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Nagarkirtan Movie Download Details | Storyline, Short Review

Are you tired of watching Bengali movies with endless car chases and heroes jumping in with guns blazing? Why not watch a movie that may change the way you see the world?

But, with so many choices out there what can you watch?

Get Nagarkirtan movie download to watch how love has no boundaries, and how society plays a role in trying to keep love apart, but how in the end love always wins.

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Love knows no boundaries. It does not see gender or social differences. It is an all-encompassing emotion that can connect people across all walks of life. And Kaushik Ganguly has tried to portray just how far love can take a couple in Nagarkirtan. The movie revolves around the love story of Porimal and Madhu. To find out what happens between the two get Nagar Kirtan Bengali full movie download today.

Puti feels trapped in his own body – a man’s body. He falls in love with his teacher Subhashda, who betrays him. Unable to cope with it, Porimal or Puti, runs away from his village to Kolkata. Here he joins a group of eunuchs and starts singing at traffic signals as Puti. It is here that he meets Madhu, a delivery boy for a Chinese restaurant, who plays the flute at kirtans. Their love blossoms in a way that leaves viewers yearning with the need to find that connection with someone all over again. To watch the bond between Puti and Madhu get Nagar Kirtan Bengali movie download now.

Movie Cast: Ritwick Ganguly, Riddhi Sen,

Kaushik Ganguly in Nagarkirtan has tried to portray the main characters sharing the bonds of Radha Krishna. Ritwick Chakraborty as Madhu is a man hailing from Nabadwip, who is street smart and casually comic but is deeply sensitive towards his lover’s emotions. He tries to protect her from the world and its harsh realities. To watch Madhu’s protectiveness over Puti, watch Nagar Kirtan movie download today.

The protagonist, Madhu himself is a bit ‘lost’ – he is unsure about his next step and when he arrives at crossroads, he generally follows his heart. It is in Ritwick Chakraborty’s portrayal of Madhu that director Kaushik Ganguly finds ‘Radha’. While reversing the gender role, Radha, who accepts her Lord Krishna despite all his faults; Radha, who fights against the world to stay true to her Lord; Radha, whose love for her Lord knows no bounds – find out more with Nagarkirtan movie download today.

Movie Review ( Short)

Kaushik Ganguly’s Nagarkirtan is a movie that deals with contemporary Indian society that captures the very heart and soul of love while dealing with tough decisions like gender reassignment surgery and societal pressure.

But the movie is more about human beings. People like the rest of us, going through the world, trying to find themselves while trying to find out where they belong. One of the most tearful scenes is when the film shows that every single day, in some transgender community in the city, a new entrant makes their way. Who are they? No one knows. Where are they from? No one cares. But they come – shunned by family and friends, ostracized by the world, and thrown out by the very people who were supposed to love and care for them. All because they chose to be different. To watch this heart-wrenching scene, get Nagarkirtan movie download today.

Nagarkirtan full movie download & how to watch Online

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Conclusion: Nagarkirtan Movie Download, Storyline &Review

Nagarkirtan is considered to be one of the best movies of this generation not because of its same-sex love story, but because of its shockingly vivid portrayal of the treatment meted out to a part of our society that people do not even consider human – the transgender community.

With actors like Riddhi Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty and the directing of Kaushik Ganguly, this movie is nothing but iconic. For Nagarkirtan full movie download get the Hoichoi app today.

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