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Grand Masti Full Movie Download | Storyline, Short Review, Cast Details

Looking for a movie that will help you get over your worries? Want to watch a movie that will make you laugh and entertain you? 

Then try watching the Grand Masti movie, download on Zee5 today. 

What happens when three friends who are tired of their basic mundane lives with their marital mystery – that is what Grand Masti is about. Watch what happens when Aftab Shivdasani, Ritesh Deshmukh, and Vivek Oberoi get together to explore the boundaries of marriage and sexual frustration. 


Three college friends – Meet, Amar and Prem, are all unhappily married. Prem thinks his wife does not give him time, Meet feels his wife is having an affair with her boss, and Amar feels that his wife is more concerned with their son than him. To see whether they are correct or wrong in feeling this get Grand Masti Full movie free download HD from the Zee5 app today. 

The three friends get an invite from their college Sri Lalchand University of Technology and Science (SLUTS) for a reunion, and they decide to have some ‘fun’ without their wives. To see what kind of fun they are talking about, download Grand Masti today. 

When Meet, Amar, and Prem arrive they find that people are still conservative because of fear of their Principal Robert Pereira. But the trio starts getting attracted to Rose, Mary, and Marlow. The three initiate affairs with the three women, but soon find out that they are related to their Principal Robert.  

But, everything goes wrong when the trio’s better halves arrive at the reunion. They receive an MMS showing intimate moments with Rose, Mary, and Marlow. Succeeding in keeping it away from their wives, they find out that the MMS was sent by Hardik, a student who had a mental breakdown because of Robert. Hardik wants revenge. He wants the trio to kill Robert otherwise he will blackmail them. To see if Amar, Meet and Prem kill Robert or get caught by their wives watch & download Grand Masti movie on Zee 5 today. 

On the last day of the reunion, Robert mixes a love potion in the soup and people start confessing to the ones they are attracted too. The trio gets caught with Rose, Mary, and Marlow by Robert. But before Robert can do anything Hardik pushes him off the roof. Does Robert die? Does Hardik get his revenge? Watch Grand Masti Download in HD to find out. 

Short Review

Grand Masti is not a film you want to watch with family. With adult comedy and sexual innuendos mixed in, it is funny to watch three men run around to correct their mistakes. But, while the movie does have its light moments, there are certain issues that the movie does highlight. Get the Grand Masti movie download today.  

The fact that after marriage men can also feel ignored and taken for granted is something that should be considered. But, rather than dealing with the issues like adults, they resort to having affairs. The movie also lightly highlights how bullying can affect people – thanks to Robert’s bullying Hardik had a mental breakdown. In the end, if you want to watch a movie where you don’t require much thought, then Grand Masti is for you.  

Grand Masti movie download & how to watch Online

If you want the Grand Masti movie download or to stream online, then log onto your Zee5 app and search for the movie in the search tab. If you do not have the app then you can subscribe to it for nominal rates.  

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Grand Masti is a movie for young adults. Filled with sexually frustrating moments, and sexual innuendos that are easy to catch. With names like Rose, Mary, Marlow involved, it is safe to say that the movie is not intellectually stimulating. 

But, sometimes we all need to watch movies that just make us laugh. Grand Masti movie download is for those moments. 

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