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Abhay Season 2 Review | A Must Watch Psychological Thriller Series on Zee5

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Zee5 has been releasing some really good web series for people to binge-watch during this lockdown period. But one of their best ones yet is Abhay. And while Season 1 was considered to be one of the best thriller series of all times, Season 2 is set to be even bigger and grander with its hard-hitting cases and enthralling acting.

The synopsis provided by Zee5 comments that police officer Abhay Singh is back to bring back evil masterminds to #TheRoadToJustice.

Based on true events, the web series follows the cases of Abhay Pratap Singh, a Special Task Force Police Officer. He is tasked with solving some of the most heinous and astounding criminal cases and is responsible for bringing these people to justice. Like Season 1, this season is supposed to be darker, edgier, and not for the faint-hearted, with its psychological thriller cases. And Inspector Abhay Singh is here to unravel the twisted mysteries of the human mind while solving some of the most complicated cases in criminal history.


  • Kunal Kemmu
  • Chunky Pandey
  • Ram Kapoor
  • Asha Negi
  • Nidhi Singh
  • Bidita Bag

Why Watch Abhay Season 2? 

Just like Season 1, this season is packed with powerful performances and realistically accurate crime scenes. The promos have hinted that this season is not for the faint-hearted.

Here’s why you need to watch Abhay 2:

Kunal Kemmu’s restrained acting

Kunal Kemmu is known for his acting prowess and is a seasoned child actor. And this series proves just how seasoned an actor he is while cementing his place in Bollywood fandom. Considering that he plays the role of a super detective, his restrained and understated acting does justice to the role. Kunal Kemmu creates an aura of darkness mixed with the sense of justice, to show viewers how he solves the worst crimes ever committed by mankind. His staunch demeanor and his chiseled body also add intrigue to the mystery that surrounds Inspector Abhay Singh. This season also brings a change in the rules that Inspector Abhay lives by – he plans to challenge himself to rid society of evil with a set of rules that will not only change his way of working and thinking but will also build intrigue in the minds of viewers. Is Inspector Abhay as dedicated to justice as he seems or is there an internal battle that he refuses to accept?

Kickass Villains

This web series, although based on the investigations of Special Forces Inspector Abhay Singh, would not come to fruition without the kickass villains. The villains of the series have been said to be based loosely on the style of classic Hollywood psychopaths like ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘Saw’, and even the ‘Joker’. With emphasis given on the thought process that goes into committing the crimes, the series gives viewers a look into the twisted minds of the killers. It highlights the fact that a normal man can have twisted thoughts. With seasoned actors like Chunky Pandey, Bidita Bag and Ram Kapoor playing the villains in the series, there is no doubt that Abhay 2 has everything that a psychological thriller series should possess.

Ram Kapoor Surprise

Abhay Season 2 has a surprise added very late in the game – the entry of Ram Kapoor. This ‘main villain’ that Inspector Abhay Singh has been chasing and has finally caught, shows Ram Kapoor’s jump from simple family-oriented serials to darker mind-game thrillers. While his entry may be a bit delayed in the season, it no doubt builds enough intrigue to keep viewers engaged to see how this evil genius gets caught.

Direction, Writing, and Editing

Director Ken Ghosh and his team of writers have done a great job in showcasing the twisted mindset of killers and an even more twisted mind of an inspector willing to do anything to capture them. While the series has enough blood and gore to satisfy Abhay fans, this season has lowered down the drama with fewer gaalis and lesser comic relief. But, in the cases itself, the writers do not waste any time in revealing the killer’s identities, making it a little slower than Season 1. Again, this does not move away from the show’s dark narrative that focuses more on the mind of the killer as much as the murders.

Background score

This dark and fast-paced web series has an equally dark background score. With music and dialogues that leave more intrigue in its wake, the background score of the season is just as dark and shrouded in mystery as the episodes themselves.


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Final Thoughts

The Abhay web series has reached a whole new level of thriller web series to hit the Indian market. As killers sidestep the ideas of morality and strip humanity to its bare bones, the series remains ahead of the curve in terms of psychological thrillers, while battling the concept of swift justice as meted out by Inspector Abhay Pratap Singh.

If you want to watch a series that delves into the minds of some of the worst criminals to ever walk the earth and chase the thought process of an equally twisted police officer, who believes in his sense of justice – then Abhay Season 2 is made for you!

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