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Uri The Surgical Strike Movie Download Details & Full Story

Are you searching for ” Uri The Surgical Strike Movie Download” on the internet? you landed in the right place. Here you find all details about Uri: The Surgical Strike movie download. Read the full article to know more-

2019 was a tough but good year for the Bollywood industry. With a lot of hits and misses and some deeply awaited films that flopped, fans were getting tired of waiting for the next big thing for Bollywood Stallworth.

But no one thought that the year kick-starter with Vicky Kaushal would be one of the highest-grossing films of the year. If you haven’t seen it yet, download Uri the surgical strike movie today.

Uri: the surgical strike got not only a positive response from audiences but even critics applauded the movie. Grossing Rs. 342 crores worldwide, the movie is based on the real-life events of the 2016 Pakistan surgical strike. And while strong efforts were made to stop piracy, Uri the surgical strike movie download is still available online.

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This military drama is based on the Indian army’s retaliation to the 2016 Uri attack by Pakistani terrorists. 19 soldiers were killed in their sleep by the terrorists and it is Vicky Kaushal who comes to lead the surgical strike.

With guns blazing, helicopter strikes, and Indian soldiers grappling down smack in the middle of the terrorist camp, it’s not impossible to see why the Uri surgical strike download has copywriters in a bind.

Through this movie, director-write Aditya Dhar wanted to remind us of the actions of our nation’s heroes but also showing viewers that like everyone else they feel the loss of their comrades in arms.

While revenge may be petty, allowing terrorists the freedom to think they have won, is not. And that is what the director portrays through the movie. For Uri the surgical strike movie download you can check Filmyzilla.

Uri The Surgical Strike Movie Download in HD Quality: Here is The Full Story in brief

Chapter 1: Uri The Surgical Story Download

The first chapter – The Seven Sisters opens with the June 2015 attack of an Army convoy in Chandel, Manipur. In retaliation to the attack, our protagonist, Vicky Kaushal aka Major Vihaan Singh Shergill leads his unit to infiltrate the Northeastern militants camp and kill its ring leader. After the successful strike, Major Vihaan decides to retire to be close to his mother, a stage VI Alzheimer’ s patient.

But instead of retirement, he is offered a desk job in Delhi near his mother. Download Uri the surgical strike today to watch how the story unfolds.

Chapter 2: (Download Uri The Surgical Strike from Flimzilla to watch Full Story)

Chapter two shows Vihaan enjoying a desk life. He spends time with his mother and is happy with his work. A brief glimpse is given into the Pathankot incident but Major Vihaan has more problems to worry about. A nurse, Jasmine D’Alemida, is assigned to take care of his mother but one day she goes missing.

Finding her under a bridge, Major Vihaan blames Jasmine for her ignorance and it is soon revealed to be an intelligence officer who is recruited to keep a track on him. This part of the movie reveals that families of special force soldiers are given security to protect them from outside threats. For complete scenes of Uri the surgical strike download the movie today.

download uri the surgical strike movie
Uri: The Surgical Strike

Chapter 3

The movie takes a sad turn when on 18th September 2016, the Uri attack takes place. 19 soldiers lost their lives that day, including Vicky Kaushal’s brother in law, Karan. When a special task force is to be created to take revenge against this manslaughter, Major Vihaan jumps at the chance. Requesting Chief of the Army, Staff Sergeant Arjun Singh to let him lead, Vihaan chooses the Ghatak Force commandos from the Bihar and Dogra Regiment along with special forces as part of his team.

Most men killed in the Uri attacks were the brethren of these regiments and Major Vihaan knows they want to get their brothers killers back. Disguising the special training as a regular exercise the elite team is no longer able to use their phones or inform their families of their training. If these three chapters have piqued your interest then download Uri the surgical strike movie now.

Chapter 4

Chapter four of the movie is based on gathering intelligence against the terrorist group. With help from ISRO, drone surveillance, and RAW, the team can get the exact hideout and training camp locations of the terrorists. The team decided to mask their helicopters with Pakistani Air Force colours and to intensify border shelling to distract the Pakistani army. Although this chapter is not as intense as the others in terms of action, it is intense to see just how difficult it is to plan the whole attack.

From gaining intelligence to coming up with counter-attack options, this part of the movie shows just how tactics and strategy play a major role in any surgical strike. If this chapter has you wanting more, then download Uri the surgical strike to see how Major Vihaan helps plan it all.

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Chapter 5

The final chapter of the movie comes to the epic surgical strike. For people who haven’t watched the movie yet, you may want to get Uri the surgical strike downloaded immediately. On the 28th of September, the commandos under the command of Major Vihaan left for the strike and entered Pakistan controlled Kashmir. Unfortunately, the helicopter is forced not to cross LOC as the latest intelligence lets them know that the Pakistani Army has deployed an ‘AWAC’ Early Warning Radar-based Surface to Air Missile system to bring their chopper down.

Major Vihaan and his team decide to go on foot through a cave rather than fly in. The team successfully infiltrates and kills the terrorist group and are rescued by their chopper pilot.

Final Thoughts: Uri The Surgical Strike Movie Download/ Watch Online

To watch the heroic actions of Major Vihaan and his team, get Uri the surgical strike downloaded today or visit Zee5 to watch online


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