is specifically set to come up with its next season. This web series tells the story of the Indian army where a girl is trained for being the first in a special combat force. After its season 1 popularity, creators have decided to release the 2nd season of this web series. T

The 2nd season of The Test Case is going to feature more interesting, gripping, as well as exciting storylines that will definitely keep you attached throughout the season. The plot of the 2nd season has set in Kashmir and reveals the story of women empowerment. Here in this web series, you will see a woman or a lady officer of the special combat force is all set to strive for her nation, and no one can stop her from succeeding.  

#14. Mumbai Diaries 26/11 

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is a new web series on Amazon Prime. On the 12th centenary of the terrible Mumbai fright attacks, Amazon Prime Video is going to praise its fearlessness of frontline warriors. The first look – trailer of this web series has already been unveiled.

The story of this web series sets on the backdrop of the fright attacks of November 26, 2008. This web series presents out in a hospital and represents the staggering story of paramedics, doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff – who worked hard to save lives after the attacks that devastated the city.

The terrible night of the Mumbai fright attacks of November 26 is engraved into the mind of every Indian. This web series repays tribute to the sacrifice and bravery of the frontline warriors of the Mumbai fright attacks. In addition, this web series also can be considered as a tribute to the vitality of Mumbai.

#15. The Family Man (Season 2)

 Srikant Tiwari is the name of the lead role of the Family Man. This web series has the focus on a middle-class guy who works secretly as a superior investigator at the NIA (National Intelligence Agency). Srikant and his team are accountable for stopping fright attacks from occurring. In the first season of this web series, Srikant is seen grappling with his family as well as his professional life as his marriage is breaking – besides, he also slips to crack a big fright attack.

Srikant Tiwari is returning with the sequel – the 2nd season of The Family Man. In this new season, he will be seen pitted against a new enemy Raji. Here, he also will be seen struggling to stop the chemical attack, set a balance, and also trying to balance his personal life. Amazon Prime Video shared a new action poster of the web series, revealing the release date along with a tagline – ‘This Time, No One is Safe’. In the first season, Moosa was the nemesis of Srikant. Since he is no more – Raji will be substituting him in the new season.

#16. Helllo Jee

‘Hello Jee’ is another new web series of Alt Balaji – it’s about how a group of ladies comes together and makes a start-up of a phone sex call center. Once people make money – it can be utilized to do a lot of things – some of bad and good. This web series reveals the story of some girls who come together so that they become able to earn a few quick cash while profiting on the detachment of some men.

Everything looks fair and good at the origin. But, immediate money always makes a lot of difficulties with it, and with such a cool business getting caught in a tough situation is compelled to happen sometimes. What commences as a productive investment gradually turns into a cat and mouse race as the police and a strong gangster are attempting to find out the person who is dragging the chain at this Phone sex call center. To know more, you can watch this web series on Alt Balaji.

#17. Code M (Season 2)

Another new thriller web series is the 2nd season of Code M. Major Monica Mehra is coming back and her priorities haven’t changed still now. This is always going to be ‘Country comes first above family’ for a soldier. All of them believe “ek soldier ke liye desh hi sab kuch hota hai aur woh kisike liye nahi jhukta hai” (the nation is everything for a soldier of the Indian army and they don’t kneel down in front of anyone). So, get ready to see the journey of Major Monica Mehra once again.

#18. LSD (Love Scandal And Doctors)

The story of this web series spins around a murder and its investigation whether it was accidental or planned. What appends to the mystery is that the ones accredited with the incident are 5 interns at a hospital, whether they are traitors or saviors of life forms the story, as per the official story. To know more, you can watch this web series on ZEE5 or ALT Balaji on 5th February. 

#19. Gullak (Season 2)

The 2nd season of Gullak is another new hindi web series . This is a TVF show that is streaming on SonyLIV. This show introduces us to the ‘Mishra Parivaar’ – papa Santosh, mummy Shanti, ‘Bada beta’ Annu, and ‘Chota beta’ Aman, and their daily lives.

The story of this web series is set in a small North Indian town. It’s a middle-class family that is trying to get by within their natural means while trying to better their lot, with bits of lived-in, and quotidian feels squabbling and bickering. But, at the end of the day, they like to spend time with each other.  

