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Durgeshgorer Guptodhon Full Movie Download | Cast, Plot, Storyline

Does your soul search for adventure? Are you tired of working from home and looking at a screen for the whole day? Then this Bengali movie may be just the right fit for you.

Durgeshgorer Guptodhon is a movie that deals with mystery, intrigue, and a little bit of history thrown in. In the movie, we come across Sonada, Abir, and Jhinuk, off on another adventure where they stumble upon a treasure hunt. Durgeshgorer Guptodhon full movie download is obvious to feel the adventure.

Durgeshgorer Guptodhon Movie Cast:

Abir Chatterjee as Sona da

Arjun Chakraborty as Abir

Ishaa Saha as Jhinuk

Anindya Chatterjee as Pinakpani Deb Roy

Aryann Bhowmik as Dumble

Kharaj Mukherjee as Ararup Chandra

Director: Dhrubo Banerjee

Release Date: 24th May 2019

Box Office Collection: 7.25 Crore

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Durgeshgorer Guptodhon Plot & Storyline:

Durgeshgorer Guptodhon is a two-hour session of Bengal’s rich traditions and mystical history. The movie revolved around the Debroy household and a story of a fortune hidden in the old ancestral property, Durgeshgor. To watch the rich culture and history of the Debroy family, get Durgeshgorer Guptodhon full movie download free from Hoichoi.

The director has portrayed the story as a mix of intrigue, thrill, and treasure hunting with the added mix of tradition and culture.

The movie has a sort of Indian Jones feel to it, with Sonada and his team working through the maze of riddles to solve the mystery, all the while keeping pace with the traditions of Bengal.

To watch Abir’s acting as Sonada, Download Durgeshgorer Guptodhon full movie on Hoichoi or Amazon Prime.

While the movie does lack somewhere in research, it does earn points for the visuals and music score.

The songs and lyrics of the movie keep adding to the mystery. While Sonada and his team unveil each clue, the visuals add to the theme of the plot. Even the depiction of the Bonedi Bari Durga Puja in the Debroy household is kept to the bare minimum, adding depth to the movie, yet not overpowering it.

To watch the Durga Puja at the Debroy household unfold Durgeshgorer Guptodhon full movie, watch online on Hoichoi.

The movie shifts from the hustle of the city to the rustic rural Durgeshgor. Here the visuals add to the plot. A lot of thought has gone into choosing the right locations and creating the plotline. What is more intriguing is the acting skills of not only Abir but also Arjun Chakraborty and Ishaa Saha. While Abir does take the central role, Arjun and Ishaa add their acting skills, to highlight Abir’s Sonada as well. To watch the trio’s performances get Durgeshgorer Guptodhon full movie download today.

 Durgeshgorer Guptodhon Full Movie Download or Stream Online

You can watch or Durgeshgorer Guptodhon full movie free on Disney, Hoichoi, and Amazon Prime.

For Disney account holders, you can select languages, choose Bengali and then search for Durgeshgorer Guptodhon download. You can also watch the movie online if you have a strong wifi or data connection.

For Hoichoi account holders you can get the movie under the Adventure section of the app. Just click on Adventure and search for Durgeshgorer Guptodhon To watch online on HoiChoi. You can also download the movie to watch it later with the family.

Amazon Prime account holders can search in the regional section or Bengali movie section for the movie. You can also search in the search option provided and download or watch the movie online.

For people who don’t have accounts in either app, you can also watch Durgeshgorer Guptodhon full movie online on YouTube. But you may need to search for the movie and check the print before actually sitting down to watch it.

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Conclusion: Durgeshgorer Guptodhon Full Movie Download

Overall, the movie is a good watch for people who want a bit of adventure in their lives. While it does have its lighter moments, with the playful banter between the trio and Arjun’s character’s love for food.

But, some major flaws in the script and story are hard to miss. The gap in Kaushik’s character and his interaction with a servant are all a little redundant. Also, certain clues and certain plot twists that occur, are not needed. Some effects needed detailed research – especially the scene where Arjun’s character holds his breath underwater without any bubbles or air flowing out.

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