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Paradise (Film): Where To Watch, Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story

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Paradise is a sci-fi thriller film that premiered on 27 July 2023 on the Netflix online platform in Germany and the United States. It’s the story of a man who sees the dark side of the time-manipulating biotech company he works for when a crushing debt forces his wife to give up 40 years of her life. The movie starts with Numan Acar, Clovis Kasanda, Iris Berben, Houssein Hariri, Aleyna Cara, Tomas Dziatlovskis, and  Mija Kembre in the main role. Keep an eye on the Paradise cast & crew, characters and real names, availability, release date, and additional detailed information related to the movie. 

Release Date27 July 2023
GenreThriller, Action, Sci-Fi
RatingYet To Update
Original LanguageGerman, English
Country of originGermany

Paradise Full Cast

Boris Kunz, Tomas Jonsgården, and Indre Juskute direct the film. Here is the complete list of cast details of the Paradise movie. 

Paradise Top Cast (Main Cast)

Numan Acar as Viktor

Numan Acar

Clovis Kasanda as Psychologist

Clovis Kasanda

Iris Berben

Iris Berben

Houssein Hariri as Mr. Bondar

Moviee Talks

Aleyna Cara as Pamina Yildrim

Moviee Talks

Tomas Dziatlovskis as Policeman

Moviee Talks

Mija Kembre as Female Border Guard

Mija Kembre

Paradise Secondary Cast

  • Diana Krueger (Policewoman)
  • Lukas von Horbatschewsky (Denys Bondar)
  • Michael Ladek (Tramp)
  • Kostja Ullmann
  • Karolis Legenis (Junkie)
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
  • Egle Lekstutyte (Mrs. Steiner)
  • Hanh Mai Thi Tran (Charlotte Nguyen)
  • Fortuna Meda (Emilia Steiner)
  • Donatas Simukauskas (Lithuanian Border Guard)
  • Vytautas Medineckas (Teamleader)
  • Gülderen Saglam (Mrs. Bondar)
  • Ulrich Wickert (Ulrich Wickert)
  • Matthias Ziesing (Mr. Steiner)


Directed ByBoris Kunz, Indre Juskute, Tomas Jonsgården
Written byBoris Kunz,Simon Amberger, Peter Kocyla
Produced byNathalie Bouteiller-Marin, Nina Kammermeier
Edited byMarina Starke, Jonathan Roth
Music byPeter Fuchs
CinematographyChristian Stangassinger
Casting ByLisa Stutzky, Donatas Simukauskas

Movie Info

Set in the not-too-distant future where the company AEON has become a multi-billion dollar big pharma conglomerate. The start-up managed it with a revolutionary technology that makes transferring lifespan from one person to another possible. This has serious consequences for parts of society. Elena is confronted with insurance claims that she and her husband, Max, cannot pay. So she feels compelled to sell 40 years of her life to AEON. Max works for the company himself and then tries everything to get back the lost years of his wife. He finds out that the CEO of AEON is targeting Elena’s lifetime. So he hatches a plan to kidnap her. For Max and Elena, a hunt begins that takes them across national borders and to the edge of their own moral concepts.

Release Date & Where To Watch

Paradise film is available from 27 July 2023 on the Netflix app in Germany and the United States. 

Release Date27 July 2023
OTT PlatformNetflix
Runtime116 Minutes


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Release Date of the Paradise Film in Germany and the United States?

Paradise film is streaming from 27 July 2023. 

Who are the Cast in the Paradise Film?

It features Numan Acar, Clovis Kasanda, Iris Berben, Houssein Hariri, Aleyna Cara, Tomas Dziatlovskis, and  Mija Kembre in the prominent role, along with other supporting actors. 

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