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Sasneham (Asianet) Serial Cast, Roles, Timing, Wiki & More

Sasneham is a Malayalam soap opera aired on 8 June 2021 on Asianet. The serial is about Indira and Balachandran, past lovers, reuniting at an old age home. Rekha Ratheesh, K. P. A. C. Saji, Kishore, and Mithun Menon play the main roles. Below is the Sasneham serial cast, story, wiki, real names, timings, and everything related to this Asianet Serial.

GenreSoap Opera

Sasneham Serial Cast

Rekha Ratheesh, K. P. A. C. Saji, Kishore, and Mithun Menon have been cast as the central characters of Indira, Balachandran, Gregory, and Manu Chandran. Anoop Sivasenan, Lakshmi Priya / Soniya Mohandas, and Prasanth Kumar play the supporting roles. Read on to know the complete cast of the Sasneham serial.

Sasneham Serial Star Cast (Main Cast)

Rekha Ratheesh as Indira

Rekha Ratheesh

Role: Balachandran’s childhood friend and Manu’s mother

P. A. C. Saji as Balachandran

P. A. C. Saji

Role: Indira’s childhood friend and Meera’s father

Kishore as Gregory

Moviee Talks

Role: Indira’s real son

Mithun Menon as Manu Chandran

Mithun Menon

Role: Indira’s fake son and Priya’s husband

Sasneham Serial Recurring Cast

  • Anoop Sivasenan (Adv. Raghu)
  • Lakshmi Priya / Soniya Mohandas (Priya Manu)
  • Prasanth Kumar (Adv. Shankaranarayanan / Shanku)
  • Sonu Anna Jacob (Nandhitha / Nandha)
  • Anjana K. R. / Irine (Meera Raghu)
  • Jixil Philip (Sudhi)
  • Venugopal (Madhavan).
  • Rani Larius (Saraswathy)
  • Rithika/Adhya Aurora (Mini)
  • Renjith Raj (Sajan)
  • Maya (Girija)
  • Aparna Nair (Sindhu)
  • Arjun Sunil (Vinu)
  • Anandritha Manu (Anu)
  • Kalyani Nair (Dr. Sethulakshmi)
  • Pradeep Kottayam (Vasudevan)
  • Krishna Kumar Menon (KK Menon)
  • Illekettu Namboothiri (Surendran)
  • Sreekutty (Mohini)
  • Gayathri (Ragini)
  • Vinayak (Rupesh)
  • Padmakumar (CI Narayanan Kutty)


ProducerDr. Shaju Sham
Directed byShaiju Sukesh
Writing CreditsYet to update
Editing byYet to update
Cinematography byYet to update
Music DepartmentYet to update
Production HouseYet to update


Indira and Balan neglect by their own family. After her husband’s demise, Indira stays with her son Manu and his artful wife, Priya. Priya always insults Indira and considers her a burden. 

Conversely, Balan stays with his daughter, Meera, and her arrogant, money-minded advocate husband, Raghu. He teases Meera and Balan and humiliates Balan. 

Indira determines to leave the house and moves to Thanal. Unrevealed to Indira, Balan also comes to Thanal. After some events, Balan and Indira feel they are in the same situation and promise not to hide anything.

The twist comes after the demise of Zachariah, a familiar friend of Indira and Balan, who is a millionaire but has no kids. Zachariah has made a will in which his whole property will inherit by Balan and Indira. The value of the property was 150 crores. But the condition was mentioned if Balan and Indira got married. 

Sasneham Serial Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing

People can watch the Sasneham serial on the Asianet from Monday to Saturday at 6.30 pm. This serial was released on 8 June 2021. You can also watch this serial on the Disney+ Hotstar streaming platform. 

Show TimingsMonday to Saturday at 6:30 pm
Repeat Telecast TimeYet to be update
Running Time22 minutes
Starting Date8 June 2021
Final EpisodeOngoing

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