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Sundari Serial (Sun Bangla) Cast, Roles, Timing, Wiki & More

Sundari is a Bengali language family drama TV serial aired on 19 July 2021 on Sun Bangla TV in Bengali. The serial is about Sundari, a village girl from a lower-middle-class family. Sushrita Ghosh, Yuvraj Chowdhury, and Riya Banik / Srijani Mitra play the lead roles in the serial. Below is the Sundari Serial cast, story, wiki, real names, timings, and everything related to this Sun Bangla serial.

ChannelSun Bangla TV
Genrefamily drama

Sundari Serial Cast

Sushrita Ghosh, Yuvraj Chowdhury, and Riya Banik / Srijani Mitra are the main cast in the serial. Nishantika Das, Chaitali Chakraborty, Milan Roy Choudhury, Malabika Sen, and Rajashree Bhowmik play the supporting roles. Here all details about the main cast and supporting cast are below.

Sundari TV Show Star Cast (Main Cast)

Sushrita Ghosh

Sushrita Ghosh

role: Sundari Goswami Chowdhury

Yuvraj Chowdhury

Moviee Talks

role: Shourjo Chowdhury

Riya Banik / Srijani Mitra

Riya Banik

role: Labonyo Sen Chowdhury

Recurring Cast

  • Nishantika Das (Ishani Mitra)
  • Chaitali Chakraborty (Gayatri Goswami)
  • Milan Roy Choudhury (Shankar Chowdhury)
  • Malabika Sen (Rangana Chowdhury)
  • Rajashree Bhowmik (Lajbonti Chowdhury Goswami)
  • Animesh Bhaduri (Umanath Chowdhury)
  • Kanyakumari Mukherjee (Lakshmi Chowdhury)
  • Barninee Chakrabarty (Malini Chowdhury)
  • Anindita Saha Kapileshwari (Monidipa “Manmoni” Sen)
  • Aritra Goswami (Krish Chakraborty)
  • Rhimjhim Gupta (Sandhya Mitra)
  • Nitya Ganguly (Bimal Mitra)
  • Suban Roy (Bapi Das)
  • Arup Roy (Atom)


ProducerArka Gangopadhyay
Directed byJoydip Karmakar
Writing CreditsParamita Sengupta
Editing byyet to be updated
Cinematography byDebendra Chandra Das
Music DepartmentDebjyoti Mishra
Production HouseOrganinc Studios Pvt. Ltd.


Sundari is a village girl who faces lots of teasing from society due to her dark skin tone. 

Coincidentally, she got married to Shourjo Chowdhury, the Ad agency owner, who always misbehaves with Sundari for being dark-skinned. On the other hand, Shourjo married Labanya Sen, a wealthy businesswoman.

The twist is how to reveal Shourjo’s truth and how Sundari becomes an IAS officer after overcoming all challenges.

Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing

This drama serial’s first episode was released on 19 July 2021. The serial airs on Sun Bangla TV from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 pm-8:30 pm.

ChannelSun Bangla
Show TimingsMonday to Sunday from 8:00 pm-8:30 pm
Repeat Telecast Timeyet to be updated
Running Time22 minutes
Starting Date19 July 2021
Final EpisodeOn going

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