Sirf Tum Serial Cast, Real Name, Timing, Story, Wiki & More

Sirf Tum Serial Cast, Real Name, Timing, Story, Wiki & More

Sirf Tum is an Indian romantic Hindi serial that aired on 15 November 2021 on Colors TV. The Tv serial revolves around Suhani who wanted to be a doctor. However, an arrogant businessman Ranveer falls in love with her and wants to marry her at any cost. Soon, a dark secret reveals. Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh play the lead characters in the Tv serial. Continue reading to know Sirf Tum serial cast, timing, & more.

Name Sirf Tum
Language Hindi
Channel Colors TV
Genre Drama
Producer Rashmi Sharma
Main Cast Vivian Dsena
Eisha Singh
Directed by Pankaj Kumar
Composer Not Known
Concept Rashmi Sharma
Screenplay Abhijeet Sinha, Tanya Sinha
Story Abhijeet Sinha, Tanya Sinha
Production House Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
Dialogue Sharad Tripathi
Editor Varun Singh, Suraj Singh

Sirf Tum Cast

Sirf Tum serial is directed by Pankaj Kumar and is currently being made under the banner of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. Have a glance at the Sirf Tum serial cast, Sirf Tum actresses, actors reels, and real names. 

Sr No Real Name Role Name Role
1 Vivian Dsena Ranveer Oberoi
Mamta and Vikrant’s son; Ansh’s half-brother; Samaira’s cousin brother; John and Raghu’s friend; Riya and Suhaani’s love interest
2 Eisha Singh Suhaani Sharma Oberoi
Rakesh and Sudha’s daughter; Ishaan’s sister; Nikita’s cousin sister; Riya and Meeta’s friend; Ranveer’s love interest; Ansh’s wife
3 Puneett Chouksey Anshul (Ansh) Oberoi
Asha and Vikrant’s son; Ranveer’s half-brother; Samaira’s cousin; Rishi and Rocky’s friend; Suhaani’s husband
4 Shalini Kapoor Sagar Mamta Verma Oberoi
Vikrant’s second wife; Ansh’s step-mother; Ranveer’s mother
5 Nimai Bali Vikrant Oberoi
Devendra’s son; Vikram’s brother; Rakesh’s boss; Kabir’s friend; Asha and Mamta’s husband; Ansh and Ranveer’s father
6 Sanjay Batra Rakesh Sharma
Aarti’s son; Kamini’s brother; Vikrant’s employee ans manager; Sudha’s husband; Suhaani and Ishaan’s father
7 Eva Ahuja Sudha Sharma
Rakesh’s wife; Suhaani and Ishaan’s mother
8 Anil Dhawan Devendra Oberoi
Patriarch of Oberoi Mansion; Vikrant and Vikram’s father; Ranveer, Ansh and Samaira’s grandfather
9 Kajal Pisal Asha Luthra Oberoi
Vikrant’s first wife; Ansh’s mother; Ranveer’s step-mother
10 Sonyaa Ayodhya Riya Kapoor
Kabir’s daughter; Suhaani, Samaira, Meeta and Karan’s friend; Ranveer’s obsessed lover
11 Jasjeet Babbar Aarti Sharma
Matriarch of Sharma family; Rakesh and Kamini’s mother; Suhaani, Nikita and Ishaan’s grandmother
12 Tanu Vidyarthi Kamini Sharma Chopra
A divorcee; Aarti’s daughter; Rakesh’s sister; Nikita’s mother
13 Aakash Rohira Raghav “Raghu” Tripathi
Ranveer and John’s friend
14 Sapan Gulaati John Srivastav
Ranveer and Raghu’s friend
15 Agam Dixit Ishaan Sharma
Rakesh and Sudha’s son; Suhaani’s brother; Nikita’s cousin
16 Amit Dhawan Vikramaditya “Vikram” Oberoi
Devendra’s son; Vikrant’s brother; Kabir’s friend; Roshni’s husband; Samaira’s father
17 Bindiya Kalra Roshni Oberoi
Vikram’s wife; Samaira’s mother
18 Vaidehi Nair Samaira Oberoi
Vikram and Roshni’s daughter; Ansh and Ranveer’s cousin; Riya’s friend
19 Shalu Chauhan Nikita Chopra
Kamini’s daughter; Suhaani and Ishaan’s cousin
20 Rishikka Bali Meeta Basu
Suhaani and Riya’s friend
21 Amit Rai Rishi Singhania Ansh’s friend
22 Akshay Patil Rocky Kundra Ansh’s friend
23 Kamal Malik Kabir Kapoor
Vikrant and Vikram’s friend and business partner; Riya’s father
24 Sharik Khan Karan Arora Riya’s friend

Sirf Tum Star Cast

Vivian Dsena as Ranveer Chopra

Vivian Dsena

Role: Mamta and Vikrant’s son, John and Raghu’s friend, Riya and Suhaani’s love interest

Eisha Singh as Suhaani Sharma Oberoi 

Eisha Singh

Role: Nikita’s cousin’s sister, Rakesh and Sudha’s daughter, Riya and Meeta’s friend

Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Mamta Verma Oberoi

Shalini Kapoor Sagar

Role: Vikrant’s second wife; Ansh’s step-mother; Ranveer’s mother

Puneett Chouksey as Anshul Oberoi

Puneett Chouksey

Role: Asha and Vikrant’s son; Ranveer’s half-brother; Samaira’s cousin; Rishi and Rocky’s friend

Nimai Bali as Vikrant Oberoi

Nimai Bali

Role: Vikram’s brother; Rakesh’s boss; Kabir’s friend; Asha and Mamta’s husband; Ansh and Ranveer’s father


Vikrant Oberoi is an arrogant businessman who one day saw a pretty girl and instantly fall in love with her. Density brings them together. However, after a few times, Vikrant again falls in love with Mamta Verma and disowns his first wife Asha, and their newborn son Ansh. Throwing them from his life. Now, the twist begins when Asha swears to destroy the Oberois and especially wants to take revenge on Mamta and Vikrant’s son. For more updates, keep watching the Tv serial on Colors TV. 

Sirf Tum Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing

Sirf Tum Tv serial is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8 pm on Colors TV channel. The first episode was aired on 15 November 2021. You can also watch the serial on the Voot OTT platform. 

Channel Colors TV
Show Timings Monday to Friday at 8 pm
Repeat Telecast Time N/A
Running Time 20-25 Minutes
Starting Date 15 November 2021
Final Episode Ongoing