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PM Narendra Modi Movie Download Details & Full Story

2019 was the year of Bollywood controversies. Movies like Kabir Singh, Bala, and Ujda Chaman – took centre stage with their controversies, while clashes involving actors cropped up one after another. But one movie is considered to be a bordering controversy although more political than controversial. PM Narendra Modi is a biopic based on the life story of our very own Prime Minister. Directed by Omung Kumar, and released in May 2019, Vivek Oberoi was cast to play the role of our 14th Prime Minister – Narendra Modi. Scroll down for PM Narendra Modi movie download Details and Full Story.

The PM Narendra Modi movie had collected Rs. 23 crores worldwide and had mixed reviews from the audience and critics alike. Watch PM Narendra Modi full movie online to make your decision.


PM Narendra Modi Full Movie Download Details and Full Story

Revolving around the life of PM Narendra Modi, the film is a pure inspirational movie that shows his political life. It focuses on the rise of a poor tea-seller who became the prime minister of India. To check out the story, get the Narendra Modi movie download today.

For people who have not seen the biopic, the movie sparked controversy as it was slated for release before the 2019 elections. The release was suspended due to references being made for it to be politically motivated, but one of the filmmakers, Sandip Singh, claimed that the movie had no political inclination. To judge whether it is political or not, get the PM Narendra Modi movie download today.

While the movie may have received mixed reviews, Vivek Oberoi was praised for on-point acting and his reflection of Modiji’s mannerisms. The film also features Boman Irani, Manoj Joshi, and Barka Sengupta in supporting roles. It may be due to the talented cast that people love to watch PM Narendra Modi full movie online.

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Part 1:

The movie plot starts with Modiji denying his marriage with Jashodaben, and leaving his home at a young age to travel to the Himalayas to become a Sanyasi. After completing his journey, he came back to Gujarat to become a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh member and after fighting back to the Indira Gandhi’s State of Emergency in 1975, he was assigned to the BJP party in 1980. Due to his team and his groundwork, the BJP party wins the Gujarat CM elections. Keshubhai Patel becomes the next CM of Gujarat. If this political biopic intrigues you then get PM Narendra Modi full movie download today.

Part 2:

But in a twist of events, the newly elected PM Keshubhai Patel starts feeling insecure about Modi’s popularity and he forces the BJP founders – L.K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, to transfer Modi to some other location. Heartbroken, Modi submits his resignation but the party people refuse to accept it, and he is then transferred to Delhi. In 2001, Modiji returned to Gujarat, and replaced Keshubhai Patel, and was chosen to stand for the upcoming elections for CM of Gujarat. He wins the elections and becomes the next Chief Minister of Gujarat. For more political drama get PM Narendra Modi movie download today.

pm narendra modi full movie online
PM Narendra Modi Movie

Part 3

After being elected as the CM, Modiji faced the Gujarat riots in 2002. He seeks help from other governments and the centre but in vain. But due to his planning and strict enforcement of the law, he ends the violence. For more insight into how Modiji planned to stop the riots watch PM Narendra Modi full movie download.

Just after the riots, terrorists attacked Akshardham Temple. This again brings back the communal tensions of the riots. Again, we see CM Modi spring to action. He finally gets the tensions resolved and brings peace to the state. To see how Modji tackles the political issues in his state, watch PM Narendra Modi movie download now.

With peace restored, Modiji now starts working on the betterment of his state. He builds roads, streets, brings better employment opportunities, invests in the state, ends corruption, and increases security.

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Final Part:( Download and Watch PM Narendra Modi Movie To Explore His Life)

Seeing his efforts to bring change to Gujarat. The BJP heads ask him to stand for the PM election in 2014. To see the struggles he faces, watch the Narendra Modi movie download.

Modiji goes on to campaign all over India. His popularity and his dedication to the country is what helps him win over the hearts of the people. And the movie ends with him taking the oath as the 14th Prime Minister of India. Watch PM Narendra Modi movie download for the complete picture.

Conclusion: PM Narendra Modi Movie Download Details and Full Story

If you want to watch a movie that is riddled with crime or passion then you should watch something else. Despite all the mixed reviews, PM Narendra Modi movie is a good watch. It is the complete rags to riches story, that fills people with the belief that if they set their minds to something, with hard work and dedication, it can be achieved.

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