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Jalebi Bai (TV Series)

Jalebi Bai is an Indian erotic web series with many parts. The series’ first episode was released on 8 April 2022 on the Ullu OTT Platform. It’s the story of Jalebi Bai, who works in many homes. But she can do anything for money. All series episodes were highly appreciated by the audiences and still going in. However, you will find not much information about the Ullu web series Jalebi Bai. Well, don’t worry, here we will walk you through everything related to the Jalebi Bai web series, including the Jalebi Bai web series cast, Jalebi Bai actress, Jalebi Bai episodes and other things. Read on…

TitleJalebi Bai
GenreDrama, Fantasy
Available OnUllu
LanguageHindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Bhojpuri
Release Date8 April 2023
No of Seasons1
No of Episodes10

Ullu Jalebi Bai All Episodes

In the below section, we have prepared a complete list of Jalebi Bai episodes with their release date.

Episode NoEpisode NameRelease Date
1Jalebi Bai: Part-18 April 2022
2Jalebi Bai: Part-18 April 2022
3Jalebi Bai: Part-18 April 2022
4Jalebi Bai: Part-18 April 2022
5Jalebi Bai: Part-216 April 2022
6Jalebi Bai: Part-216 April 2022
7Jalebi Bai: Part-216 April 2022
8Jalebi Bai: Part-322 April 2022
9Jalebi Bai: Part-322 April 2022
10Jalebi Bai: Part-322 April 2022

Ullu Web Series Jalebi Bai Cast

Let’s glance at the complete cast details of the Jalebi Bai series, along with their role name.

Real NameRole NameFeatured in
Natasha RajeshwariJalebi Bai 1Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 2, 3
Prajakta DusaneJalebi Bai 2Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 2,3
Ankit PatidarMukeshJalebi Bai: Part-1, 2, 3
Alina SenShantiJalebi Bai: Part-1,2 , 3
Jimmi KumariShreyaJalebi Bai: Part-1,2,3
Rakesh DubeyBrijmohanJalebi Bai: Part-1, 2, 3
Khushboo KamalSumanJalebi Bai: Part-1, 3
Preeti KushwahaAnuJalebi Bai: Part-1, 3
Supriya PriyadarshiniShaliniJalebi Bai: Part-1, 3
Veena RainaShalini Mother-in-lawJalebi Bai: Part-1, 3
Akash SinghMadaanJalebi Bai: Part-1
Sanjay VichareMatreJalebi Bai: Part-1, 3
Alpesh DhakanRonyJalebi Bai: Part-3
Alok DubeyDelivery BoyJalebi Bai: Part-3
Basant KumarSachinJalebi Bai: Part-3
Neha MandalAnikaJalebi Bai: Part-3
Kushwaha SamratVegetable VendorJalebi Bai: Part-3
Akash SinghMadaanJalebi Bai: Part-3
Deepak SinghPolice InspectorJalebi Bai: Part-3
Nehal VadoliyaAnu’s Lesbian FriendJalebi Bai: Part-3

List of Jalebi Bai Actresses with Pictures

In the following section, we have prepared a list of Jalebi Bai actresses with their detailed information.

Natasha Rajeshwari

Born: 31 July 1993

Instagram ID: natasharajsewari

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 2, 3

Natasha Rajeshwari, also known as Ridhima Tiwari, is an Indian actress and model best known for her bold role in the web series School Girl, Madhosh Diaries, and Jalebi Bai. Recently, she was cast in the Ullu web series Walkman where she played the role of an unsatisfied married woman named Roshni. 

Prajakta Dusane

Born: 20 April 1992

Instagram ID: praju_starlet

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 2, 3

Jalebi Bai actress Prajakta Dusane is an Indian model and actress. She started her career with the Tinku Ki Suhaagraat web series. After that, she was cast in many web series, including Gaachi, Patra Petika, and Jalebi Bai, where she played the role of Jalebi Bai 2.

Alina Sen

Born: 29 June 1990

Instagram ID: alinasen._

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 2, 3

Alina Sen is an Indian social media influencer and actress who has been active in the web series scene since 2022. She started her professional life with Instagram reels and other bold social media posts. Alina Sen is popular among her fans for posting bold photographs, fashion reels, and social work. She has over 1,50,000 followers on Instagram as of 2023. She played the role of Shanti in the Jalebi Bai web series. 

Jimmi Kumari

Born: Not Known

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 2, 3

Jimmi Kumari is an Indian actress who stars primarily in the Hindi web series. She is known for the Hindi web series Jalebi Bai streaming on the Ullu platform. 

Khushboo Kamal

Born: 13 April 1987

Instagram ID: khushboo_kamal

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 3

Jalebi Bai, sexy actress Khushboo Kamal began her career with a famous film titled Dabangg (2010), where she played the role of a journalist. The same year, she appeared in the Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage TV show. Later, she worked in many TV shows, including Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Bharat Ka Veer Putra, etc. But, Khushboo got national recognition for her role as Suman in the Jalebi Bai series. 

Supriya Priyadarshini

Born: Not Known

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-1, 3

Supriya Priyadarshini is a versatile actress, model and dancer of Bollywood who plays different roles in movies and serials. In addition, she did many TV shows such as Chidiya Ghar, Crime Petrol, CID, Thapaki Pyar Ki, and Savadhan India. She was also cast in the Jalebi Bai web series. 

Neha Mandal

Born: Not Known

Instagram ID: mandal_neha

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-3

Jalebi Bai’s hot actress Neha Mandal is a well-known actress, model, and good dancer. Neha mainly works in Indian web series and is famous for her role in the Charmsukh Meri Padosan web series. Her notable work includes BubblePur, BubblePurPart 2, BubblePurPart 3, BubblePurPart 6, Seal, and Saloni. 

Nehal Vadoliya

Born: 2 December 1994

Instagram ID: nehal_nv8

Jalebi Bai Episodes: Jalebi Bai: Part-3

Nehal Vadoliya (Nehal Vadolia) is an Indian actress and model who predominantly works in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati films and TV series industries. Nehal made her debut with the Gujarati movie Gujarati Wedding In Goa. She also worked in web series like Gandi Baat 3 and Jalebi Bai. 


Keep an eye on the crew details of the Ullu web series Jalebi Bai.

Directed byYogesh Ojha
Creative ManagerArchie Gupta
Special ThanksShubham Rauniyar


Jalebi Bai is the story of a maid who worked in a house and met different people with different lifestyles. She is beautiful and bold. Soon, All the old or young men in the house become crazy about its beauty and playfulness. They want to make a physical relationship with her for money. After some time, she left her job because she had enough money. Now another Kamwali Bai enters the story, named Jalebi Bai. Another twist begins. 


That’s it. This article discussed everything related to the Ullu Jalebi Bai web series, including the cast, all seasons, episodes, and actresses’ names. What’s more? Go and watch the web series if you are 18 and above aged. 


Who is the Cast of Ullu Jalebi Bai 2?

  • Natasha Rajeshwari
  • Prajakta Dusane
  • Ankit Patidar

Who is the Actress in Jalebi Ullu Part 3?

  • Prajakta Dusane
  • Alina Sen
  • Jimmi Kumari

How to Watch Jalebi Bai Online?

Install the Ullu app on your device. Take a premium membership. Search Jalebi Bai on the search bar. Click on the poster. Watch all episodes of the series.

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