It’s this closeness that comes through in surprising ways. It makes this web series such a beautiful story to watch. Kulkarni hardly ever approaches her family in sweet tones – even the loving is soaked in sarcasm. But, those who know, are informed that the ‘Jhunjhlaahat’ comes from a point of unshakeable regard, equal parts affection and exasperation. To know the rest of the story, you can watch this web series on SonyLIV. 

#20. College Romance (Season 2)

The three best friends – Karan, Naira, and Trippy are coming once again with the 2nd season of College Romance. To know are the equations between them and their relations with others is still the same, you can watch this web series on SonyLIV. The second season of this web series is quite well-written and draws arresting performances from the cast. Trippy will be seen recovering from his breakup is utterly conspicuous. 

His expressions, dialogues, as well as his befuddling love life, particularly with the twin sisters are entertaining. In this series, you will see Karan is still a virgin – but, he continues offering love direction to his friends. On the other hand, Naira and her witty conversations with her on-screen boyfriend, Bagga is a laughter riot. Gagan is a simple person and is the most friendly one. And Deepika is continually seen shouting ‘f**k you all’ is toned down in the next episodes that is a nice change to watch.

#21. Metro Park (Season 2)

The popular Metro Park web series is back with the everyday lives of Kalpesh Patel, who runs a serviceable store named ‘Pay & Run’. He also gets the support of Payal – his wife in running the store. She is efficient in balancing her beauty salon and personal life in a proper way. 

Their extensive family living in the neighborhood – Payal’s sister Kinjal and Kannan – her South Indian husband observe the everyday problems of the Patel family along with handling some of their personal problems. This season introduces two additional exciting supplements to the family – one is Kian – the newborn baby boy of Kannan and Kinjal and Kinjal’s mom. Here in this series, you will see Kinjal’s mom is present everywhere physically in the form of a robot where one can observe and hear her through the display or vice-versa.

Top Upcoming Indian Web Series 2021

As with the released ones, people also look forward eagerly to the upcoming web series India. All the  platforms viz., ALT Balaji, ZEE 5, etc. announces the dates for the series that are to be released. They does this to create a hype around the ones that they think will be doing great. Mentioned below are the ones that will be rocking in 2021 and beyond.

#1. Kota Factory 2

Releasing in the most prestigious OTT platforms, Kota Factory season 2 deals with the lives of students who are struggling to make it to the prestigious IIT.

The upcoming Indian web series tells the story of Vaibhav, Balamukumd, and Uday, as they try to crack the IIT entrance exam. This series is a bitter sweet tale of these three guys and the occurings as they study together in a coaching center.

#2. Asur Season 2

Upcoming on Voot Select, Asur is a psychological thriller and if you are a fan of these types of web series, Asur is a must watch. This highly anticipated series has its release date yet to be announced. Starring Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti in the lead roles, this series promises to be a good one and keep viewers hooked to their seats.

#3. Delhi Crime 2

Upcoming on the most accessed and well known OTT platforms, Delhi Crime 2 is a story of Delhi gang rape. One of the most anticipated web series, particularly after the first season kept the audiences hooked to their seats, the upcoming season 2 of Delhi Crime is hopefully going to be another enthralling series.

Though no dates are confirmed, this Emmy Award winning series is confirmed to release and the old cast will be back on this one as well. With the first season so well-made, the upcoming season 2 of Delhi Crimes is highly anticipated and hopefully this one too will keep the viewers glued to their seats.

#4. Rudra – The Age of Darkness                                                                          

Featuring on Disney + Hotstar, this crime thriller is all set to be released. Though no dates are        confirmed, this series with Ajay Devgan and Ileana D’ Cruz in the lead roles is anticipated to be a great thriller. So, if you are a lover of thrillers, this series is a must watch.

#5. Hush Hush

Created by Kopal Nathani and featuring Juhi Chawla, Soha Ali Khan, Sahana Goswami among the lead roles, Hush Hush is an upcoming thriller drama with ladies in the pivotal characters. Stories of women living in India and abroad have been portrayed beautifully in this series.                                                                                                                                           

This ends our list of new and upcoming web series in India. Premiering on several OTT platforms, the series mentioned above are some of the best ones. If you have watched them then you have done good or if you haven’t, go and watch them to enjoy your screen time.    

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Wrapping up…

So, these are some of the new web series and upcoming web series that released recently or yet to come within a few time. Hopefully, after going through the above guide, you will be able to get a new taste of the Indian web series on your favorite OTT platform. To read more similar content, you can stay tuned to our posts. You can also share your feedback in the comment section given at the end of this post.

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