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15 Top Movies Similar To Lolita You Can Watch

Humbert, a separated British educator of French writing, goes to modest community America for an instructing position. He permits himself to be cleared into a relationship with Charlotte Haze, his bereft and physically hungry proprietor, whom he weds all together that he may seek after the lady’s 14-year-old nymphette little girl – Lolita – with whom he has fallen pitifully enamored, yet whose expressions of warmth will be frustrated by an underhanded prankster named Clare Quilty.

In this guide, we are about to discuss the top 15 movies like lolita that you can watch with your loved ones and spend some quality time.

Best-Recommended Flims Like Lolita 

  • Una 
  • Damage 
  • The Dreamers 
  • Indecent Proposal 
  • Stealing Beauty 
  • She and Her Cat: Their Standing Points
  • My Friend From Faro
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Mighty Aphrodite
  • The Bridges of Madison Country
  • Snow Angles
  • Pandora’s Box
  • 2046
  • Little Lips

Let’s understand the detailed information of this lolita like movies one after another.

1. Una

films like lolita una

The film “Una”, in view of the play “Blackbird” by David Harrower, follows the excursion of a young lady who needs to recuperate her past. 15 years prior, Una, a 13-year-old, fled with a more seasoned man, Ray, wrongdoing for which he was captured and imprisoned. 

At the point when he sees the image in a magazine, Una searches for it and goes to his work environment. Her unforeseen appearance takes steps to annihilate Ray’s new life and weaken Una. Implicit privileged insights and covered recollections become known as Una and Ray fall through the remainders of the past

2. Damage 

The film includes Jeremy Irons, actually, like Lolita, this is a first-rate style workout, a dry and sharp acting that sees Louis Malle return to the topic of Les amants, Pretty Baby, and Heart Breath: sex as a frantic connection to life. 

Captivating picture of a lady whose life is set apart by the awfulness of her sibling’s self-destruction, in adoration with her and pathetic. He is going to wed the scion of a persuasive English government official, with whom, notwithstanding, a relationship starts. She subsequently unwittingly reproduces the very example of occasions that prompted her sibling’s self-destruction, until the circle closes with the passing of the guaranteed groom. 

The last cognizance resurrects her, quiets the otherworldly strain, subsequently making her “… a lady like all the others”.

3. The Dreamers

We include The Dreamers in the list of top 15 movies similar to lolita. While their parents are on a vacation, Isabelle (played byEva Green) and her brother (played by Louris Garrel) invite a colleague Mathew ( Played by Michael Pitt) to stay with them for a couple of days. They live life the way they want to live. However, after a couple of days, they become emotionally attached to each other. What will happen next? For that, you have to watch the rest of the story.

The Dreamers is a film about self-discovery and the lifestyle of three students who test their limits in order to see how far they can go. 

4. Indecent Proposal 

This is another best-recommended movies like lolita you can watch. The movie starts with two love birds, David and Diana who married recently. Demi Moore plays the role of Diana. On the other hand, Woody Harrelson plays the role of David. They live happily, however, the twist start when they are dealing with financial problems and facing difficulties of losing all their money.

The couple decides to go to Las Vegas. They work hard and try to earn the money to fulfill their all dreams. Unlucky, again they lost everything. However, Robert Redford, an eccentric multi-millionaire offers them one million dollars as he wants to spend a night with Diana.  They both agreed with the proposal as the amount of money can solve their all financial problems. However, often David becomes uncomfortable with the decision and asks Diana how far she can go to earn money. 

5. Stealing Beauty 

 Another similar movie like lolita one should watch. Stealing Beauty is a show coordinated by Bernardo Bertolucci in 1996. The film is fixated on American teen Lucy Harmon (Liv Tyler) who goes to Italy to live with her as of her late expired mother’s companions. Lucy shows up at the manor in the Tuscany locale, where she meets her mom’s companions, plenty of odd characters really contact. 

Lucy had visited the manor four years prior when she met youthful Niccolo and presently desires to meet him once more. Lucy’s mom committed suicide a brief time frame back, and the young lady needs to discover who her organic dad is. She read in her mom’s journal that she was considered here at the estate in Tuscany, which legitimizes the young lady to accept that her actual dad is still here. 

