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Bibaho Obhijaan Full Movie Download Details | Cast, Plot & Storyline

Looking for a light-hearted Bengali comedy movie to enjoy? Then get Bibaho Obhijaan full movie download or stream online to get your comedy fix.

Bibaho Obhijaan is a funny tribute to the everlasting ‘Tom & Jerry’ bond that Bengali husbands and wives share. When two close friends Rajat and Anupam decide to get married, they realize that conjugal life isn’t as rosy as everyone says it is. To enjoy Bibaho Obhijaan full movie, download from Hoichoi today.


Ankush Hazra as Anupam

Rudranil Ghosh as Rajat

Nusrat Faria Mazhar as Rai

Sohini Sarkar as Maya

Anirban Bhattacharya as Bullet Singh

Priyanka Sarkar as Maloti

Director: Birsa Dasgupta

Release Date: 21st June 2019


Bibaho Obhijaan Plot & Storyline ( Download Bibaho Obhijaan  Full Movie For Complete Story)

Bibaho Obhijaan is a light-hearted Rom-Com that makes people enjoy the lighter side of life for 2 hours. But while the movie may highlight the relationships newly married couples face, it is more a take on the troubles men face after marriage.

Anupam and Rajat decide to get married and marry women who are on different strata. But one thing they have in common is that they are constantly hen-pecked at home, while constantly ragged on at work. Rajat’s wife, Maya is a religious person. She is so immersed in her daily pujas and protecting her husband, that she can’t understand how much she is stifling him.

Anupam’s wife, Rai, on the other hand, considers herself a ‘modern revolutionary’. She attends rallies and protests across the city to show her solidarity with her protesting brothers and sisters. She is rarely home and Anupam doesn’t get to spend time with her. To watch Rajat and Anupam’s marital problems, Watch Bibaho Obhijaan on Disney Hotstar today.

Feeling stuck in their respective relationships, Anupam and Rajat decide to escape to Darjeeling for a few days.

But they get kidnapped by dacoits and what follows them is a sort of comedy of errors. With misunderstandings and misadventures, the second half of the movie is a bit predictable.  Bibaho Obhijaan full movie download is must for the complete experience.

Anirban Bhattacharya joins the movie in the second half as the head of the dacoits. Though he is the leader, he pines for his love. To watch what happens when the three male protagonists cross paths, download the Bibaho Obhijaan movie from Disney or Hoichoi today.

How To Download Bibaho Obhijaan Full Movie or Stream Online

Disney account holders can get Bibaho Obhijaan full movie free download today or can stream the movie through the app. Just log in and search for ‘Bibaho Obhijaan’ on the app, and watch it with family or friends.

People who have accounts on Hoichoi can also get Bibaho Obhijaan full movie download or watch it on the app itself. Again, you can search for the movie and download it to watch it later.

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In the end, Bibaho Obhijaan is a funny rom-com that makes you wonder about the actual plight of husbands in their marital life. While the movie does have a subtle message that it takes ‘two to make a marriage’, the plotline and script do leave people wanting more. Adding to the fact, the story portrays women in a lesser light, where the wives are shown to be the cause of their husbands’ misery. But in reality, it is the men themselves who bring about their downfall. Even with Anirban Bhattacharya’s role as a dacoit, he seems more interested in his lost love than anything else.

While the movie is fun to watch and entertaining, the director has tried to shed light on the eternal ‘Tom & Jerry’ Esque bond that Bengali husbands and wives share but may have missed the mark entirely. Download Bibaho Obhijaan full movie today to enjoy a light comedy in these trying times.

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