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The 10 Best Movies Like Avatar That One Should Not Skip

Avatar is a movie with aliens, science, fiction, and action. It was the first 3D movie released in theaters. Even after many years of releasing the film, it holds its popularity as well. There are many other movies similar to Avatar that have been made before or after it. Most of the time, people like to watch those movies like Avatar and find them interesting. In this article, we have discussed some such films in detail. Let’s have a look at them –

1. Avatar (2009)

IMDb rate: 7.8/10 

Director: James Cameron

Actors: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV. 

It is an epic science fiction movie. This movie is set in 2154 when there is a high energy crisis due to dense popularity. The RDA (The Resources Development Administration) quarries an expensive mineral unobtanium on Pandora, whose environment is baneful for humans and that is held by Na’vi, 10 foot tall, blue-skinned humanoids. Scientists conduct Na’vi-human mongrels called “avatars” managed by genetically matching humans for pursuing Pandora’s biosphere. 

This is how Jack’s avatar enters into Na’vi’s society and becomes a part of them. There he meets with Neytiri. On the other side, Quaritch’s men shattered home trees and killed many Na’vis to mining the minerals. At last, Quaritch is killed by Neytiri, and she also saves Jack’s life. All humans except some are sent to Earth. Jack is transferred into his avatar abidingly. 

2. Ender’s Game (2013)

IMDb rate: 6.6/10

Director: Gavin Hood

Actors: Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Harrison Ford

Available on: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV  

Ender’s Game is a movie similar to Avatar. It is a military science fiction action movie based on Orson Scott Card’s novel “Ender’s Game”. In this movie, we see mankind preparing themselves for an attack on aliens, called Formics, whose past invasion was prevented by Mazer Rackham almost risking his own life.

Ender Wiggin, a bright young tactician, is hired by the International military for executing the mission. He gets success in destroying the entire population of the alien’s planet. But when Ender realizes that Formics were looking for water resources without conflicting, he regrets his actions. In the end, he goes into deep space to start a new Formic colony with the Queen egg.  

3. Oblivion (2013)

IMDb rate: 7/10

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Actors: Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, 

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the post-apocalyptic action-adventure movies like avatar. In the future, the story starts with Jack Harper, a combat drone repair person who lives on Earth with Vika.

They go after the command of “Tet”, a space station revolving around Earth. One day he looks over an unfamiliar object, traces six humans in stasis chambers along with a woman, and later recognizes the woman as his wife. With time Jack and the woman named Julia to come to know about the scavengers. Led by Malcolm Beech, who are the humans, and “Tet” is an alien artificial intelligence.

After knowing, they decide to destroy “Tet”, and in the end, they successfully demolish it with an explosive bomb. Three years later, Julia gives birth to their daughter and they meet with the lasting breaking members associated with Tech 52. It is one of the movies like Avatar

4. Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus movie similar to avatar

IMDb rate: 7/10

Director: Ridley Scott

Actors: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, 

Available On: YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV  

It is a science fiction horror movie similar to Avatar. The story begins in 2089 when Elizabeth and Charlie detect a star map in Scotland which is similar to the other unrelated ancient culture. Then they depart following the map to the remote moon LV-223 by a scientific ship Prometheus.

Landing on the surface near an artificial structure they find a monolithic form of a humanoid head, stone cylinders, and the body of a large alien. There they detect a threat of destruction of human species. At last, only Shaw is able to survive and finds her alien child alive, which has become huge. In the lifeboat, Shaw leaves the alien to the Engineers who suppress it. This is how the story ends.  

5. Thor (2011)

IMDb rate: 7/10

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston Natalie Portman

Available On: Disney+ Hotstar

It is one of the superhero movies like Avatar based on the marvel comics.  This is a story of Asgard, whose king Odin defeats Laufey, leader of Frost Giant, and prevents him from attacking nine realms including Earth. After that, when Thor, Odin’s son, gets ready to ascend to the throne, Loki,

Thor’s brother creates obstacles by secretly allowing Forest Giant to regain the Casket. Odin successfully prevents it and outcasts Thor into Earth by taking his godly power for his arrogance. Landing in New Mexico, Thor meets with Dr. Jane Foster. On the other side, Loki finds that he is the biological son of Laufey, adopted by Odin. Loki tries to rule over Asgard but he fails and Thor comes with his lost power. At last, Thor admits that he is not prepared to become a king. The story continues in the Avenger movie.     

