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Heart Of Stone (Film)

Heart Of Stone is an upcoming Hollywood action movie that will release on 11 August 2023 on the Netflix OTT Platform. Gal Gadot is Agent Rachel Stone, the only intelligence operative who stands between her global peace-keeping organization and the loss of its most valuable — and dangerous — asset, codenamed: The Heart. Along with Gal Dadot, Jamie Dornan, Matthias Schweighöfer, Sophie Okonedo, and Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt are in key roles. This article will discuss the Heart Of Stone cast, characters and real names, availability, release date, and additional detailed information about the movie.

TitleHeart Of Stone
Release Date11 August 2023(United States)
GenreThriller, Action, Crime
RatingYet To Update
Original LanguageEnglish
Country of originUnited States

Heart Of Stone Full Cast

Gal Gadot, as Rachel Stone, plays the female lead in the movie, while Jamie Dornan, as Parker, is in the male lead role. Here are the complete cast details of the Heart Of Stone film. 

Heart Of Stone Top Cast (Main Cast)

Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone

Gal Gadot

Jamie Dornan as Parker

Jamie Dornan

Matthias Schweighöfer

Matthias Schweighöfer

Sophie Okonedo

Sophie Okonedo

Alia Bhatt as Keya Dhawan

Alia Bhatt

Heart Of Stone Secondary Cast

  • Jing Lusi
  • Archie Madekwe (Ivo)
  • Enzo Cilenti (Mulvaney)
  • Paul Ready
  • Jon Kortajarena
  • Andy M Milligan (Armed Response Officer)
  • Billy Clements (Goon 1)
  • Moziah Pinder (Upper-class Vip casino party guest)
  • Alfredo Tavares (Agent CIA)
  • Jónas Alfreð Birkisson (Leifur)
  • Pierre Bergman (Gambler)
  • Helga Kristín Helgadóttir (Driver)
  • Lanre Malaolu (Reeves)
  • Willem Marais (Compound Shooter)
  • Diana Yekinni (Six Of Hearts (Klara))
  • Malick Bojang (Air Personnel)
  • Md Anan Islam
  • Tommi Thor Gudmundsson (Club Strike Team (CST 04))
  • Luca Fiamenghi (Casanova)
  • Andre Vonport (Club Strike Team ( CTS 07))
  • Ricky Bevins (Skiier)
  • Elma Dís Davíðsdóttir (Student)
  • Bolaji ‘BJ Kenny’ Kehinde (Lounge guest)
  • Miroslav Marinov (Personal bodyguard)
  • Joe Reisig (Lars Monroe)
  • Marcelo Cartade (Portuguese boy)
  • Rajiv Chabria
  • Christian Peterson
  • Nathalia Rossetti (Skier in Red)
  • Steven Waters (Gambler)
  • Daizy Wreford (Upper-Class Party Guest)


Directed ByTom Harper
Written byGreg Rucka
Produced byDavid Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Gal Gadot, Jaron Varsano, Bonnie Curtis
Edited byMark Eckersley
Music bySteven Price
CinematographyGeorge Steel
Casting ByJulie Harkin
Skydance, Pilot Wave, Mockingbird Pictures

Movie Info

International intelligence agent Rachel Stone must embark on a dangerous mission to protect the mysterious MacGuffin known as “The Heart.” Stone is tasked by the peacekeeping operation known as Charter to keep the object safe from falling into enemy hands. Will she be able to succeed? Or will enemies steal the object? 

Release Date & Where To Watch

Netflix already released the film’s trailer on its YT channel, and the movie will be released on 11 August 2023 on the same platform; it’s a thriller-crime film, and the runtime is 122 minutes.

Release Date11 August 2023
OTT PlatformNetflix
Runtime122 Minutes


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are the Cast in the Heart Of Stone Film?

Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, Matthias Schweighöfer, Sophie Okonedo, and Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt are in primary roles. 

Who is Parker in the Heart of Stone Film?

Jamie Dornan plays the role of Parker in the film. 

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