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Top film production companies in Kerala Full List

Malayalam films have large contributions to the Indian film industry. But do you know it’s the Malayalam film production companies who took full responsibility for the development of the films? Yes, it’s true and viewers should thank the film production company for bringing our favorite heroes and heroines on the on-screen. So, this time we would like to discuss the top film production companies in Kerala.  Let’s start. 

 Top Production Companies in Kerala

Kerala’s 1st production company was Udaya Studios which give us many super hit movies like Othenante Maken, Unniyarcha, and Palattukoman. And it was established in 1947 by Kunchako. Here, we have listed the top production houses in Kerala that give us many blockbuster movies. 

  1. Merryland Cinemas
  2. Udaya Studios
  3. Aashirvad Cinemas (AVD)
  4. Grand Productions
  5. Friday Film House
  6. Anwar Rasheed Entertainments (ARE)
  7. Maniyanpilla Raju Productions
  8. Lumiere Film Company
  9. Playhouse Release
  10. August Cinemas
  11. Adams World of Imagination
  12. Dharmik Films

#1. Merryland Cinemas

film production companies in Kerala

Established: 1951, 70 years ago

Founded By: P. Subramaniam

Headquarters: Nemom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Merryland Cinemas, formerly known as Merryland Studio is one of the best film production companies in Kerala. It was established by former mayor and businessman P. Subramaniam. Merryland Cinemas has produced more than 70 Malayam movies and out of them 59 movies are directed by P. Subramaniam himself. Apart from movies, Merryland Cinemas has also produced many popular Kerala TV serials. Swami Ayyappan and Kadamattathu are the most popular ones. 

#2. Udaya Studios

malayalam film production companies

Established: 1947

Founded By: Kunchacko

Headquarters: Pathirappally, Alappuzha, Kerala

In 1947, Kunchacko established a film production company known as Udaya Pictures. It’s the oldest film production company in Kerala. After establishing, Udaya Studios gives some excellent movies to the viewers. For instance, Palattu Kunjikannan (1980), Ponnapuram Kotta (1973), Othenante Makan (1970), Palattukoman (1962), and Unniyarcha (1961). 

After Kunchacko’s death, his son took the responsibilities but after his death at the early age of 55, the studio saw bad days. Dr. Avinash Unnithan buys the studio and changes the name. Now, it’s worked under another studio. 

#3. Aashirvad Cinemas (AVD)

production houses in kerala

Established: 2000

Founded By: Antony Perumbavoor

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala, India

Aashirvad Cinemas (AVD) is one of the leading Malayalam film production companies in Kerala, India. In 2000, Antony Perumbavoor established this production company. Since then, the company has produced more than 32 Malayalam movies. In 2009, the production house co-operates with the distribution company Maxlab Cinemas & Entertainments, founded by Mohanlal and Antony Perumbavoor. Quickly, this production company marks itself as one of the most successful film production houses, not only in Kerala but in India also. Some of its best work includes Lucifer (2019), Narasimham (2000), and Drishyam (2013). The studio also produced the three most expensive Malayalam movies. These are Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham (2020), Lucifer (2019) and Odiyan (2018). 

#4. Grand Productions

production companies in kerala

Established: 2003

Founded By: Dileep, Anoop

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala, India

The film production company was established by the actor Dileep and his brother Anoop. Grand Productions is one of the most successful production companies in Kerala. C. I. D Moosa is their first produced film. The movie was a blockbuster movie at that time. Apart from this, Grand Productions produced many other successful movies, such as Twenty Twenty, Runway, Pandippada, and Malarvadi Arts Club. The movie Twenty-twenty was a milestone for Grand Productions. In 2008, the budget of the movie was 7 crore and it made more than 35 crores from the theaters. 

#5. Friday Film House

Friday Film House

Established: 18 September 2013

Founded By: Sandra Thomas, Vijay Babu

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala, India

It’s a leading as well as a profit-making production company based in Kerala. Vijay Babu, one of the most talented actors in the Malayalam film industry, established this film production. In 2021, the production house will make the Friday movie. The movie won a total of 7 Kerala State Film Awards. Besides, it has its own division- Digital/TV production, Friday Tickets under the Friday Home Cinema brand, and under the Friday Music Company.  Notable projects of this production house are, Thrissur Pooram, Angamaly Diaries, June, and Philips and the Monkey Pen. 

