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Top 11 Motivational Songs in Hindi To Lift Up Your Spirit

As the first half of 2020 elapses with stress, anxiety, and panic around the world, we all tend to feel low for various reasons. To be honest, it renders a notion of failure everywhere. With that being said, if you are reading this, then you are certainly not alone and it’s not the time to give up.

In fact, it’s time to stand upright and fight against all the odds in order to achieve your dream. No matter what you do, it’s perpetually important for you to be consistent with your plan. It is also noteworthy that nothing is permanent. Not even the current distressing times. And thus, It will pass as well.

Meanwhile, you can lift up your spirit by adding some motivation to your regular routine. And what’s better than an enthusiastic and motivational Hindi song to build that morale up? Yes, you got it right. Today, in this article, we will be discussing the top 11 Motivational Songs in Hindi that will encourage you to keep going. Let’s start with the list without any further adieu.

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List of Motivational Songs Hindi

Bollywood is filled with movies that are inspiring and influencing to the common public. Similarly, the jukebox associated with these movies is catchy and filled with the best inspirational songs Hindi. Listening to some of these Hindi motivational songs can propel you more towards your goal. Here is the list of top 10 Motivational Songs in Hindi for that dopamine release you certainly needed in your life.

  • #1 Aashayein- Iqbal
  • #2 Ruk Jaana Nahi Tu Kahin Haar Ke- Imtehan
  • #3 Chak De India! (Title track)- Chak De India!
  • #4 Besabriyaan- MS Dhoni: The Untold Story
  • #5 Zinda- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  • #6 Roobaroo- Rang de Basanti
  • #7 Kar Har Maidan Fateh- Sanju
  • #8 Dangal (Title Track)- Dangal
  • #9 Kholo Kholo Darwaze- Taare Zameen Par
  • #10 Ek Jindari: Hindi Medium
  • #11 Apna Time Ayega- Gully Boy

Let’s take a look one by one-

#1 Aashayein- Iqbal

If you want to keep yourself motivated and encouraged throughout the day, include this classic into your playlist. Sung by the king of melody K.K and the very talented Salim Merchant, Aashayein will soothe your mind with it’s unwinding and motivating music and inspire you to try harder with double efficiency. Even the lyrics of the song is so encouraging that you will be bound to try harder for success. The classic is directed by the melodious duo Salim Sulaiman and written by the excellent lyricist Irfan Siddique. Also, the lyrics like “aashayein khile dil ki, ummedein hase dil ki, ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi, nahi kuch bhi” makes it a must-have to stay motivated while chasing your dreams.

Singers: KK & Salim Merchant, Chorus

Music Directed by: Salim Sulaiman

Lyrics: Irfan Siddique

#2 Ruk Jaana Nahi Tu Kahin Haar Ke- Imtehan

The list of motivational songs in Hindi is assuredly incomplete without this old yet beautiful soundtrack that encourages you to keep going despite all the hurdles. Just with the beautiful lyrics that feature lines like “ Ruk Jana Nahin Tu Kahin Haar, Ke Kaanton Pe Chalke Milenge Saaye Bahaar Ke” you can sense how this song solely concentrates on consistency and hard work. What makes it further a treat to the ears, is the elegant voice of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar. The awe-inspiring melody is written by the lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music is given by the talented duo Laxmikant and Pyarelal.

Singers: Kishore Kumar

Music Directed by: Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

#3 Chak De India! (Title track)- Chak De India!

If you want confidence to do something in life, then Chak De India! – the title track is surely worth listening to. You can clearly grasp the excellent lyrics if you need a push to accomplish any goal in life. And if you are an athlete, Bonus points!

Sukhwinder Singh, with his crisp voice, did absolute justice to the song as a lead. Both Salim Merchant and Marianne Dcruz were equally elegant. And not to forget the very influencing lines incorporated in the song by the lyricist Jaideep Sahni. Kudos to the lines “Tas Hai Na Mas Hai Ji, Jid Hai Toh Jid Hai Ji, Pisna Yuun Hi, Pisna Yuun Hi Paththar Yeh”. 

Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Salim Merchant, Marianne D’Cruz

Music Directed By: Salim-Suleiman

Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni

#4 Besabriyaan- MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

motivational bollywood song Besabriyaan

Besabriyan is one of the greatest Motivational Hindi songs featuring Late Sushant Singh Rajput as Mahendra Singh Dhoni running curiously towards his dreams. It drives us to do the things that we really want rather than the ones, which we are already doing. Besides, it represents the eagerness of a soul and his passion towards cricket.

