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Kedarnath Full Movie Download In HD: Download Details & Story

2018 was the year of launches. With fresh faces and the younger generation making their debuts left, right and centre – Bollywood saw a tectonic shift in fans from the actors of their childhoods to the boy/girl next door ones. Out of all the debutantes, it was Sara Ali Khan’s acting in Kedarnath that stood out. But the movie in itself stood out, not only for the chemistry between Sushant Singh and Sara Ali Khan but also for the storyline. Get Kedarnath full movie download in HD in Filmyzilla today.

Kedarnath Movie – A Timeless Love Story ( Kedarnath Full Movie Story)

This romantic drama/disaster film is an interfaith love story written, co-produced, and directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The Kedarnath full movie is a take on how interlinked love and religion are even in the present world. Watch Kedarnath full movie online now.

Shot in the beautiful backdrop of Kedarnath Temple in the Uttarakhand mountains, Sara Ali Khan plays the role of a wealthy Brahmin’s daughter whose family owns a lodge and shops near the temple. Sushant Singh plays a humble Muslim boy who works as a ‘Pithoo’ or porter in the area. If you want to watch how the love story unfolds then get Kedarnath full movie download in HD online today.

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Chapter 1:

Sara Ali Khan plays the role of Mandakini Mishra, the daughter of a Hindu priest who runs a hostel for pilgrims. She is supposed to marry the nephew of the head priest of the temple. Actually, her sister was supposed to marry him. But taking one look at her, he breaks off the proposal and asks to marry Mandakini. Her father agrees to it and out of rebellion, she flirts with the local boys to convince them to come to her house and propose to her. She does it out of spite to antagonize her father and fiancee. To see how Mandakini takes on the wrath of her father and the looks of irritation from her fiance, download Kedarnath movie now. 

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Chapter 2

But when Mansoor or Sushant Singh comes into the picture, Mandakini realizes that he isn’t like the other local boys. They realize that there is something more between them other than just flirting and jokes. Mandakini decides to make the first move and hires Mansoor as her regular porter to take her from her family home to her uncle’s place in the nearby village. She tries flirting outrightly with him and finally gets him to admit that he has feelings for her. When they get caught in the rain together they spend their time talking about her childhood memories and one thing leads to another and they share a kiss. If you want to see the start of a beautiful romance in the picturesque mountains of Uttarakhand then get Kedarnath movie download in HD.

Chapter 3 (Kedarnath full movie download in HD)

When they return, Mandakini’s sister makes it known to Mansoor that she is not serious about him and has done this before with other boys. When he confronts her, she is unable to deny it and she realizes that she has broken his heart. But she can’t let go. So she starts following him everywhere and finally lands up sitting outside his house in the rain. Her sister tries to cover for her, but her family finds her. Before coming to get her,  her father and fiance hatch a plot to throw out all the Muslims in the area. They wanted the land the Muslims lived in to build a luxury hotel. If you want to witness the heartbreak between the two then get Kedarnath full movie download in HD.

Knowing that she is falling in love with Mansoor, Mandakini’s family speeds up her wedding. But she keeps insisting that Mansoor will help her run away. When he does, he is brutally beaten up by her fiance and it is only when his friend pleads to let him go, that he is taken home unconscious. When the porter community starts packing up to leave the area, Mansoor refuses to leave without her. If you want to watch the heartbreak between Mansoor and Mandakini then get Kedarnath full movie download in HD today.

Chapter 4

After marriage Mandakini decides to commit suicide but is saved by her family and her now-husband taunts Mansoor with the news. As planned, her husband decides to drive out all the Muslims in the area using the name of Lord Shiva. But it is at this moment that the Kedarnath floods occur. Mandakini and her family are trying to save the few guests that are in their hostel. Mansoor, on the other hand, sends his mother away with the other porters. He then goes to save Mandakini. While trying to save themselves, Mandakini and her family make their way to the temple. But sadly her mother and sister get swept away in the floods. Masoor reaches them in time to grab her hand, as she holds on to her father. If this scene of the movie grabs your attention then get Kedarnath movie download HD now.

Final Chapter

The movie, however, does not have a happy ending. After saving Mandakini, they wait for the Indian Army helicopter to transport them out of there. It is there that Mansoor lets a man take his place as he has a family. It is later that Mandakini learns that Mansoor passed away in a landslide. To watch the heartbreak Mandakini feels get Kedarnath movie download HD today.

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Conclusion: ( Kedarnath Full Movie Download Details & Full Story)

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The movie ends three years later, where it is shown that Mandakini is living with her father and helping him run the lodge as she listens to Mansoor’s favorite song on the radio that she dedicated, a soft smile playing on her lips.

Download Kedarnath movie to watch the beautiful love story between a boy and a girl amidst the harsh mountains and tough religious upheavals of Uttarakhand.

Kedarnath full movie takes its place among the top love stories that not only pull on your heartstrings but also talks about how deeply intertwined religion and hate are but in the end, it is love that always wins.


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