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ZEE5 is back with another season of Never Kiss your Best Friend

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ZEE5 sometime ago produced one if it’s a more loved and relatable series called Never Kiss your best friend. By hearing the title I’m sure all of you got a bit excited. If yes, then here is a big surprise for all the fans of never kiss your best friend as they come up with the Lockdown special season. This series was an instant hit because of its relatability factor.

The lead actors in the series were Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh who are playing Suneet and Tanie respectively. Before we begin to talk about this special season, let just go down the memory lane and story till date. Sumer and Tanie are two best of friends who have been raised together, in the same neighbourhood, school, college etc.

They have been through ups and downs, supported each other and do so many things together as one. Then came a point where a slight romance started coming in their way. Now, this plot and story are so relatable that people were actually connecting to the story. Soon all of us as the audience started to ship both of them together. There were many happy and unforgettable moments that were seen in season 1 and all if nobody or nothing can ever break this bond of friendship. Cut to that, let’s come to the beginning of the special Lockdown season. All of a sudden you see that there is a new boy in Tanie’s life. A boy named Zayed has entered her life and a new friendship has begun. For all those who really wanted Tanie and Sumer to stay together forever will not see a big twist coming up in this season.

About Zayed and Tanie’s friendship, there isn’t much told in the trailer but they can be seen playing all the popular internet challenges and games together. We can sense something going on there but to know what really is going to happen, tune into ZEE5 right away and binge-watch the special Lockdown season.

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As of now, a lot of confusion is happening and people are missing the golden couple or I must say the best friends together. It will be really exciting to see what is in store for Tanie? Will the new friendship bloom into a relationship? Will she get back with her ex? There are so many speculations and stories. Since the Lockdown has started, all the relationships have grown stronger and warmer. Such is the relationship of our ideal best friends. They are the reason we believe that no matter what, nothing in this world can affect the friendship that they have. Let there be plenty of hurdles, fights, people who want to break them, but strong friendships do not get weak. It is now time that we all hold our hearts and get ready for a new/old romantic love story that is about to come out. ZEE 5 really worked it well and took this Lockdown as an opportunity to give the audience what they want.

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