Besabriyaan, being one of the most amusing inspirational Hindi songs, is sung by the very soulful Armaan Malik, and the music is given by his brother Amaal Malik. Also, the credits for such solid lyrics belong to Manoj Muntashir. The lines like “ Kyun Roshni tu bahar talaashe, Teri mashaalein hai Andar tere” would boost your self-confidence and propel you further towards your goal.

Singers: Armaan Malik 

Music Directed By: Amaal Malik

Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

#5 Zinda- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

“Zinda.. hain toh.. pyala.. poora bhar le..”

The energetic music with these outstanding lines hits directly to your nerve and uplift your  morale to apply more effort. Zinda is one of the most wonderful motivational songs in Hindi that features Farhan Akhtar as Milkha Singh, working hard with his full strength. The song is very suitable to encourage you towards your dream. Besides, if you are a sports maniac or a gym addict, then adding this to your playlist will give you that extra boost for better progression, despite the obstructions.

This classic is sung by the prominent singer Siddarth Mahadevan. Also, the music is rendered by the perfect trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy. The credits for such beautiful lines go to Prasoon Joshi. Absolutely a must-have for that much-needed encouragement.

Singers: Siddarth Mahadevan

Music Directed By: Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi

#6 Roobaroo- Rang de Basanti

motivational hindi song Roobaroo

There is no way one can create a song list without AR Rahman in it. Roobaroo is one of the best motivational songs in Hindi whose main term ‘Roobaroo’ stands for  ‘Infront or face to face’. It is certainly a beautiful melody depicting one’s passion towards their dream.

The song is about a person realizing his capability in order to achieve the goal regardless of all the odds. The magnificent lyrics like ‘ aandhiyon se jhagad rahi hai lau meri, ab mashaalon si badh rahi hai lau meri’ makes it more of a must-have in the playlist.

Voice of Naresh Iyer with the music of AR Rahaman and lyrics of Prasoon Joshi makes you sink deep into this song.

Singers: Naresh Iyer, AR Rahaman

Music Directed By: AR Rahaman 

Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi

#7 Kar Har Maidan Fateh- Sanju

This enthusiastic song sung by the very energetic Sukhwinder Singh and soulful Shreya Ghoshal has won many hearts for its catchy music and motivational lyrics. It features the talented Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt fighting hard with his own self. Kudos to the inspirational lines ‘Pighla de zanjeerein? Bana unki shamsheerein?’ combined with it.

In simple terms, one can never get enough of this song.

The nightingale Shreya Ghoshal was equally outstanding with the inspiring lyrics ‘Roothi taqdeerein toh kya, Tooti shamsheerein toh kya,Tooti shamsheeron se hi ho…Kar har maidan fateh’. If you add this to your jukebox, it will certainly inspire you to stand again after every fall, twice as better than earlier.

Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Shreya Ghoshal

Music Directed By: Vikram Montrose

Lyrics: Shekhar Astitwa

#8 Dangal (Title Track)- Dangal

best motivational song Dangal Dangal

Just like the movie itself, Dangal has some of the best motivational songs in Hindi to give your day an awesome start. Talking about this, how can we forget the very famous title track featuring Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh Phogat with his sparkly eyes depicting the passion for wrestling?

Not to forget the powerful voice of Daler Mehndi, who was just the right choice for the song. This classic is composed to perfection by Pritam, while the credit for those lines goes to Amitabh Bhattacharya. What makes us give bonus points to this beauty? The lyrics

“Aaj logon ki baari 

Jo kahein keh lene de 

Tera bhi din aayega 

Uss din hisab chuka ke rehna”

Singers: Daler Mehndi

Music Directed By:Pritam

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

#9 Kholo Kholo Darwaze- Taare Zameen Par

If you are an early 2000’s or a late 90’s kid, you would know the fuss about this movie featuring Darsheel Safari. While it clearly portrayed relevant topics like dyslexia and education, the songs render the encouragement that would retain yourself from backing out. It encourages you to do the things that you want to do rather than the ones which you are bound to do.

Kholo Kholo Darwaze, one of the most excellent motivational Bollywood songs, is absolutely soulful with the best lyrics of all time. All the singers were outstanding and so was the music. You can consider this song yet another masterpiece by the trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

Singer : Shankar Mahadevan, Donminique, Vivinenne Pocha 

Music Directed By: Shankar Ehsaan Loy 

Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi

#10 Ek Jindari: Hindi Medium

You know the song is going to be your daily dose of inspiration when it starts with the lines  “Sooraj jaise chamkenge dekhe hain saadi akhiyan ne, Eh sapne ambraan de”. This beautiful melody emphasizing some of the best talents in the visuals is certainly a treat, both for the eyes and the ears. Ek Jindari is that one song that stole our hearts at the end of the movie Hindi Medium, with both music and the lyrics.

