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MTV Hustle 2 Winner, Judges, Contestants, Audition Details

How wonderful it would be if we could see their journey of becoming a rap star. Who doesn’t want to be popular for something they are passionate about? Is rapping something that you are passionate about? Do you believe in your rap enough to achieve your dream of being a successful rapper? MTV Hustle is just around the corner and it’s all that we’ve been waiting for. Who wouldn’t want to be an MTV Hustle Winner?

It’s a popular rap reality show and it is a wonderful platform for struggling rappers to show their talent to the world. It’s the first reality show for rappers in India. I’m sure you’ve heard of Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Akon. We love their rap. We love their music. Now, who doesn’t want to be like them? Hustle MTV season one was a huge success. It began on 9th August 2019 and it was hosted by Gaelyn Mendoca. The Hustle MTV judges were Raftaar, Nucleya and Raja Kumari. The contestants were seen to give their best in the show and viewers absolutely enjoyed the show. The show is all set to launch Season 2 Hustle MTV soon and fans are waiting eagerly for it.

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MTV Hustle Judges:

The season 2 judges are not declared yet but when the show is in question Raftaar is the leading judge on the show. He is, by far, one of the top rapping sensations of Indian Hip Hop. He has a decent amount of experience to be the judge of the contestants.

The second judge is Udayan Sagar, also known as Nucleya. We’ve all heard his music and he is also one of the top sensations in the rapping industry. It is obvious that the Winner of the Global Indian Music Awards in the category of Best Electronica Single in 2016 will be the judge of the Season 2, 2020. The third and the last one to be the judge of the show is Svetha Yallapragada Rao also known as Raja Kumari (Rap Name). We haven’t received any updates on replacing the judges from the show but if they do, stay tuned for the latest updates.

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MTV Hustle Winner :

The contestants compete every week and the judges give scores according to their performance. The contestants who score the least get eliminated by the end of the show. 

There is also another part of the show where the audience votes the best contestant. This is known as “Hustle voting by the audience”. These points are also taken into consideration. In the end, the last one that conquers all the hurdles and gets all the votes wins the crown as the “MTV Hustle 2 winner”

MTV Hustle Host:

In the first season, Gaelyn Mendoca hosted the show. There is no update on replacing her for Hustle Season 2 but if it is definitely look out because we will update you as soon as we know. The chances of Gaelyn hosting the next season are very likely and I’m sure you guys will enjoy her in the next season as well.

The next season dates will be declared soon so stay glued with us if you wish to learn more on the 2020 Auditions.

MTV Hustle Auditions 2020:

You can also be a MTV Hustle winner (2020) if you have a dream to be a rap singer and the talent for it. If you think you have the talent to win this show then this your platform to establish your career. Here’s what you need to know about the MTV Hustle 2 Auditions 2020

  • Visit the official website www.voot.com or download the app and sign in.
  • Register all the necessary details like name, address, age, etc
  • Create a video and upload your audition video
  • Upload your image
  • Click on the agree button on the terms and conditions and submit them.

After your application, you will be contacted by someone from the official team. In case the details are not properly updated then your application will be automatically rejected.

Eligibility for MTV Hustle 2 Contestants :

Before you fill out your registration you must ensure that you fit all the criteria for the show. The guidelines are very important and you must follow it if you wish to be eligible to perform on the show.

  1. The contestant must be of Indian origin 
  2. He/she must have a valid proof of citizenship
  3. He/she must have a valid and verified email id which they will be able to provide to Viacom 18 when required.
  4. Contestants must have the downloaded copy of the voot application perform 
  5. The contestants must be able to provide valid proof of Identification
  6. The contestants must have the talent of rap-singing in order to apply to the show.
  7. Candidate should be at least 18 years of age
  8. He/she should not have any criminal record
  9. The contestant must be physically and mentally stable in order to participate in the show

Make sure you get your details right because they will be contacting you via email for the auditions. So do you love to rap? Here’s where you can show your talent and prove yourself in front of the world. Get ready to Hustle and claim the rightful title of the Hustle MTV winner if you show the kind of talent the show demands.

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MTV Hustle Winner Season 2?

Now you are wondering who won Season 1 right? Well, he is a Lucknow based rapper named Deepak Singh, also known as M Zee Bella (rap name). He received the cash prize money of the show and the worthy title of being the winner of the first-ever rap reality show- MTV Hustle winner. He will also get a chance to work with the most popular artists in the industry. The season 2 winner will also get the chance to work with popular rap artists of India and also earn the prestigious title of the show. It is a dream come true for all those rappers who are trying so hard to establish their career and earn their fame as a rapper.

The MTV Hustle 2 winner has not been declared yet. The show will start soon after the auditions are properly done and the contestants are selected. You can find all the updates about season 2 here, so stay tuned. You need to make your video in the best way possible if you want to make it through the selections. Be sure that the lighting is just right and that you are audible. An add on can be if you write your own rap lyrics and make the video with the lyrics popping up on the screen as you rap.

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Download VOOT App to Apply:

You can watch the show online as well. It is available on the Voot app or their official website. You can download the app from the play store. Stay tuned for more updates on MTV Hustle 2.

If you are applying to the show we wish you all the best. We are sure that if you work hard enough you can be a legendary rap singer when you win Hustle MTV Season 2.

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