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Rx100 Full Movie Download Details | Storyline, Short Review

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Love. That one feeling, that simple emotion that can create beautiful music. Or shatter hearts. 

What happens when love becomes something more than just butterflies fluttering? What happens when love becomes a raging fire that cannot be extinguished? 

Rx100 is a Telugu drama film that shows exactly what happens when love turns to something more sinister. To get the full thrill to get Rx100 movie download today.  


Set in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, the movie starts with a focus on the hero – Shiva. An angry young man, who is angry at the world and takes it out on anyone and everyone. He drives an Rx100, smokes marijuana, and is considered as the village bad boy. And like every love story, Shiva’s volatile behavior is due to one girl – Indu. To find out why Shiva is so aggressive download Rx 100 movie free  today on Amazon Prime. 

Indu is the daughter of the village head. City bred, Indu lusts after Shiva. She knows she wants him and isn’t afraid to pursue it. She confesses her feelings for Shiva, and soon their love blossoms. To find out how their love emerges watch Rx100 movie download in HD on mx player.in. 

But, what happens when the love Shiva thinks Indu has for him turns out to be fake? Shiva finds out that Indu is a predator. She ran after Shiva because she wanted to satisfy her desires. She never really loved him but wanted him to satisfy her lust. Watch how Shiva self-destructs at this by getting Rx 100 movie download today. 

Short Review

Rx100 is a refreshing new film because it shows that the female lead is not afraid to shy away from the hero. Indu is a modern woman. She knows what she wants and goes for it. There are no inhibitions in her and that is quite refreshing to see in a Telugu mainstream movie. To watch Indu’s character move from the female love interest to the villainous role, get Rx 100 movie download on mxplayer.in today. 

Unfortunately, the way Indu goes about getting what she wants is a bit harsh. After getting what she wants from Shiva, she throws him out. What becomes cringe-worthy is the fact that everyone accepts the way Indu behaves and accepts Shiva’s reaction to the betrayal. To watch the sadness and hopelessness that Shiva faces, watch the Rx100 movie  on Amazon Prime today. 

Rx100 movie download & how to watch Online

For Rx100 movie download or online streaming, get the Amazon Prime app today. If you already have the app then search for the Hindi or Telugu version and you can download or stream the movie online. 

You can also watch the movie on mxplayer.in. The platform is free and allows users to watch the movie or series without any added subscriptions or logins. 


Ajay Bhupati’s Rx100 is a modern-age romance with a little twist and a lot of blood and gore. While the movie is a love story, the twist of lust overtaking love is a new concept. Who would think that a woman would be so open and unabashed in her lust? But that is what the director tries to portray. His sense of a strong female lead. 

But, the movie also brings to light that sometimes men do get hurt. He tries to show that it is not always the man who is at fault and that sometimes women do use men for their own needs. While the movie drags on for certain scenes and does feel a bit forced, it is also a take on reality – that men do get hurt. 

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