#6. Anwar Rasheed Entertainments (ARE)

film production companie in kerala

Established: Yet to be Updated

Founded By: Anwar Rasheed

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala, India

Anwar Rasheed was the founder of this production house. Its first work was Bangalore Days. Anjali Menon directed this movie. That movie became a blockbuster at that time and it business over 50 crores in the box office. On top of this, it won many awards and get positive reviews. The second project of this production was Premam- directed by Alphonse Putharen. It also became a super hit movie and made a profit of more than 50 crores. Some of the other popular projects of this production include Trance (2020) and Parava (2017). 

#7. Maniyanpilla Raju Productions

malayalam film production companiesmalayalam film production companie Maniyanpilla Raju Productions


Maniyanpilla Raju Productions is one of the leading film production companies in Kerala. The production house was established by Maniyanpilla Raju, a famous actor, and producer in the Malayalam industry. Under the Banner of Maniyanpilla Raju Productions, he has produced many movies. Vellanakalude Naadu, and Hello My Dear Wrong Number are some of his early successful projects. Oru Naal Varum, Chotta Mumbai, and Anandabhadram are some of his other successful projects. His recent movie was Pavada- Prithviraj, and Anoop Menon played the lead character of this movie. This movie was a huge commercial success and won many awards. 

#8. Lumiere Film Company

production house Lumiere Film Company

Sreenivasan and Mukesh are the owners of the Lumiere Film Company. Till now, it has produced two superhit movies. Their first project was Katha Parayumbol. Meena, Sreenivasan, and Mukesh play the lead characters in this movie. The movie has completed 150 days in the theaters. The production’s next project was Thattathin Marayathu. Vineeth Sreenivasan directed this movie and the movie collected more than 20 crores. 

#9. Playhouse Release

Playhouse Release film production companie

Established: 2009

Founded By: Anto Joseph

Headquarters: Kerala, India

Superstar Mammooty is the owner of the Playhouse Release film production. In the beginning, the production house produced many movies such as Rithu, Kana Kanmani, and Neelathamara. Later they produced many movies like Kasaba and Chattambinaadu. 

#10. August Cinemas

August Cinemas film production companies in Kerala

Established: 2011

Founded By: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shaji Nadesan, Santosh Sivan

Headquarters: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

August Cinemas is another top film production companies in Kerala. In 2011, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shaji Nadesan, and Santosh Sivan established this film production house. Their first project was Urumi which was a huge success at that time. Indian Rupee was their second project that did excellent business at the box office. The movie also won many National awards. Double Barrel, Manjadikkuru, Sapthamasree Thaskara are some of their successful projects. 

#11. Adams World of Imagination

Adams World of Imagination

Established: 2015

Founded By: Asif Ali, Sajin Jaffar

Headquarters: Kerala India

In 2015, Asif Ali founded this film production. Asif Ali dedicated this film production to his son Adam. Brijesh Muhammed and Sajin Jaffar are the co-partners of this film production house. The company’s first project was Kohinoor. Vinay Govind was the director of this movie. The movie was a huge success at the box office. Some of their notable projects include Iblis (2018), Kohinoor (2015), Vimaanam (2017), Honey Bee 2 (2017), and many more. 

#12. Dharmik Films

Dharmik Films malayalam film production companie

Established: 2015

Founded By: S. Sajikumar

Headquarters: Kerala, India

S.Sajikumar was the founder of this production film. Its first project was Bicycle Thieves. Their recent venture is James and Alice. Prithviraj and Vedhika play the lead characters in the movie. Sijith Vasudevan directed the movie. The movie still running successfully in the theaters and did good business at the box office. 


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Keep in mind, film production plays the most vital role in order to make a film hit or flop. Kerala film industry has a huge contribution to the Indian film industry. Here, we have listed the top 12 film productions companies in Kerala that give us many super hit movies.

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