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Thapki Pyar Ki 2 Serial Cast, Real Name, Timing, Story, Wiki & More

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 Serial Cast, Real Name, Timing, Story, Wiki & More

The first episode of the Thapki Pyar Ki 2 serial was aired on 4 October 2021 on Colors TV. It’s a romantic Hindi Serial and starts with Thapki Agarwal Singhania. She wants to fulfill all her dreams at any cost. The Tv series is directed by Sanjay Satavase and is currently being made under the banner of Shoonya Square Productions. Prachi Bansal and Aakash Ahuja are in the key roles. Here’s the Thapki Pyar Ki 2 serial cast, timing, and more.

Name Thapki Pyar Ki 2
Language Hindi
Channel Colors TV
Genre Drama
Producer Isha Gaur, Vedraj
Main Cast
Jigyasa Singh, Aakash Ahuja, Jaya Bhattacharya
Directed by Sanjay Satavase
Composer Not Known
Concept Vedraj
Screenplay Manoj Tripathi
Story Pavni Mehandiratta
Production House
Shoonya Square Productions
Dialogue Manasvi Arya
Sanjay Singh, Krishna Mahto

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 Cast

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 is a spiritual sequel to the Tv series Thapki Pyar Ki released in 2015. The Tv serial was so popular that viewers often search for it. So, have a glance at the Thapki Pyar Ki 2 Serial Cast, Thapki Pyar Ki 2 actresses and actors reel, and real names.

Sr No Role Name Real Name Role
1 Prachi Bansal Vaani “Thapki” Agarwal Singhania
Hansika’s half-sister, Purab’s wife, Jaya and Mukul’s daughter, Preeti and Anshul’s cousin sister
2 Aakash Ahuja Purab Singhania
Veena and Vinod’s son, Sargam’s brother, Armaan and Sagar’s cousin, Thapki and Hansika’s husband
3 Jaya Bhattacharya Veena Devi Singhania
Sargam and Purab’s mother, Vinod’s wife
4 Rachana Mistry Hansika Agrawal Singhania
Thapki’s half-sister, Anjali and Mukul’s daughter, Purab’s second/half wife
5 Arup Pal Vinod Singhania
Jayanti’s elder son, Pramod’s brother, Veena’s husband, Sargam and Purab’s father
6 Rudra Kaushish Mukul Agarwal
Jaya and Anjali’s husband, Thapki and Hansika’s father
7 Akshaya Bhingarde Jaya Tripathi Agarwal
Ashok’s sister, Mukul’s first wife, Thapki’s mother
8 Shital Antani Sapna Singhania
Armaan and Sagar’s mother, Pramod’s widow
9 Additi Chopra Sargam Singhania
Armaan and Sagar’s cousin sister, Veena and Vinod’s daughter
10 Pratish Vora Ashok Tripathi
Anshul and Preeti’s father, Jaya’s brother,Sudha’s husband
11 Urvashi Upadhyay Sudha Tripathi
Ashok’s wife, Preeti and Anshul’s mother
12 Farida Dadi Jayanti Singhania
Vinod and Pramod’s mother, Sargam, Armaan, Purab and Sagar’s grandmother
13 Samaksh Sudi Sagar Singhania
Sapna and Neeraj’s son; Priyanka’s husband; Armaan’s brother; Sargam and Purab’s cousin brother
14 Somesh Sharma Anshul Tripathi
Ashok and Sudha’s son, Preeti’s brother, Thapki’s cousin brother
15 Neha Yadav
Priyanka Sagar Singhania
16 Rajvir Yadav Shankar Kumar
Singhania family’s servant
17 Nandini Maurya Preeti Tripathi
Ashok and Sudha’s daughter
18 Tulika Patel Anjali Mukul Agarwal
Mukul’s wife; Hansika’s mother; Thapki’s stepmother

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 Star Cast

Prachi Bansal as Vaani “Thapki” Agarwal Singhania

Prachi Bansal

Role: Jaya and Mukul’s daughter, Hansika’s half-sister, Preeti and Anshul’s cousin sister, Purab’s wife

Aakash Ahuja as Purab Singhania

Aakash Ahuja

Role: Thapki and Hansika’s husband, Veena and Vinod’s son, Armaan and Sagar’s cousin, Sargam’s brother

Jaya Bhattacharya as Veena Devi Singhania

Jaya Bhattacharya

Role: Sargam and Purab’s mother, Vinod’s wife

Rachana Mistry as Hansika Agrawal Singhania

Rachana Mistry

Role: Anjali and Mukul’s daughter, Jaya’s stepdaughter, Thapki’s half-sister, Purab’s second/half wife

Arup Pal as Vinod Singhania

Arup Pal

Role: Sargam and Purab’s father, Jayanti’s elder son, Veena’s husband, Pramod’s brother

Rudra Kaushish as Mukul Agarwal

Rudra Kaushish

Role: Jaya and Anjali’s husband; Thapki and Hansika’s father


Vaani “Thapki” Tripathi stutters whenever nervous, that is a major barrier on her path of dreams. On the other hand, Veena Devi ( role model of Vaani) has a rich and handsome son. Vaani’s father now lives with his second wife. `To know more, stay tuned to Colors TV. 

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing

The Tv series was released on 4 October 2021 on Colors TV. Now, it’s telecasting from Monday to Saturday on Colors TV. You can even watch it on Voot streaming OTT platform.

Channel Colors TV
Show Timings Monday to Saturday at 6 pm
Repeat Telecast Time N/A
Running Time 20-22 Minutes
Starting Date 4 October 2021
Final Episode Ongoing


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