The credit for such a masterpiece goes to Sachin-Jigar for administering that perfect beat rightly. On the other hand, the vocal credit goes to Tanishka Sanghavi, who is also the daughter of the musician Sachin of the duo Sachin-Jigar. She was fairly exceptional and appropriate for the song itself. The lyrics are penned down by the wonderful lyricist Kumaar. Overall, it is a wonderful inspirational song that needs to be embraced in your motivational songs Hindi playlist.

Singer: Tanishka Sanghvi

Music Directed By: Sachin-Jigar

Lyrics: Kumaar

#11 Apna Time Ayega- Gully Boy

“Kya bolti public?”

We will be ending this list by adding a song that became an anthem for youth. Yes, it’s none other than Apna Time Ayega. This rap song from the popular and extremely loved movie Gully Boy is filled with the lyrics that would inspire you to try harder for your passion. The song features the energy-packed Ranveer Singh in the lead, roaring on the mic with an excellent rap.

You are going to relate so much with the lines of the song itself. The lyrics ‘Uth ja apni raakh se, Tu udd ja ab talaash mein‘ is nothing but a motivation for you to find yourself amidst the chaos.

By clearly showcasing his musical side in the classic, Ranveer Singh did absolute justice to the rap. He was successful in delivering an influential performance filled with energy and emotions in one place.

Singer: Ranveer Singh 

Lyrics: Divine and Ankur Tewari

Frequently Asked Questions on Motivational Songs Bollywood

Name some of the best motivational songs for students

Out of all individuals, students are the ones that crave the most for inspiration, regardless of their field of interest. Some of the best motivational Hindi songs for students are:


  • Jame Raho- Taare Zameen Par
  • Ek Jindari-Hindi Medium
  • Azaadiyaan- Udaan
  • Lakshya Title Track- Lakshya
  • Besabriyan- M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story


Mention the top motivational Hindi songs for Workout

Gym addicts certainly need some music to give an intense outlook to their workout regime. Let’s plunge into some of the top motivational workout songs in Hindi


  • Chak De India title track: Chak De India!
  • Zinda: Bhaag Milka Bhaag
  • Dhaakad: Dangal
  • Kar Har Maidan Fateh: Sanju
  • Ziddi Dil- Mary Kom


Which songs are considered as the best inspiring songs in Hindi?

Sometimes people need a bit of inspiration in the form of Hindi motivational songs to get going. If you are feeling too low for no specific reason, then listen to some of these melodies


  • Ik Junoon- New York
  • Ruk Jaana Nahin: Imtehan
  • Roobaro: Rang De Basanti
  • Aal izz Well: 3 Idiots
  • Phir Se Ud Chala: Rockstar


What are some of the best motivational Hindi songs for success?

To get success in something that you are very eager to acquire then it’s time to add some of these motivational songs in hindi listed below


  • Aashayein: Iqbal
  • Ziddi Dil: Mary Kom
  • Badal pe Paon: Chak de India!
  • Besabriyaan: MS Dhoni: The Untold Story
  • Ek Jindari: Hindi Medium


Which Motivational Bollywood Songs Should Be Included In a Positive Hindi Songs List?

A “motivational songs in Hindi” list must contain the melodies that would render positivity to the listener. Here are some of them which could be added to the list


  • Lakshay Title Track: Lakshay
  • Naav: Udaan
  • Zinda: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  • Allah ke Bande: Waisa bhi hota hai Pt 2
  • Chale Chalo: Lagaan

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Summing Up the Hindi Motivational Songs List

So, these were some of the best motivational Hindi songs that would surely encourage you to improve more genuinely each day. All of these melodies are nothing but mere masterpieces that would incite you to stay consistent with your goal, despite the realm.

We hope that our motivational songs Bollywood list was justified as per the lyrics, music, and the motive behind it in particular. Also, you can consolidate any of the motivational Bollywood songs discussed above in your playlist to give your routine a dynamic boost.

Incorporation of these motivational Hindi songs can be an outstanding way to acquire that feel-good factor into your daily life. Keep reading our articles for more such awesome lists covering distinct areas of the entertainment world.

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