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Hottest Russian Girls in 2024 to Make You Fall in Love

Beautiful Russian girls are viewed as the best ladies on the planet. Beautiful Russian models can be known as a total bundle – with a conditioned body, perfect looks, and a very organized face. They have a significant character and extraordinary appeal, and cerebrums are just as attractive. Russian wonders are divas – lovely and widely acclaimed. These Russian women are honoured from the universe of style, motion pictures, music, governmental issues, and different zones, and have gotten renowned for their abilities, yet additionally for their delightful looks.

However, not only the looks but these Russian women are also furiously self-sufficient and speak to an age of super wonders with cerebrums. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 hot Russian girls from the world of entertainment, sports, and business.

Best and Famous 10 Hot Russian Women of the World

The truth Is there are hundreds of hot Russian models. However, based on achievements, career goals and sexy looks, here we have prepared a list of the top 10 beautiful Russian women around the world.

  • Natalie Glebova
  • Ksenia Sukhinova
  • Irina Antonenko
  • Anna Kournikova
  • Alena Zavarzina
  • Nyusha
  • Yulia Volkova
  • Yanina Studilina
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Victoria Lopyreva

Let’s take a look at these hottest Russian women one after another.

1. Natalie Glebova

hot russian models Natalie-Glebova

Natalie Glebova was born on 11th November 1981 and she is a popular television host of Russian-Canadian. Apart from this, this hot Russian woman is also a dancer, author, model as well as beauty queen who was awarded the Miss Universe award in the year 2005. Apart from this, she got her Bachelor of Commerce in IT and Marketing from Ryerson University. Also, even functioned as an inspirational lecturer in rudimentary and secondary schools.

In 2004, this beautiful girl started her pomp career while participating in the Miss Universe Canada 2004 contest, where she ended up with the third place behind inevitable champ Venessa Fisher. In the same year, Glebova returned to Canada as well as won the Miss Universe Canada 2005 title. After winning the Miss Universe Canada title in 2005, Glebova acquired the chance to pronounce to Canada in the Miss Universe 2005 expo, held in Bangkok. As Miss Universe, Glebova voyaged broadly and submerged herself in a mission to build familiarity with HIV and AIDS, the progressing foundation of the Miss Universe champion.

Lots of her images had already been published in various magazines. For example, in Healthy Happy Beautiful (2007), Empowerment, I am Winning (2018). Finally, Natalie Glebova holds her position as one of the hot Russian models around the globe.

2. Ksenia Sukhinova

beautiful russian women

Ksenia Sukhinova was born on 26 August 1987 and she is a popular Russian television host, model and beauty queen. She was among those two beautiful Russian women who won the Miss World Crown two times. In the year 2007, she got the Miss World Crown for the first time and in 2008, she won the same Crown.

She is a devotee of sports and has been doing exercises, swimming, and biathlon since childhood. Sukhinova’s favorite book is The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. When asked a question about her personal life, Ksenia said that her heart was “sans still. Before Miss World 2008 and Miss World 2007, Ksenia Sukhinova was participating in Miss Tyumen and fortunately won the Miss Tyumen which makes her a representative of Russia. 

After she became the Miss World, Ksenia Sukhinova continued her modeling career in France, Italy, and Spain. Apart from this, she participated as a judge in the Miss World (2010), Miss World (2011), and Miss World (2015) shows. Ksenia Sukhinova is a perfect example of beauty with the brain. Hence surely she is one of the hot Russian girls and has held a strong position for the last few years.

3. Irina Antonenko

hot russian girls

Image: Wikipedia

Antonenko, a Russian entertainer, model, and magnificence event champion was born on 1st September 1991 and holds the title of Miss Russia 2010. She was additionally positioned in the Top 15 at the Miss Universe 2010 expo held on August 23, 2010, in Las Vegas. These hot Russian women have strolled the runway for architects like Philipp Plein, Olga Defi, Alina Assi, and Irina Natanova. Remember that, before entering the modeling world, Irina Antonenko completed her studies in Finance.

From childhood,  Irina Antonenko wanted to be an actress. And her dreams came true when she got a role in the popular movie The Darkest Hour. With that movie, she came into the limelight and won millions of hearts. Some of her other popular movies and TV shows are The Ship, The Ship-2, Battle of the Magi, Surprise for the Beloved, and Weddings Will Not Be. Even though Irina Antonenko is not in the focus too much, still we believe great things will happen with one of these hot Russian models.

4. Anna Kournikova

hot russian women Anna-Kournikova

Anna Kournikova, among these beautiful Russian women, was born on 7th June 1981. Kournikova is currently a big TV personality. However, in the past few days, she was a Russian tennis player. Unfortunately, during her tennis career, she never won a single match. However, Anna Kournikova achieved success when she started playing doubles with Martina Hingis. With Martina Hingis, she won lots of titles but unfortunately due to back and spinal injuries, she had to retire at the age of 21.

Anna Kournikova is one of the hot Russian girls and is popularly known as the girlfriend of the famous singer Enrique Iglesias. Besides being a tennis player, she also started working as a model, actress as well as trainer for the popular TV show The Biggest Loser. Other than her acting and tennis matches, Kournikova is known as a Global Ambassador for the Five and Alive Program which tends to medical problems kids under five face.

The majority of Kournikova’s notoriety has come from the exposure encompassing her looks and her own life. During her introduction at the 1996 US Open at 15 years old, the Western world saw her excellence, and before long photos of her showed up in various magazines around the world. Currently, this beautiful girl lives with her boyfriend Enrique Iglesias in Miami and they have two children, Lucy and Nicholas. 