Meanwhile, in any case, the teen is provoking the curiosity of men in the house, however, the virgin Lucy is by all accounts searching for the ideal man to have the main sexual contact with

6. She and Her Cat: Their Standing Points

It’s one of the top Japanese movies like lolita, released in 1999 – created and directed by Makoto Shinkai. It’s a short movie that shows the relationship between a cat and its owner. They lived in a small apartment and the director Makoto Shinkai used 3D animation within the movie. A total of 3 people worked in this movie and the director himself voiced the cat.

After finishing the movie, the director distributed the movie via mail and CD-R format. More than 5000 copies were sold. Besides, this movie won the 2000 DoGA CG Animation Contest and attracting CoMix Wave Films’ interest. 

7. My Friend From Faro

Everlasting daydreamer Mel can hardly wait to stop her horrible catering position and fly to her fantasy objective: Portugal. Things change when the delightful Jenny in a real sense collides with her life when Mel almost runs her over in her exemplary BMW. It is all-consuming, instant adoration, but there is only one issue: Jenny erroneously expects Mel to be a kid. In spite of this, the pair become beau and sweetheart. With Mel endeavoring to camouflage her actual sex every step of the way, her excursion from spitfire to our lesbian is full of life-characterizing situations and sweet shocks.

8. In the Mood for Love

movies like lolita
Movies Like Lolita : In the Mood for Love

A despairing anecdote about the adoration between a lady and a man who live in a similar structure and one day discover that their couple had an unsanctioned romance with one another. Increasingly more the two meet during their regular routines as they establish that the two of them would prefer not to be desolate in their marriage. They likewise discover that they share an enthusiasm for Kung-Fu stories

This films like lolita was released in 2000 and the runtime of the movie is 98 minutes. In the Mood for Love is one of the high-rated movies of all time and everybody should watch it. 

9. Brokeback Mountain

The movie is all about two cowboys and their lifestyle. They meet to shepherding job during the summer of ‘63’. The two cowboys spend an amazing summer and soon they fall in love with each other. They decide to marry. What will happen next? To know, you need to watch the entire movie. It’s a 134 minutes movie and was released in 2005. 

10. Mighty Aphrodite


Lenny and Amanda have a taken on child Max who ends up being splendid. Lenny becomes fixated on tracking down Max’s genuine guardians since he accepts that they too should be splendid. At the point when he finds that Linda Ash is Max’ genuine mother, Lenny is frustrated. Linda is a whore and pornography star. What’s more, she is perhaps the most moronic individual Lenny has met at any point ever. Intertwined is a Greek tune connecting the story with the narrative of Oedipus. The movie was released in the English language in 1995 and the duration of the movie is 95 minutes. 

11. The Bridges of Madison Country

A despairing sentiment about a rancher’s spouse who meets a photographic artist whose lifestyle that is totally unfamiliar to her driving her to become drawn to him. She is faced with the troublesome choice to go on with the relationship in this manner leaving her family or to remain and proceed with her customary life until her demise. Meryl Streep was assigned an Oscar for her amazing exhibition.

The movie was released in 1995 in English and Spanish Language. It’s a 135 minutes movie and we include this movie in our top movies like lolita list.

12. Snow Angles

The Snow Angles show the story of lost and found love in a small town. It’s a story of a heartrending description of three love birds in different stages of life.  The three couples want to know the meaning of life. Over time, unexpected things happen in their life and after that, they start realizing how remarkable as well as precarious life can be. 

Snow Angles movie was released in the English language in the year 2007 and it’s a 107 minutes story. 

13. Pandora’s Box

It’s a German language-based movie and was released in 1929. The total duration of the movie is 133 minutes. Georg Wilhelm Pabst directed the movie.  The movie starts with the seductive young lady whose sexuality and uncompromised attitude ruined her own life as well as the life who loved her. 

14. 2046

We include 2046 in the list of top 15 movies like lolita. The film is all about love affairs, ending relationships. It’s a shared love story and Kung-Fu novels played the lead character in this movie. The movie received 7 stars and was released in 2004. The total duration of the movie is 129 minutes.

15. Little Lips

Love can be a healer yet it can likewise be the most impressive and damaging power on Earth. 

An author gets back to his home after help in World War I. He has fostered an exceptionally terrible instance of misery because of a conflict wound concerning his genitalia. He thinks about self-destruction, however recuperates subsequent to becoming inspired by his overseer’s kid war vagrant niece, who currently lives in the house.

It’s 86 minutes movie and was released in 1978. 

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Lolita is an excellent movie that shows the unconditional relationship between a professor and a girl. However, do you want to watch movies like lolita? Then here are the top 15 movies that you can watch.

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