6. The Avengers (2012)


IMDb rate: 8/10

Director: Joss Whedon

Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston

Available On: Disney+ Hotstar

 It’s also a  movie similar to the avatar. Marvel’s The Avengers is one of the top movies like Avatar, based on superheroes, which gets immense popularity. In this movie, we can see Loki deals with Thanos and wants to rule over the Earth. He takes control of Dr. Erik Selvig, who is appointed as a researcher to experiment on the Tesseract cube by S.H.I.E.L.D. Loki wants to make a portal using a Tesseract which would allow aliens to enter the Earth.

After getting to know Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D comes to investigate. Selvig also succeeds in making the portal through which Loki comes. Fury knows very well that it is difficult to defeat Loki, so he starts to make a team called Avengers Initiative with the superheroes. Among them, there are Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Halk. They were unitedly successful in defeating Loki and Chitauri. Thor returns the Tesseract to Asgard. In the end, we find Fury as confident about returning to the Avengers if needed. After that, three sequels were released. 

7. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

IMDb rate: 8/10

Director: James Gunn

Actors: Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana

Available On: Disney+ Hotstar

It is also a movie like Avatar, based on superhero Marvel Comics. The movie starts with the kidnapping of Peter Quill, a young boy, after his mother’s death by a group of aliens called Ravagers driven by Yondu Udonta. After twenty-six years, Quill leaves Ravagers and escapes with an orb, an ancient power stone.

Many are looking for this orb so that Thanos along with Ronan, sends his daughter Gamora after it. Gamora succeeds in stealing the orb when it was sold to Xander. But after knowing that the orb is a power stone Ronan seized the orb. Then we see Quill, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax team up to recover the orb. Finally, they win over Ronan and hand over the orb to Nova Corps. This group of Quill is known as Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie has another two sequels. 

8. Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

IMDb rate: 7.9/10

Director: Doug Liman

Actors: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV.

Edge of Tomorrow is one of those science fiction action movies like Avatar. The movie starts with an attack of aliens called Mimics in Germany. And to get victory over these aliens Major William Cage, leading role, is sent to combat.

But he has no experience so refuses to participate but, no one listens to him. During this War, William realizes he is in a time loop where his action has been repeated. Then he comes into contact with Vrataski, who tells him about “Omega ”, which controls the cerebrum of the Mimics that has the power to reset the time. So he has to destroy the Omega at the end of the Invasion. 

In the end, William successfully destroys it and loops again. After awakening, he hears the news that Mimics are becoming weak; so, the human army easily wins. Later he finds Vrataski but fails to recognize him.

9. Jurassic World (2015)

IMDb rate: 7/10

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Actors: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan

Available On: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV

It is another movie similar to avatar film Where we see two brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell go to visit Jurassic world. Their aunt Claire Dearing is an operation manager of Jurassic World. There Claire and Simon Masrani, the park owner, examine a new attraction, Indominus rex, a Transgenic dinosaur.

Then with the story Indominus starts attacking people. But in the end, Indominus is pulled beneath the water by the Mosasaurus, and two children Zach, Gray return to their parents safely. Jurassic World is considered among those movies like Avatar.

10. Divergent (2014)

IMDb rate: 6.6/10

Director: Neil Burger

Actors: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV

It is a Social science fiction action movie like Avatar. Tris Prior belongs to a modern world, in which a community is divided into five circles. As soon as a person becomes an adult they have to choose one period and dedicate his/her life to it.

Tris selects Dauntless- those who are the reflection of bravery. But she discovers that she is a Divergent girl who will not be capable of fitting into one circle. For this, she receives many threats and warnings to hide her status. Thus war starts and in the end, Tris dies to stop them from discrimination and amusing people.  

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These are the best movies like Avatar. People who get interested in watching science fiction, action movies must watch it. It will be suitable for them. Where the movies are available has also been mentioned above so don’t waste your time and watch them. Of course don’t forget to tell us which movie like Avatar, you like most.

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