5. Alena Zavarzina

beautiful russian women

When it comes to the top 10 hot Russian women, you can’t fill the list without Alena Zavarzina. She was born on 27th May 1989 and was a former female Russian snowboarder. Zavarzina won the 2011 World Championship as well as the 2014 Winter Olympics bronze medal. At the age of 10, Alena started her snowboarding and after that, she switched to alpine snowboarding. At the age of 11, Alena made her first appearance at the National Championships.

Unfortunately, with deep controversy, this beautiful woman retired from the game. According to her, since 2017, the Russian Snowboard Federation didn’t pay her. Apart from this, she also claimed that the Snowboard Federation doesn’t encourage as well as support their players. Currently, she marked herself as the brand ambassador of Zasport, S7 Airlines, Raketa Watches, and Tag Heuer. Finally, we want to say that Alena Zavarzina holds her position in the list of top 10 beautiful Russian women just not for her sexy look but also for her talent in snowboarding.

6. Nyusha

hot russian women Nyusha

Nyusha or Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina was born on 15th August 1990. She is among those hot Russian women who is a songwriter as well as a singer. Perhaps the most well-known artist in contemporary Russia, Nyusha has delivered eight number-one singles in Russia, holding the record for the best sum. The little girl of the previous Laskovyi Mai part Vladimir Shurochkin, Nyusha started her profession as a young person, contending in New Wave 2008, where she placed seventh.

Thereafter, she was endorsed to Warner Music Russia and delivered her presentation studio collection Vybirat Chudo in 2010; the collection proceeded to create four number-one singles in Russia. Her second studio collection Obedineniye was later delivered in 2014, creating four more number-one singles and winning Nyusha the honour for Best Russian Act again at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards. Nyusha is known as one of the top hot Russian girls not only for her sexy and attractive look but also for her golden voice.

7. Yulia Volkova

Yulia or Julia Olegovna Volkova is a popular Russian model and was born on 20th February 1985. Yulia is a top Russian actress, singer, and recording artist. Apart from this, she was a group member of the controversial group t.a. T.u and ranks in the top position. 

Julia alongside Lena Katina became a record manage at Universal Music Russia in 1999. Her first solo song ‘All The Things She Said’ was very popular in multiple countries such as Austria, the UK, the USA, Japan, Denmark, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, in 2012, Julia had thyroid cancer and this also damages the laryngeal nerve. In Germany, she underwent 2 surgeries but unfortunately, those were not successful. Fortunately, on the third attempt, the medicine works for her. 

In 2014, Yulia needed to undergo vocal cord surgery. Though she is still trying to recover her voice with this voice she still performs at the stage show. For most of her adult life, Julia has been surrounded by controversies. From affairs to married men to homophobia, this sexy woman did all. However, still, she has been considered one of the hot Russian girls just not for her looks but for her don’t care attitude as well. And known as one of the top hot Russian models.

8. Yanina Studilina

hot russian models

Yanina Studilina, a TV presenter and TV actress was born on 6th August 1985. In the year, 2010, from the theatre and music school, she completed her graduation. After that, she started working on television series and earned popularity for the TV series Ranetki. Apart from this, currently, she is working with popular television channels such as RU.TV as well as Russian Travel Guide. 

This sexy Russian girl is married to Alexander Rodnyanskiy Jr and currently, this couple has a child. With her gorgeous look, Yanina Studilina is considered one of the hot Russian girls.

9. Maria Sharapova

beautiful russian girl

Maria Sharapova, the former professional player was born on 19th April 1987. Sharapova began her occupation in 2001 and contended on the WTA till 2020. She was successively positioned as #1 beating tough competitors like Serena Williams. Apart from this, she also took part in the Olympics and in 2012 won the silver model as well as becoming the number one tennis player only at the age of 18. 

During her career, she has won 2 French Open, 5 grand slams, 1 Wimbledon, 1 US Open, and 1 Australian Open. Moreover, Sharapova has won a total of 36 titles as well as won 3 doubles titles. Apart from this, with her toned body and amazing look, she has been appointed as a model for lots of brands. Besides, Sharapova is also the brand ambassador of Cole Haan Fashion House

As per Forbes magazine, she is the highest-paid athlete around the world and has a total income of over US$285 million. 

10. Victoria Lopyreva

sexy russian women Victoria-Lopyreva

Victoria Lopyreva was born on 26th July 1983 and among ten hot Russian girls is a TV show host, Russian model, actress, and blogger. In the year 2003, she won the Miss Russian awards. Also, in 2018, she became the brand ambassador of the FIFA World Cup. At an early age, this gorgeous lady gets many offers in order to become a model. However, she refuses them all. In the year 1999, she started her career and won the Rostov Beauty Award. Victoria is the cover face of many magazines, for example, Gala, Beauty, and Cosmopolitan. Apart from this, she also participates in popular TV series, for example, the Last Hero.

Lopyreva also hosts lots of shows such as Fashion Ambulance, Miss Europe Awards, The Game with Happiness, and Olymp. Also, with Georgiy, Victoria hosted the Football Night show. In 2018, Victoria signed contract and became the brand spokesperson of the District of the World Championship. 


All women around the world are beautiful. However, Russian women are considered the best among them. Here we have prepared a list of the top 10 hot Russian girls in 2024. Remember that, these girls are not only beautiful but they can break all the walls that we generally call the weaker sex.

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