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Check The List Of Famous Actors Named Chris Ruled in Hollywood

Hollywood is loaded with big names from varying backgrounds and all aspects of media outlets. Regardless of whether they are cherished for their looks, character, work, or blend of each of the three. However, an astounding measure of them is named Chris — or some adaptation of it! Hollywood’s Chrises are frequently gifted, productive, and have millions of fans for a wide range of reasons. Here is a positioning of the best 14 famous actors named Chris in Hollywood:

#1. Chris Carmack

actors named Chris

He is one of the best actors named Chris. Crowds were first acquainted with Chris Carmack because of his performance as Luke Ward on The O.C., and keeping in mind that his person was not difficult to hate, Carmack was not hard to cherish. 

When he acts to the cast of Gray’s Anatomy as Dr. Atticus Lincoln, he replenishes his career and influences fans, and he made it one stride further. In recent days, Carmack is participating in a restored vocation in significantly more friendly jobs, and supporters aren’t upset at having him on their screens once more, making him probably the best star named Chris.

#2. Chris Klein

famous actor named chris

After his excellent acting in 1999’s Election and American Pierequired Chris Kleinbecomes one of the top actors named of the middle of 2000s. In 2010, he set aside the effort to focus on himself following a years-long fight with liquor and has now made a major comeback with the job of Orlin Dwyer in the hit series The Flash. 

Presently, fans can hardly wait to see Klein in the forthcoming Netflix series Sweet Magnolias, and possibly he can drive his way up in the Superhero actors named Chris list. 

#3. Christopher Lloyd

Best Actor Named Chris

Christopher Lloyd has already worked in more than 200 movies, making Christopher Lloyd one of the industry’s most fertile men named Chris! Lloyd started on-screen acting in 1975 of every One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and even though he has had various significant jobs. 

There is no uncertainty he will consistently be included as diverse as Dr. Emmett Brown, most commonly considered as Doc Brown in the Back to the Future film series. As a result, Lloyd becomes one of the top actors with the first name Chris in the famous actors named Chris list.  

#4. Chris Tucker

Actor with first name Chris

Chris Tucker gives an outstanding performance as Smokey on Friday, Chris, and becomes famous. From his appearance as the Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element to James Carter in the Rush Hour business, fans continuously loved whatever Tucker brings to his jobs. 

Bear in mind, Chris Tucker proved his actual skill notwithstanding after getting basic attention for his excellent performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Moreover, Chris Tucker is a famous actor named Chris for his experience, style, and appeal; however, his lack of meaningful jobs drives him back in the rankings. 

#5. Christopher Plummer

Actor Christopher Plummer

Always remember, Christopher Plummer might be the best one when it comes to Superhero actors named Chris. He is notorious enough on account of his job as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, yet, his position has now crossed over sixty years and in an overabundance of 200 films making him a genuine Chris legend. 

Plummer’s incredible acting potential has turned him into an exceptionally wide scope of jobs. However, despite being currently driving toward his 90s, he gives no indications of halting at this time.

#6. Chris Noth

actors named chris

 Here is another best actor named Chris that we include in the list. You should remember that his action might not be activated right now that he generally used to. However, he is still considered one of the best actors named Chris. While he may have cracked hearts as the “terrible kid” who slew Carrie’s heart yet fixed it with an epic shoe storeroom, all those things considered, Chris is a multi-capable star who is not difficult to adore. 

However, these excellent actors can still act and sing and have proceeded to appear as Peter Florrick in The Good Wife and become a lead hero in the 2018 series. Apart from this, he also spends quality time with his family members.

#7. Christopher Knight

Actor with first name Chris

Without Christopher Knight, we cannot prepare the list of famous actors named Chris. Remember that; his name probably won’t be as unmistakable now. However, he will consistently be extraordinary compared to others because of his part as Peter Brady during the ’70s series The Brady Bunch. 

He repeated the job in numerous specials and has made appearances in mainstream series. We love Christopher Knight. However, most wish they just saw a greater amount of him!

#8. Kit Harington

Superhero actor named Chris

Many people get confused about whether Kit is a Chris or not? He sure is! Christopher Catesby’s “Pack” Harington was brought into the world in Acton, London, in 1986. And presently has gotten quite possibly the most mainstream TV entertainers in history on account of his part as Jon Snow in HBO’s Game of Thrones. 

His ability and appeal have made him quite possibly the best man in the business, yet, his graciousness and the real connections with fans have likewise assisted him with standing apart among the actors named Chris. 

However, all things weighed, supporters can’t get plenty of his sweet, genuine friendship. Also, his marriage with his Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie. Pack Harington checks all the cases. Yet his fans can hardly wait to see him in more assorted jobs to check whether his fame will proceed. Or grow dim since Game of Thrones has finished.  

#9. Ludacris


Christopher Brian Bridges, a.k.a Ludacris, is one of the famous actors named Chris on this list. Besides being an actor, he is also a rapper. He has earned 3 Grammy Awards, Critic’s Choice, Screen Actors Guild, and MTV. In his glorious life, he is one of the most successful rappers and a devoted family person in the world. In four of the Fast & Furious franchises, he has been cast. He is also a part of the Oscar-winning movie “Crash”.

#10. Chris Sullivan

Chris Sullivan Best Actor Named Chris

He is famous for Toby’s character, an amusing, lovable boy from “This Is Us”. In this drama, he has popular on-screen chemistry with Chrissy Metz. His other great works are “Stranger Things”, “The Good Fight”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which take him to the peak of success. In the past two years, the emergence of this Chris is quite notable. However, his streaming upon his wife in real life is a more special thing among his fans.

#11. Chris Pine

famous actor Chris Pine

Chris Pine is one of the top actors named Chris who can lead a romantic drama, also an action film with great ability. He has a massive fanbase known as Pine-Nuts. Numerous people fell in love with him after “The Princess Diaries” (2004). Here he was cast opposite Anne Hathaway, and “Just My luck” (2006), cast opposite Lindsay Lohan. In addition, he played the famous character of James T. Kirk in “Star Trek” films.        

#12. Chris Evans

Chris Evans actor named chris

In the list of stars named Chris, we include the name, Chris Evans. He is one of the famous names who got immense popularity in his career. He is a handsome, lovable kind person with tremendous talent. Chris Evans can fit in every type of character from different genres. 

Besides, he played some popular roles in the movies like “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001), “Cellular”, “Fantastic Four” (2005). And most importantly, his role as Steve Rogers, a.k.a Captain America from the Marvel cinematic universe, is most appreciable. There are many roles of him that force us to fall in love with him. 

#13. Kris Jenner

 actress Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, the only female on this list, made her a reality by coming out from the Kardashian-Jenner family. Because of her Business sense behind the entertainment industry, she gets so much respect and becomes a multi-millionaire. Few can break her impact, status in the industry. 

#14. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Actor with first name Chris

Chris Hemsworth is one of the famous actors named Chris, who will rank topmost in the list. He played the role of Thor with such a great ability that he successfully turns this rigid silent type character into a pleasant, witty, jealous, and funny one. 

Along with Thor from Marvel Cinematic Universe, he also played various roles in the movies like “Ghostbusters”, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, “Red Down”, etc. He has a handsome look with a charming personality. He beats the Hollywood industry. 


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There are many actors named Chris in Hollywood, but we get to know about some celebrities among them from this article. So now you have to decide who is the best actor according to you and don’t forget to rank them. We hope this article helps you to get some interesting and fresh information to organize them properly.